10 Best Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously in 2024

Best Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously

Best Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously – Proxy sites are platforms that enable users to enjoy safer and freer internet. Access to blocked websites in Turkey can be easily achieved with the help of a proxy. The general logic of proxy sites is to provide a gateway between the user and the internet service. Thanks to this gateway, the user can protect his privacy.

It should not be thought that every proxy site is secure and that privacy is given importance. Some proxy sites may also act to capture user data. Implementing robust anonymous proxy detection on-premise database and preventing unauthorized access. The proxy site you use must be secure and proven. Below we list the proxy sites that we think give you the best service in this regard.

Best Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously

There are thousands of Proxy websites available on the internet. Some are quite safe and real, while others are just non-working sites created for advertising purposes and attract the user. Here are the best Proxy sites:


ProxySite , which has been on the market for a long time and is among the best proxy sites , draws attention with its simple interface and free of charge. Simply paste the link of the site you want to visit in the search bar on the site. With the shortcuts on the site, you can quickly access popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.


With this site, you can easily visit the website you want via proxy. It will be enough to write the link of the website you want to go to the search bar on the homepage and select the web server and IP location below. Features such as cookie blocking, ad blocking, and site saving on the site are also offered to users free of charge. 4everproxy is one of the most popular Proxy sites today.


Hide.me, which hides users’ IP addresses and is a VPN service, is among the best proxy sites . This site, which can be used for free, also has browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. Hide.me, which has three proxy locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Finland, draws attention with its features such as URL encryption, cookie blocking, and scripts blocking.


The ProxFree site, which provides SSL Proxy service, ensures that users’ data is encrypted. With ProxFree , which is completely free, you can remove censorship restrictions on the internet and browse the internet anonymously and securely. This site, which serves with France, Germany and USA IP locations, is among the best proxy sites with its features such as blocking cookies, removing scripts, hiding page titles .


KpRoxy site, which has been active since 2005, has an ad-free and easy interface. KpRoxy , which hosts 10 working proxy servers , can also be used as an extension in Chrome and Firefox browsers. This site, which can be used for free, is among the best proxy sites with its active use on Android devices.


Shortly known as HMA , this proxy site provides free access to blocked websites. HideMyAss, which hides the IP addresses of the users, provides service using the USA, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Czech Republic IP locations. HideMyAss is among the best proxy sites with options such as URL encryption, cookie blocking, ad blocking and script removal .


FilterBypass , which has a place in our list of proxy sites , draws attention with its feature that can be used all over the world. Shortcuts available on the free and anonymous FilterBypass site; It provides easy access to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion.


Hidester, which is among the best proxy sites, finds its place in this list with its various features, even if it contains only two proxy locations. Hidester, which is completely free and protected with 128-bit encryption, provides its users with additional tools such as IP address learning, DNS leak test, WEBRTC leak test.


With Whoer, it is possible to unblock sites and browse the internet anonymously by changing the IP address. Whoer, which has add-ons on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex, is among the best proxy sites with its embedded speed test and IP address learning features.


Last on our list of the best Proxy sites is MegaProxy. MegaProxy, which has a more complex appearance than other sites in terms of appearance, also includes different features compared to other sites. It has features such as changing OS, cookie management, displaying the operating system differently. MegaProxy offers its demo version free of charge, which allows you to view 60 web pages in 5 hours of use .

Proxy Sites Free

There is not much difference between choosing free proxy sites and paid proxy sites. Paid Proxy sites provide you with the option of choosing the country you want to connect to and providing a faster proxy server. If you prefer a country, paid proxy sites may be more advantageous for you.

In addition, if privacy is the most important issue for you, paid proxy sites will make sense for you. Because these Proxy sites offer top privacy protection. In fact, we can attribute the reasons for their preference to this. Users can make choices in this direction to get the best privacy protection. It would be logical to turn to paid sites for a faster and safer proxy.

Benefits of Using Proxy

  • Since there are a lot of internet restrictions in the world, we encounter some obstacles when entering the sites. The proxy makes it possible to connect to the desired site without any barriers to access.
  • Since the access to the sites will be through the proxy server, the attacks that hackers can make on the real network are minimized.
  • The number of malware and viruses on the Internet is quite high. With proxy you can keep these viruses away from real network.
  • Proxy servers prevent the network traffic that may occur by caching the entered sites.
  • With a proxy, you can control how other people use the network by blocking certain sites and monitoring network history.
  • With the help of a proxy, you can change the country where you connect to the internet and bypass network blocks and corporate firewalls in your country.
  • With the proxy, you prevent cookies and ads on the sites and provide a fast internet usage.
  • You can track your data with proxy.
  • You can get a much better network performance with the help of proxy.
  • The ” This Site Cannot Be Reached ” problem can be resolved with a proxy.

Types of Proxy

Transparent Proxy: Transparent Proxy, also known as Transparent Proxy and known as the simplest Proxy type, transfers all information with the IP address to which the Proxy is connected. Transparent Proxies do not provide any privacy protection. It allows you to avoid simple IP bans with such Proxies. They are mainly used in schools and companies.

Anonymous Proxy: Anonymous Proxies , which have a large number of users, do not transmit their IP address to websites. This allows you to stay private on the internet. Used for hiding location and destroying various advertisements, this type of Proxy is enough to bypass most obstacles.

Elite Proxy: Working with a logic similar to Anonymous Proxy , Elite Proxy constantly changes your IP address and keeps you private.

Shared Proxy: Shared Proxy is the method used by those looking for cheap proxy. Many people can connect to this system, which collects all IP addresses in a single address. This causes network traffic to slow down or even crash.

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