The 12 Best Free Photo Editing Software in 2023 (User Online)

The 12 Best Free Photo Editing Software For PC | 2022

Best Photo Editing Software For PC – If you’re looking for photo editing software, you’ve come to the right place, where we have a list of the 12 best pfreehoto editing tools, both online and offline, so you can keep working, even when you’re not in front of your PC or Mac.

I hope this article is useful for those who need a free and effective photo editor. We will start our list with the best offline photo editing software and then move on to online photo editing.

We have selected these tools based on several factors, such as user interface simplicity, productivity, functionality, ease of use, platform availability, and more. 

So without further ado, here are the 12 best free photo editing software you can use in 2023.

The Best Photo Editing Software in 2023

In this article, we have introduced free desktop photo editing apps. If you are looking for an Android photo editing app or iPhone photo editor, click the links to check them out. Also, these apps are meant for regular photo editing. 

If you are looking for free apps that can help you manipulate photos like Adobe Photoshop, follow the link to find those apps.

1. Pixlr

For those looking for a simple and intuitive photo editor requiring less learning curve, Pixlr could be the right answer. 

While it may not be as feature-rich as other competitors, it comes with all the essential tools to make photo editing a hassle-free affair. 

Taking a few elements from the online version, it lets you apply features and do other things in just a few clicks.

 best free Online photo editing software: Pixlr
best free Online photo editing software: Pixlr

Pixlr for desktop is available as a free app, requiring a free subscription for all available effects; however, when you need advanced features like masking, type like mask and influence panel, you may want to purchase the Pro version.

All things considered; Pixlr is the kind of photo editor that can fit most people’s needs thanks in large part to simplicity and easy-to-use tools.

  • Availability:  Windows and Mac

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GIMP is the popular acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is an open-source app to make the photo editing experience on your devices easier. 

Some of the notable features of GIMP include the customizable interface it has – which allows you to change the layout to your taste and requirements -, one-click retouching techniques.

Which will help you improve photographs in no time, the availability of really good GIMP plugins, the wide support for various additional devices, as well as the input and output file formats. 

Despite the customization, GIMP’s user interface is quite professional, which you can understand from the screenshots on the official site of this open-source tool. 

The 12 Best Free Photo Editing Software For PC : Gimp
12 Best Free Photo Editing Software For PC : Gimp

It is no wonder that GIMP offers you the highest level of productivity when you are on Linux than on others. Overall, GIMP impresses us! Plus, you get the benefits of having an open source community to clarify doubts and extended support.

  • Availability:  Windows, Mac, Linux

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3. Paint.NET

Don’t confuse it with Microsoft Paint by default with your Windows PC. Paint.NET is an innovative, free and professional tool to easily edit your photographs and other images. 

When you need something more than regular Paint but not as heavy as Photoshop, Paint.NET is the one to use. 

We used Paint.NET on low-config, high-config systems, and the performance was outstanding. Speaking of features, Paint.NET comes with layer support. 

Built-in special effects to enhance a photograph in no time, unlimited story support which can help you find and correct your mistakes, etc. 

Paint.NET has also garnered several awards, including one from PC World. By the way, Paint.NET only weighs a few MB which is pretty damn low compared to other premium ones.

  • Availability: windows

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4. PhotoScape

PhotoScape combines many usable features with a minimalist user interface so you don’t have to manage many toolbars. 

Just like PhotoScape says on its official website, it can work as a photo viewer to view photos and create slideshows, and a photo editor with basic photo editing and photo editing capabilities. 

When you open PhotoScape, you can see the interface, with links to all of its various roles. For example, you can switch to the Viewer, Batch Editor, Animated GIF Creator or RAW Converter with just one click. 

Best free Online photo editing software : PhotoScape
Best free Online photo editing software : PhotoScape

In the corresponding section, you can view or edit your images without distracting elements. The version of PhotoScape for Mac and Windows 10 called PhotoScape X offers users advanced features like HDR, Magic color, and more.

  • Availability: Windows and Mac

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5. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a widely used online photo editor known for the simplest user interface. The user interface of this photo editor has been classified into four sections – each for Editing, Retouching, Design and Collage. 

All of this can be done from the PicMonkey home page. You can upload files from your computer or use Facebook or some storage services. 

Speaking of PicMonkey’s editing interface, the features range from basic editing to overlays and themes.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or regular user, you will love the quick-to-learn editing interface. We loved PicMonkey’s collection of effects and filters. Plus,

12 Best Free Photo Editing Software For PC : Picmonkey
Source: Picmonkey

If you’re in the Retouching section, there are some really handy ones you might love, like theSpray Correction of tan or dark spots . 

It makes sense in the long run. Additional sections like Collage and Design are also impressive.

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6. Canva

As someone who likes to have the luxury of a wide range of editing tools, I loved using Canva. Despite being feature-rich, it has kept complexity at bay. Probably the best part about this online photo editor is the clutter-free interface looks quite responsive. 

Then, you can proceed to edit the images without any delay. Another noteworthy feature is the ever-growing filter library.

Since the filters are fully customizable, you can fine-tune each of them to better suit your workflow. For example, you can easily adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness. Plus, it has a pretty simple drag-and-drop control for cropping and resizing images. 

And you also have the option to select the pixel size and quickly change the radio appearance. 

Beyond these useful features, Canva should appeal to those who want to be creative but without getting into the intricacies.

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 7. Fotor

Fotor Photo Editor welcomes you with a screen asking if you want to edit a photo, design a card or prepare a collage. 

In three of these, you have to upload the file, which will be in Fotor’s full online editor, in no time. 

What we liked the most about the editor interface is the presence of the 1-Tap interface features, which allow you to edit your photos with a single click; there are options to crop, rotate, resize or fine-tune the image you uploaded. 

12 Best Free Photo Editing Software For PC : Fotor
Source: Fotor

Also in the effects section, there is a lot to choose from, such as Classic, Vintage, Lens Flare etc. While not as fast as in PicMonkey, Fotor’s user interface took little time to load. 

After uploading the file, you can use the same images for different purposes. For example, if you want to make a Facebook cover or make a card; everything would be possible from the same page.

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8. BeFunky

BeFunky is a full-fledged online photo editor and collage maker, available in a super simple interface. 

It has support for getting a photo from the desktop, capturing from webcam or other sources like Facebook or Dropbox. 

There are many features, arranged in various categories, such as basic editing, retouching, effect and graphics, etc. 

All these sections have been brought through a simpler interface, where you can select and apply the filter or effect in just a few seconds. 

The Graphics section was the one we loved the most, because it consists of several graphic elementswhich can be inserted into the uploaded image in no time.

Furthermore, the BeFunky interface for editing is really quick and easy to learn and there is also an upgrade option available. Overall, in our experience, BeFunky was just great.

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9. SumoPaint

SumoPaint is not your typical online photo editor. Bring a Photoshop-like editing interface to your web browser screen, with almost all the features you need, like color picker, image information, etc. 

You can have as many windows as you like and managing these windows are simpler as if you were using a full editor installed on your PC. 

In short, we loved the way SumoPaint made things. Overall, anyone – dare we say it – will simply love SumoPaint’s minimal interface, and loading takes only seconds. 

There is also a pro version available for $ 4 per month which unlocks some cooler features and even lets you use the app offline.

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10. Free Online Photo Editor

If you want to have a smooth photo and video editor to create eye-catching photos or clips to share on social sites , please note “Online Photo Editor”. 

The online photo editor has a simple user interface which is quite easier to manage. As for the editing tools, they are up to the task.

So, you can design your photos to your liking. But what gives it an edge over many other counterparts is the huge library of a variety of ready-made filters that can transform the entire look of your images in the blink of an eye. 

Not to mention, it also has a number of impressive effects that can make you enhance the look of your photos so they can look their best.

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11. iPiccy

Last but not least, iPiccy is more than just a handy photo editor. Whether you want to beautify images by removing unwanted spots or give some of your most memorable photos a single frame or get into graphic design at your own pace, it should be a good enough platform for you. 

Online photo editor is provided a smart tool to automatically adjust images with ease. In addition, it also offers an initial way to crop, rotate and resize images. 

With a ton of effects, photo enhancements, and beautiful frames available, adding the x factor to your images shouldn’t be a big deal. 

One of my top picks for this photo editor is thecollection of different pre-made templates that make collage making fun. 

Besides, the option to add stickers and apply the vector is also interesting. In short, iPiccy can live up to your tastes for editing images like a pro, without having to master complex tools.

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12. Fotoram

Just like in the case of Fotor, Fotoram has three options when it comes to managing your images. 

Fotoram allows you to edit an image, retouch it using preset filters, and create a collage using the various border templates and all. 

However, it takes a long time to load and be functional, even though loading is an easy task. 

There are many functions available such as editing – which includes various filters and retouching options – and inserting many extra elements. 

Compared to other online editors on the list, Fotoram isn’t as colorful but has a standard amount of features, laid out in an easy-to-access interface. Overall, it’s a good online photo editing software for making quick edits.

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Here it is! So, these are our best photo editors that you can use to edit images. 

With easy-to-use editing tools, a ton of ready-made filters and effects, they let you beautify photos without going through a steep learning curve. And that’s exactly what sets them apart. 

By the way, which photo editing software caught your eye? Let us know her name in the comments section below.

Hopefully, you are like these 12 Best Photo Editing Software For PC and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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