7 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Best Chrome Extensions for BloggersFor blog writers, traffic info from the posts you publish can be an important thing to take into consideration. Especially you bloggers who are serious, mastering blogging techniques from checking grammar to SEO optimization is absolutely essential to enter the list of basic knowledge.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

For you Bloggers who are also users of the Google Chrome browser, we have 7 recommendations for extensions that can help your process of creating blog content so that it is of higher quality from various aspects. Here are the recommendations.

1. Dictionary by Google – See word definitions in one click

When looking for references by reading articles on the internet, of course there are times when you come across one or several foreign words with meanings you don’t know. Instead of searching for the meaning of words manually, you can use Google Dictionary. This extension will be active whenever you do a word block, with a word definition popup that appears directly above it.

2. Tag Assistant by Google – Provides the best SEO tag suggestions

If you have started blogging for a relatively long time, surely you already have a reliable SEO tool . Introducing the Tag Assistant by Google extension, a Google Chrome extension that will make the SEO tagging process more streamlined by embedding it into the browser menu . Tag Assistant by Google will analyze the tags that you have created and give suggestions if the existing tags are inadequate.

3. WhatFont – An easy way to find out the type of font on the internet

To make your article content look more attractive, there are times when you need to use a font that is more attractive and suits the tastes of today’s readers. For those of you who often look for font references on various websites, the WhatFont extension can help you identify fonts instantly, simply by highlighting the text with the font you want to know.

4. WhatRuns – Know the concoctions of famous blogs

This extension is a must have for those of you who want to know what tools are used on blogs with high traffic . Once installed, WhatRuns will automatically analyze what auxiliary tools a website or blog uses from a backend perspective .

5. Grammarly – Improve your English skills

This extension is highly recommended for those of you who often communicate in English in email or other communication platforms that you use on Google Chrome, especially those who frequently blog in English.

Grammarly is designed to improve English language skills through checking up-to-date grammar and suggesting the choice of words that are matched according to the context of the sentence, so you can produce higher quality English sentences.

6. Evernote Web Clipper – Copy text to notes app

This extension is perfect for those of you who use the Evernote note-taking app when writing ideas come. You can use the Evernote Web Clipper to save text snippets from the websites you visit. In addition to text, Evernote Web Clipper offers special formats for saving notes in the Evernote app, specifically for sites like LinkedIn and YouTube.

7. Toby for Chrome – Intuitive bookmark manager

Sometimes, of course, you’ve ever wanted to restore a browsing session in Chrome which consists of several tabs. Toby for Chrome will organize your tabs and bookmarks into minimalistic folders that you can reopen all at once, whenever needed.

With the 7 Google Chrome extensions above, I hope you can improve the quality of your blog content .

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