6 Best Plant Identification Apps in 2024

Best Free Plant identification App 2022

Best flowers, trees, Plant identification app – To find out what kind of flower or plant we are looking at, we can use the auto-recognition apps and become botanical experts in an instant.

In the past, to identify a plant or flower, it was necessary to take a photograph and obtain a botany book that would compare all of the flowers in the book individually. 

Fortunately, technology has evolved and thanks to our phone’s camera and modern search engines equipped with artificial intelligencewe can identify plants, flowers and trees simply by framing the vegetables and waiting for the app to recognize it.

In the following guide we will show you the best apps to automatically recognize the names and families of plants, flowers and trees so that you can immediately associate certain shapes with a specific type of plant .

If necessary, know how to care for them, how much to water , how much to keep them in the sun and whether they are indoor or outdoor plants.

For safety reasons, we advise you to do not use app info to detect mushrooms : Many poisonous mushrooms are similar to edible mushrooms, better not risk your life and get help from a flesh and bones expert specialized in mushrooms.

Best Flowers, Trees, Plant Identification App

Google Lens

The simplest and most immediate (but not the most specific) app for spotting flowers and plants is Google Lens , available for free from the Google Play Store .

When you open the app and take a photo, we’re instantly brought back to similar photos on Google Images to discover the plant’s name and other valuable botanical information. 

The photo recognition system is very precise thanks to the artificial intelligence already in use in Google Photos.

To use Google Lens on iPhone we must first download the app Google Photos take a photo of the plant or flower with the app Camera open the shot taken with Google Photos and press the icon below Google Lens .


Another very useful app for identifying layers and flowers is iNaturalist free download for Android and for iPhone .

The app allows you to take instant photos of any plant or flower and, through its internal algorithm, identify the most common and widespread species in World. 

If the detection system does not work, we can always ask the expert community for help, which can quickly ensure rapid identification of the species photographed.

The app also saves all the sightings made, so you can always access the photos recognized over the years, also filtering by some parameters (year, type of plant, species, etc.).

inaturalist 1


Among the best apps with which you can identify plants, trees and flowers we find SmartPlant for Android and for IPhone .

The app was developed as a home plant care system with expert advice on growth and the best fertilizer. Still with the chat system included in the app we can take a photo of a plant or flower that we don’t know and ask the experts for a confirmation much more precise than the results obtained with a simple search engine (net from ‘IA).


Another app that can be used to identify plants, flowers, and trees is PlantSnap , available for free download for Android and for iPhone .

Similar to the apps shown so far, PlantSnap allows you to photograph plants and, thanks to its database of over 600,000 plants, can associate the shapes and colors of a plant already recognized, in order to be able to discover its scientific name, common name and other useful details in order to understand their nature.

Leaf Snap

To quickly identify plants, flowers and trees, we can also download the LeafSnap app available free for Android and for IPhone .

The app offers a powerful image recognition engine, so you can instantly identify the photographed species in detail. 

The app can be used directly as a camera (to be aimed at the plant or flower to be recognized) or alternatively we can directly open the photo gallery and open a shot of flowers or plants stored in the internal memory.


The last app that we would like to recommend for recognizing plants and flowers is NatureID , freely downloadable from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store .

With this app we can identify garden and indoor plants with good accuracy, and for each of them we will also get valuable advice on how to keep them alive and how to water them. 

The app can also be programmed with reminders so you can remember when to water a particular plant and when to use the fertilizer instead.


How many times has it happened to us to see a beautiful flower or a beautiful plant, but not knowing about it :

With today’s technology, a simple smartphone connected to the Internet is enough to discover the plants and flowers that are present in the garden or seen on the street, spotted quickly using advanced detection algorithms or, more traditionally, asking botanical experts for help, accessible in the garden communities managing many of the above apps.

As mentioned in the instructions, the Google Lens app already uses face recognition as seen in Google Photos, but in a much improved version. To correctly identify the objects in the photos we can also follow the suggestions in our dedicated guide .

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