9 Best Puzzle Games for Adults in 2023

Best Puzzle Games for Android

Best Puzzle Games for Android – If you are used to combining business with pleasure, then you will surely like puzzle games. In our selection, you will find logic Puzzle Games for adults, games in the genre of hidden objects, mahjong and other free puzzles for android.

Below are games of completely different directions, among which connoisseurs of this genre will definitely find something interesting and Best mobile puzzle games

Best Puzzle Games For Adults

Plumber 3

A classic game familiar to many users. There are many levels and each next one becomes more difficult than the previous one. The goal of the player is to correctly connect the pipes so that the water passes through the pipeline without leakage, and go to the next level.

An additional complication lies in the fact that each turn of the figure costs a certain amount of coins, which are earned when moving to each subsequent level. That is, you need to try to assemble the pipeline in the least number of moves, because the levels become more complicated all the time.

The game has ads, which you can remove only for a fee or play offline. The graphics are nice, and the music is unobtrusive.

Download on Google Play

Plumber 3 Pros

  • The game develops logic
  • Nice interface
  • Can be played offline

Plumber 3 Cons

  • Lots of ads when playing online


BlockuDoku Puzzle Games for Adults

A combination of Tetris and Sudoku puzzles. The player is given three pieces to be placed on the playing field in such a way as to collect a 3×3 square or a line vertically/horizontally. The next three shapes are given only after you place the previous ones, and you cannot rotate the elements.

There is no specific goal, for example, to pass the level, but the more lines / squares you collect, the higher the record of points you earn.

There are also daily tasks, the goal of which is to score 500 points, while initially the figures are placed on the field.

In general, the game is quite addictive and is perfect for killing time on the road or in line.

Download on Google Play


  • Works offline
  • Develops spatial thinking


  • There are ads

Mansion of Puzzles

A game for connoisseurs of puzzles. You are invited to open doors by solving various puzzles. For example, you need to enter a code from the numbers found in the room, assemble a puzzle, or arrange the mosaic tiles correctly. Also, the player will have to move the blocks in the correct order, find the digital code using a stencil, assemble a map and other tasks.

The game is free, exciting and works without the Internet. In online mode, you will be shown ads, but there are not many of them and it does not affect the impression of the game.

Download on Google Play


  • Various puzzles
  • Captivates from the first minute
  • You can skip levels


  • Advertising
  • No hints

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Due to the violence and nature of Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, we don’t recommend it for kids, but if you’re a fan of Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees, you’ll love the game.

Difficult levels, a lot of weapons, moves over which you will have to break your head, and at the end of the level you have to kill the victim.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle can be played offline or online, but in the latter case you will be shown ads.

Download on Google Play


  • You have to think about the moves
  • Can be played offline


  • Weak graphics
  • Gameplay is monotonous


Homescapes Puzzle Games for Adults

Three in a row game. As you progress through the levels, you help the butler, Austin, fix up the family mansion and furnish it with new furniture.

The game is free and does not require an Internet connection, and many different boosters, game areas, daily tasks and plot twists will definitely appeal to fans of the genre.

Also, one cannot fail to note the nice graphics and the plot thought out to the smallest detail, thanks to which Homescapes is addictive from the first minutes.

Download on Google Play

Homescapes Pros

  • Thoughtful plot
  • Good graphics and music
  • No ads
  • Works offline

Homescapes Cons

  • Significant not found

Mystery House Hidden Object

A game for fans of the “hidden objects” genre. You find yourself in a mysterious house, the owner of which – Mister X – disappeared. You, along with an assistant, Joshua the cat, must solve the puzzle by opening and exploring all the rooms, as well as completing match-3 games.

You can play both online and offline, in this case, advertising will not bother you.

The graphics are nice, the objects are quite recognizable and well drawn. The musical accompaniment is unobtrusive.

Download on Google Play

Mystery House Hidden Object Pros

  • Nice graphics and music
  • Can be played offline without ads

Mystery House Hidden Object Cons

  • Lots of character talk
  • Low energy, have to wait

Random Mahjong

The well-known Mahjong solitaire for Android with beautiful graphics, good drawing of chips and nice effects. The graphics are three-dimensional, the game chips are bright with well-designed elements. Depending on the level of complexity of the layout, the number of chips can vary from 32 to 152 pieces, and when removing a pair, beautiful effects are demonstrated.

For each new layout, the chips are laid out in random order, which avoids repetition.

Download on Google Play

Random Mahjong Pros

  • Every time a new layout of chips
  • Solitaire difficulty can be adjusted
  • Well-drawn chips

Random Mahjong Cons

  • Significant not found

Brain Out: Can you pass it?

The game offers to solve logic puzzles. Sometimes the tasks are easy, especially if you have already played similar games, and sometimes the solution is not so easy to find. For the latter cases, there are hints that the player receives in the form of entering the game every day.

Often there are not enough hints, and in order to get more, the player is invited to view ads. By the way, there are a lot of ads in the game and you can’t turn it off. Of course, you can play offline without ads, however, when you need a hint, you can only get it by watching the video.

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The graphics are simple, do not distract from the gameplay, and the music is unobtrusive.

Download on Google Play

Brain Out Pros

  • Interesting tasks for logic
  • There are clues
  • The game teaches you to think outside the box
  • Suitable for the whole family

Brain Out Cons

  • A lot (!) A lot of advertising

Jigsaw Puzzle

Another type of classic puzzles is jigsaw puzzles. Adults and children, boys and girls, people of any age love them.

If you are looking for a quiet game that will help pass an hour or two, then you should pay attention to Jigsaw Puzzles.

After downloading the application, you immediately get into the in-game menu, where you can select the appropriate image. There is no training, but it is not needed, your goal is to collect a picture.

The choice of images is very wide, during the assembly of the puzzle, relaxing, unobtrusive music is played. In the menu, the picture is shown in black and white, but when assembled it is in color.

If desired, for a fee, the player can purchase additional sets of pictures. The game has a lot of ads, but it can be disabled if you play offline (useful if a small child is playing).

Download on Google Play

Jigsaw Puzzle Pros

  • Many images on various topics
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment
  • Convenient control

Jigsaw Puzzle Minuses

  • A lot of advertising


Logic puzzle games are a very useful form of entertainment. They are suitable for adults and children, allow you to develop non-standard thinking and mindfulness.

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