10 Best NFT Games for Android in 2024

10 Best Free Android NFT Games 2022 !

Best NFT Games – The popularity of NFT games doesn’t need to be questioned anymore, because this blockchain-based game continues to be popular among NFT collectors, both beginners and those who have been in the business for a long time.

Exciting and interesting gameplay is not the only thing that makes this NFT game very popular, the advantages that you get when playing this game are also one of the strong reasons why NFT games can become the best trend this year.

Well, on this occasion techjustify will provide a list of the best Android NFT games that can be downloaded and installed for free on your smartphone.

Curious, what are these games? Come on, just take a good look at the following reviews!

10 Best NFT Games For Android in 2024

It’s just that, in this NFT game, you can get an advantage, where you can make buying and selling game assets in the form of cryptocurrencies and also Non-Fungible Tokens  (NFT).

Well, the development of this blockchain based game is indeed very fast, even now you can only play this NFT game on a computer/desktop, but you can also play it via mobile phones such as Android or iOS.

If you are curious to feel the sensation of playing this NFT game, you can download and install one of these 10 best NFT games!

1. Dark Eden

Dark Eden is one of the best RPG-themed games developed with NFT technology where you can make profits in the form of crypto currency.

The game itself incorporates blockchain technology and operates on the WEMIX network.

The concept of this game itself is not much different from other RPG games, namely there is a battle that you must be able to win.

Later, each of these wins will give you an advantage in the form of crypto tokens and NFT that you can collect and trade to collectors.

Therefore, in playing this game, you are required to be able to improve the characters you have in order to become stronger.

This game itself is included in the Play to Earn category which presents Slayers and Vampires characters as NFT items that you can collect, exchange, or trade in the marketplace .

NameDark Eden
Size93 MB
Link DownloadDownload

2. Soul Seeker Defense

In the next sequence, there is the game Soul Seeker Defense . Yep, this game is one of the online NFT games that has a defense formation theme where there is a card item that can make players benefit in the form of crypto.

In this game, there are also many RPG characters with unique and adorable looks.

Well, the player who plays this game can get real crypto tokens as a reward in every victory he gets, both from battles, quest achievements , and also staking .

One thing you must always remember in playing this game is, the higher the power, achievement, and level of the player’s arena, the more tokens you can get.

NameSoul Seeker Defense
Size106 MB
Link DownloadDownload

3. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the next best Android NFT game that you can download for free through the Google Play Store .

This game is a crypto-based game launched by Pixowl and operates on the  Ethereum  (ETH) blockchain.

This game itself creates a decentralized platform for the gaming community by combining elements of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

The Sandbox is a game that has the concept of a virtual world metaverse that allows players to build, buy, and also sell crypto assets in the form of games that are registered as NFT.

And as a player, you can create your own NFT digital assets and upload them to the marketplace which you can then sell.

NameThe Sandbox
Size71 MB
Link DownloadDownload

4. Farmers World

The next NFT game on Android that you can try to play is Farmers World .

As the name suggests, this game has a farming activity theme where you as a player will act like a farmer in general.

In Farmers World, you have to use various tools, resources, and available land to build farms and harvest crops.

Players can also earn rewards by fighting against other farmers. This battle can fill your void while waiting for the harvest to arrive.

This game itself is based on the WAX ​​Blockchain, so it has been very developed lately. However, this game seems a bit exclusive, players are also required to use a special NFT to be able to participate.

NameFarmers World
Size10 MB
Link DownloadDownload

5. Devikins

Devikins 1

Devikins is developed by MoonLabs . Here, players can collect characters as well as produce completely new characters to make their collection more powerful and versatile.

In this RPG-themed NFT Android game , there is a combat system with very unique Tamagotchi elements. In addition, players can also trade their characters in the marketplace using Devicoin (DVK).

Size143 MB
Link DownloadDownload

6. Monsta Infinite MONI Max

In sixth place, there is the Monsta Infinite game which can be an option for those of you who want to try playing NFT games. This game itself has great potential to become the most popular game.

Players are required to be able to get 3 Monstas from the marketplace to be able to participate in the battle. Well, each of these Monstas has 6 skill cards , 2 attack cards , and also 2 defense cards .

NameMonsta Infinite
Size18 MB
Link DownloadDownload

7. Binemon

Binemon is a crypto game inspired by the Pokemon animation. This game combines several elements at once, such as Collectibles, until, RPG, and adventure into one universe.

Well, in this game, players can form an army unit from the pets they have to then fight in a PvE or PvP environment.

There are 3 currencies that can be used in this game, 2 of which are Ambrosia and also DRK. This currency can later be used to buy Mons through the marketplace available in the game.

Size47 MB
Link DownloadDownload

8. League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is one of the next best Android NFT games that you can try to install on your smartphone.

This game is a strategy game with the concept of a  massively multiplayer strategy game  that focuses on efforts to build an empire. As a player, you have to develop your empire, starting from buildings, facilities, fortifications, and also attacking armies.

You can also attack other players who have large and abundant royal resources. The more abundant the resources you have, the stronger the kingdom will be, as well as the more vulnerable it is to attack.

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What is an NFT? Non Fungible Tokens Explained

Well, as an NFT game, you will get special items that function as tokens and can later be traded.

To earn crypto coins in this game, you must succeed in fighting monsters, completing missions, and even converting your resources to expand your land / territory.

NameLeague of Kingdoms
Size43 MB
Link DownloadDownload

9. Splinterlands

In the next sequence, there is the game Splinterlands . Yep, this game is the best crypto game on iOS as well as on Android which was previously known as Steem Monsters . This card game gives you the opportunity to earn crypto coins on the  Hive (HIVE) blockchain  .

In contrast to card games in general, Splinterlands is known as a trading card game (TCG) with a total of more than 280 cards registered as Non-Fungible Tokens  (NFT).

With the collectible card game concept, you can collect various cards that are divided into 4 levels of rarity. This means that the rarer the card, the higher the price.

Size3,1 MB
Link DownloadDownload

10. Crypto Shooter

Lastly, there is the Crypto Shooter game . Yep, this game has a rescue animal theme , in the form of a sparrow.

So in this game you have to help a character, Sparky, to save her sparrow by matching and popping bubbles.

Players can explore more than 5 maps as well as 100 levels to complete new challenges. Later, you can get SparkPoint tokens to buy boosters. 

The function of  this booster  itself is to burst bubbles faster.

NameCrypto Shooter
Size64 MB
Link DownloadDownload


Well, that’s the list of the 10 best Android NFT games that you can try to play. Out of all the recommendations for the NFT game, which one makes you curious to try playing it? Or maybe there are some games from the list that you have been playing for a long time?

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