10 Best Apps to Reduce Image Size

Best Apps to Reduce Image Size

10 Best Apps to Reduce Image Size – Today, almost everyone uses their phone or tablet to take and store photos. They are very practical forn quickly sharing photos through social networks and messaging applications.

 Sometimes a photo is too big to share. You may also want to share only part of a photo instead of the entire photo. If you want to change the size of the image, you can do it with the Resize option. Again, there are several methods to change the size.

There are many apps that allow you to resize a photo by cropping or resizing it. There are also many applications that reduce the actual file size of the image. Read on to find out which apps suit your needs.

10 Best Apps to Reduce Image Size

1 – Photo & Picture Resizer

According to users’ recommendations, Shrink & Compress Photos is a really effective and impressive app that will make any image shrink without any quality loss.

Simply upload a photo or select an entire album for the application to analyze it and reduce its weight disproportionately. No, we’re not exaggerating when we use that word, as a 2MB photo can be 100KB or less after using the app.

If you run the same image through the compressor again, you can be sure that it will be even more compressed, although the quality loss will be relatively small. We do not expect even a small fraction of the original quality to be lost.

However, the difference is relatively small and you can use the app without any restrictions as it is completely free for all users. It also has other tools worth knowing about.

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2. Lit Photo: Compress & Resize

Lit Photo is another photo resizing app that you will definitely want to use. This app has several features to compress and resize photos. But what surprises us most is that a loss in quality does not accompany the loss in size, since the quality is still good at the end of the job, with little or no noticeable change, so don’t be discouraged.

With Photoluminescent Photo Compression and Resizing you can easily compress, crop and resize your images. This makes it easy to send photos via email , Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

The app offers excellent navigation and all features are displayed at startup. As mentioned above, the application can perform three main tasks. By selecting one of the options, you can further customize the size of the image.

The compression mode allows you to compress the image by quality measured in percentage or by size measured in megabytes. This reduces the size of the file . 

Does this mean that my image will be boring? Of course not, as we have said before the visual changes are very small . You can also work in batches, that is, select multiple images and make the same change.

Lastly, there is the cropping tool. It is quite limited, as it only offers five farming factors. However, there are many other ways to crop an image. So if you can make do with a small set of autocrop features, this is a great program.

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3. Compress Image, Resize & Crop

And if you need a tip that includes more tools, Pov Compressphoto will help you more than you think. Its main feature is the image compressor for Android, which can reduce the weight and size of an image by up to 99%, so you can easily upload any photo you want.

Also, after editing it with one button, you can send the photo directly to your email , social network or messaging app if you don’t want to save it on your phone.

Also, Pov Compressphoto supports various export formats such as JPG and PNG. Don’t worry about the quality as it will retain the best possible quality when you save or send your photo as reducing the size won’t affect the details much.

Whether you want to resize a photo to make a Facebook cover or YouTube banner, this photo resizer app covers all formats.

Download on Google Play

4. Image Reduce

You may have to tweak the settings and make some additional changes that we haven’t mentioned yet in photo resizer apps. But that’s why you’ll love the Reduce Image app, because it has a tool that lets you change the editing settings to quickly improve the photo.

In fact, you can already adjust the aspect ratio of an image for any social network or for the most popular formats used today.

In this sense, Reduce Image offers you the possibility of changing the aspect ratio and the size of your photo. In this way, you can also significantly reduce the size without compromising the quality of the converted content.

It is very easy to use, although the menu could be simpler. In any case, if you want an unlimited version, you have to buy the app from the store.

Download on Google Play

5. Reduce Photo Size

If what you are really looking for is an app to reduce the size of your photos that are limited by the image size, then Reduce Photos Size is a good option.

In fact, this application can not only change the size or aspect ratio of your photo , but it can also significantly reduce its weight, up to 80% for better results. Like its predecessors, it can also be shared via email or social media if you wish.

As if that were not enough, Reduce photo is very easy to use, since it has a cropping or limiting tool in which you have to slide your fingers on the phone screen to reduce or crop the photo around the edges. However, the main difference is that you will have to manually export or save the result in order to find it in your gallery or file manager.

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6. Pixlr

Pixlr is a very popular photo editing software among Android users. Not only can you resize and crop your photos, but you can also use many other useful features. It is also a great app for beginners. The user interface is clear and the controls are simple and easy to use.

When you launch the app, the home screen offers a number of options. You can take a photo with the camera, which you can then edit using one of Pixlr’s many features. You can edit existing photos on your phone or in the cloud.

You can create a collage of images that can be stylized in different styles. The template tool also has decorative elements. Once an image is selected in the app, cropping it is easy. If you open the Tools menu, you will find many useful tricks, especially the Crop tool.

There are several options available when the crop tool is selected. In “free mode” you can select the cropping area, and there are several aspect ratios to choose from. There are also various effects that you can use to correct your photos.

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7. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you’re looking for something more advanced, check out the Express version of Adobe’s popular Photoshop software. This multifunctional app is designed for editing photos on the go . Adobe has included many features to give your photos a professional look, even though the app is designed for mobile phones only.

The app allows you to select photos on your device, in the cloud, in Lightroom (another Adobe app), or in the Adobe Asset Library. You can also take a photo with your phone’s camera and edit it directly.

Once you’ve selected the image you want to work with, you have a seemingly endless number of options. You can use filters, frames and stickers to add variety to your photos.

The crop tool offers a wide range of aspect ratios, some of which are very useful. There are the “usual suspects”, ie you can crop your image to 16:9 or 6:4, for example.

However, Adobe goes further than many other apps : you can choose from “Facebook Page Cover,” “YouTube Channel Layout,” and even “Kindle Auto Crop.” This feature set clearly distinguishes Adobe Photoshop Express from other programs.

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8. Image Size – Photo Resizer

Codenia offers a comfortable and simple solution to change the size of images. The application has many features that can be found in many similar programs. In the Photo Editor section, there are many customizable options that allow you to change the appearance of your photo in different ways.

However, what really sets Codenia Image Size apart is the image resizing feature. The screen contains all the information you need , as well as the image itself.

Below the toolbar at the top of the application screecn is a window with information about the original image. Shows the original image size, capture date, and resolution.

Below the info box are controls that allow you to change the height and width of the image up to a maximum of 6000 pixels.

You can enter the desired dimensions yourself or select the default dimensions, which you can access via the context menu. You can also adjust the aspect ratio so that the image looks the same despite the resizing.

The file size is displayed below the image, which is in the center of the screen. This feature is very useful as it allows you to see the size of the original image file and the size of the resulting file after editing.

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9. Resize Me

XnView is a well-known PC software developer in computer user circles. It has been an easy-to-use image editor for many years, and the Resize Me Mobile app offers great tools to reduce file sizes .

If an easy-to-use image resizer app is on your download list, this is all you need. When you launch the app, you can select a photo from your album, create a new photo, or convert a group of photos.

The first two options work the same way once you select or capture a photo. You can flip and rotate the image horizontally and vertically . Cropping is also easy, as there is a free cropping tool and a set of preset crop factors.

Other details

This last option allows you to choose the size of the image to save, which is displayed in the form of a list. The first few options include a percentage close to the size, so you can see the difference in file size after applying the reduction.

However, the batch converter is the highlight of the app . With this tool, all you have to do is select the strip of photos you want to resize and then select the new size. Very simple and very useful if you want to edit several photos at the same time.

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What is the best app to resize photos?

So if we had to choose just one, Adobe Photoshop Express would be the most complete and the one with the most promise. Not only can you reduce the weight of a photo up to 99%, but you can also resize it.

But if you want to know how any of the selected applications works, ‘Reduce photo’ is a good alternative. This app is highly recommended in user comments and website reviews because it can really make a photo brighter without losing quality.


As in the previous version, it can be resized without too much trouble, although the user interface is a bit dated for those paying attention to such details.

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