10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker For 2023

Best Plagiarism Checker

Best Free Plagiarism Checker for 2023 – The plagiarism checker is an essential tool for website owners, publishers, Freelance writers. It is also useful for teachers and lecturers. 

Thanks to an anti-plagiarism tool, it is easy and quick to check whether the content of the text or the article contains parts that are duplicated elsewhere. Although plagiarism is sometimes done on purpose. There are many instances where editors or students may carelessly copy the work of others.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content?

There are several ways to avoid duplicate content on your site. First, you can use tools like Copyscape to check if your content is unique. You can also be careful not to copy content from other sites or blogs. 

If you use quotes or information from other sources, be sure to add links to those sources. There are also many paraphrasing tools online that can help you. Finally, you can also configure your site so that search engines do not index pages that have duplicate content.

This software can be very simple or very complex. Some are free while others are paid. You will discover in the rest of the article the 10 Best Plagiarism Checker Software.

Best Plagiarism Checker For 2023


Scribbr is the best anti-plagiarism tool recommended for students around the world. The plagiarism test results report is in the form of a list of sources that have similarities with your document. 

scribbr plagiarism checker

They also display clear plagiarism percentages. Scribbr is easy to use. It is very effective in detecting plagiarism, it has extensive access to scientific databases. It is secure and safe. However, it is expensive.


Quetext anti-plagiarism software detected more plagiarism than the majority of other programs in both documents. It detected much less plagiarism compared to Scribbr. 

If your institution of higher education uses advanced software, you may be surprised by a much higher rate of plagiarism than what Quetext has detected. Quetext is simple to use. It has a built-in citation option. However, it is not designed to detect plagiarism of scientific articles.


Copyscape is a real-time online plagiarism checker. It offers free control tool, API and premium service. It also offers a Copysentry protection system to automate plagiarism detection. With the Copyscape Premium API, you can integrate Copyscape premium seamlessly into your content workflow. 

The Copyscape Premium API allows you to immediately verify the originality of new content when it is inserted into your system. Copyscape is available in free and premium versions. It detects duplicate content on the Web from a simple URL. Its premium version is more complete. It is not too expensive, verification costs only $0.05. Practically,


PlagScan is an anti-plagiarism software that works well with document 2 (100% plagiarized text). However, PlagScan detected less plagiarism in document1 (actual essay). The disadvantage of PlagScan is also the small size of its database.

Plagscan plagiarism checker 1

Therefore, it cannot detect plagiarism from certain sources (Internet sources, books). A list that mentions the plagiarism report displays all matching sources. They are also highlighted in the document itself.

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector plagiarism checker is smart and free. We know that plagiarism is prohibited by law, whatever its type. For this reason, this software is designed to offer free verification. This plagiarism detection system is used mainly by teachers and students.

Small SEO Tools

SmallSEOTools is an SEO tool, it is also intended for plagiarism detection. It is designed for both students and marketing professionals who wish to review whether their text excerpts include plagiarism. In general, SmallSEOTools is not an ideal plagiarism checker for students. 

small seo tools plagiarism checker

The results are very difficult to analyze and are not reliable. SmallSEOTools is free, but has many drawbacks. The number of words to check is limited to 1000 words. Lots of distracting buttons and ads appear. The plagiarized text is not exposed in the document. If you modify certain words, the software does not detect plagiarism.


Originality.AI is unique on this list where it checks for plagiarism while also detecting if content was generated by AI. With its ad free and easy to use interface it is our pick for a plagiarism checker.

Originality.AI is also designed specifically for digital marketing companies / SEOs who need to manage a team of high volume content creators. As it says on its homepage… Built for serious web publishers and not academia. They have included features like adding team members, scan history, dashboard of scans, 


Edubirdie detected only 4% of the plagiarism in the content of your document while other free software could reveal up to 29%. 

This means that there are better alternatives to this program. Of course, this software is free. However, many plagiarisms are not detected and common words are mistakenly flagged as plagiarism.


Several universities use the anti-plagiarism software Compilatio to detect plagiarism in internship reports and theses. Compilatio also defends the originality of academic works such as theses and dissertations. 

The Compilatio software has a database that is composed of digital documents and those deposited by the university as the works of the students.


The Plagiarisma software was developed primarily for students and teachers. This application is very easy to use. His analysis is very detailed. With this tool, researchers can now edit and correct similar idioms after scanning their documents with software. 

It is considered a very useful tool for academic institutions, institutions, colleagues and schools. It works on Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Moodle and Web. It detects plagiarism in your research paper, dissertation and coursework. It supports Bing, Google, Yahoo, Scholar and Books.

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