Best Poker Apps to Play with Friends

Best Poker Apps to Play with Friends

Best Poker Apps to Play with FriendsOnline poker is one of the best options for those starting out in the sport and, especially in times of a pandemic, an option to avoid crowds. Therefore, a good option is direct games on the cell phone. That’s why we’re going to present the best poker games for Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad).

Playing through your smartphone is the best way to practice poker at home or in any other space, before getting into serious disputes. 

Best Poker Apps to Play with Friends

Zynga Poker

One of the easiest, most intuitive and popular poker apps, with great reviews on both the Apple Store and the Play Store. Zynga provides the player with a traditional poker table experience, with quick and casual round options. Another positive highlight is the possibility to play without having to register in the app.

RallyAces Poker

The former Artrix Poker is a great option to play with friends. The app provides a live chat, where you can interact with emojis and gifts. In addition, the game has a casino atmosphere, with slot machines, roulette wheels and much more elements that favor the experience of a real game room. For beginners, this application offers a detailed step-by-step, with all the rules of the game and how it works.


One of the biggest online poker networks in the world has famous poster boys like tennis player Rafael Nadal, five-time champion Ronaldo Fenômeno and star Neymar . The PokerStars app is well known for its tournaments with buy-ins from two cents on the dollar, but it is possible to play without using real money. The free version allows you to train freely to gain experience, improve your poker techniques and have fun with each new game. It’s a great way to get used to the dynamics of the game in the app before going straight to betting. 

Easy Poker

True to its name, this app, available only on Android, tests your poker skills against your friends in a simple, playful and free way. With chips, cards and an unlimited amount of games, everything is made as attractive as possible. It’s a digital version of a physical poker set that takes care of everything for you to just play your cards. It has easy one-handed gameplay, no connection delays and no timing (you decide when to trade each play). In short, the paradise for more relaxed players, less competitive and interested only in having fun.

World Series Of Poker

Inspired by the biggest series of poker events in the world, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) app has many players online, helping to ensure that there is always a table waiting for you to start playing immediately, without having to wait for other participants. As with other apps mentioned in this list, this one also offers a free amount of daily chips for the player to use without having to invest their money.

WSOP app simulates dispute for the coveted bracelets (Reproduction / Google Play)

Appeak Poker

It’s a recent app that doesn’t yet have such a large user base. On the other hand, it is super light, consuming little memory and battery of mobile devices. With a simple design, Appeak has great gameplay and sticks more to it than graphical details. A great example of “less is more”, which is also very convincing for the minimalist profile of gamers.  

The apps mentioned so far belong to a group of games that aim to improve the experience of playing virtual poker in a fun and interactive way. From now on, the highlight goes to three apps that bring everything that the previous ones offer combined with other aspects that make them irresistible. Check out.

Governor Of Poker 3 (Governor Of Poker 3)

The bronze medal going to this game fills a gap that’s pretty common in a lot of the poker apps you’ll find out there. Its main differential is the variety of game modes, which makes Governor of Poker 3 broader and less tiring, always offering more challenges. Another advantage is its ease of use, which makes it great for beginners. It also appeals to more practical players, who don’t like a lot of details and want to play soon. If you’re starting in poker and want to learn different types of game evolving as quickly as possible, this is the app.

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World Poker club

Second place goes to an app with two essential features: free and innovative. Not paying for a game full of new elements to the poker experience is a valuable strategy to attract poker fanatics in search of new challenges. This is due to a new pattern with an updated gesture system. While the app has the usual check/bet/fold buttons, it also has touch-based gestures for each.

Double tap means check. Swiping up from the bottom doubles the bet amount, and holding/slowly dragging up is an increase slider. This reinterpretation of poker through moves works really well and it would come as no surprise that some of the biggest free poker apps have adopted the feature.

Jackpot Poker

“Son of fish, little fish is”. If PokerStars is the success that we all already know, its more extensive and robust free version justifies the top of the podium. The old version combines two great attractions for veteran players: the familiarity for anyone who played games focused on Spin & Go and the memories left by the PokerStars Facebook application, one of the greatest exponents of online poker for a long time.

Beginners will also be covered here, as Jackpot Poker includes table emojis that indicate the strategy to follow so as not to make mistakes until the player has more experience to play autonomously. The game instigates those who know and teaches those who want to learn quickly and fun, as a smartphone game should be.

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