The Best PDF Editors for 2024

The Best PDF Editors

Best PDF Editor – Files in PDF format accompany us every day. This universal way of saving content guarantees that it will be displayed unchanged to the recipient. That’s why we so often receive bills, invoices, instructions and even books in PDF files. However, sometimes we want to create or edit a file saved with this popular extension. That’s when a PDF editor comes to our aid.

We encourage you to read our guide, which, in addition to practical advice, presents some of the best PDF editors for 2024.

When is it worth using a PDF editor?

Although we usually receive PDF files that contain texts, official letters or scans of documents, sometimes we may need to edit them. It would be convenient to be able to change or correct something with just a few clicks. We expect similar functionality when we are the authors of content saved with the PDF extension and we want to make minor changes.

When wondering how to edit PDF files, you must admit that it is not always easy. Adobe Acrobat still reserves many functionalities related to this format. Fortunately, a PDF editor comes to the rescue – a simple application that can solve the problem.

To edit a PDF file

Before we talk about programs designed to edit PDF files, it is worth noting that PDF files are different. Some PDF files are only images and cannot only be edited, but even text cannot be copied.

How to change a PDF document? This is not a trivial question that dozens of people ask every day. The point is that the PDF format is one of the most popular formats, and many books and documents on the Internet are presented in PDF format.

But changing something in PDF is not that easy, because it is actually not easy text document and document image. Therefore, special programs are needed to edit PDF, which of course are available on especially on a Windows PC.

SwifDoo PDF

If we only need to extract text from a PDF file, then for this we need to recognize this PDF document using a special program. Once the PDF document is recognized, you can save it to PDF again, but now you can copy text from it.

If we only need to extract text from a PDF file, then for this we need to recognize this PDF document using a special program such as SwifDoo PDF.

You can scan a paper document with its OCR feature, take a screenshot of the document from an application that’s not supported, and create a PDF file from the contents of the clipboard. When you convert a Word document to PDF, fonts and page layouts are preserved.

SwifDoo PDF Pro is a premium PDF editor. You can use it to create, edit, convert and share PDF documents. If you prefer an easy-to-use editor, this program is intuitive and affordable, and I recommend it.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw provides a convenient way to edit a PDF file. If your requirements are very limited and mainly concern text editing in a PDF document, Draw will fulfill your task. It is not a full-fledged PDF editor and has some limitations, such as the inability to edit a scanned PDF document.

LibreOffice is free and comes bundled with most distributions.


The PDFEscape application is an online PDF editor that can be accessed from virtually any device with Internet access. PDFEscape allows you to edit files, add links to them and add notes to existing text. You can easily save your changes and share the modified PDF with other users. Unfortunately, the downside is the limitation of the maximum size of the uploaded file – it cannot exceed 10MB, which makes this PDF editor suitable only for small publications.


If you are wondering how to edit PDF files easily, quickly and for free – SmallPDF may be the perfect solution for you. The basic functions are browser access and options for editing, deleting selected pages from PDF, combining or splitting files or protecting them with a password. Everything in an eye-pleasing interface.


This PDF editor is probably the easiest program of its type to use. Like several of its predecessors, PDFChef operates online and allows you to use its functionality completely free of charge. Editing options include: combining, splitting, rotating or changing the page layout. Unfortunately, PDFChef will not allow us to make changes to the PDF text.

Ashampoo PDF Free

This completely free program gives users great opportunities to create PDF files from source materials such as photos or text files. The application can also be used as a PDF editor – a free way to make simple changes. The advantage of this small program is the ability to add pages and, if necessary, delete or change the order of pages in a ready-made PDF. People who care about security will certainly appreciate the ability to block access to files with a password.

PDF-XChange Editor

This application allows you to professionally edit a PDF. In its basic, free version, the program allows you to freely add, delete and even format entries in PDF files. The number of free tools is quite large, and if someone feels the need to do something more, they can always switch to the paid Plus variant.


When working with PDF files, it is worth acquiring a good PDF editor program such as SwifDoo PDF and many others. We encourage you to try various applications from our list – both those that require downloading and installing, as well as browser equivalents. The PDF editor is a good way to work effectively with one of the most popular formats in the world.

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