10 Best File Sharing Apps in 2023

Best file transfer app for Android

Best File Sharing Apps – We have selected the best apps for transferring data from android to android that will help you quickly transfer data from device to device without using flash drives and third-party services.

Applications will be useful if you bought a new smartphone and are now looking for ways to transfer data, as well as if there is a need to exchange files between devices.

In the selection you will find applications for transferring files from android to android via wifi, as well as bluetooth without internet.

Before downloading third-party applications, we recommend that you try to transfer data using technologies built into the smartphone system, for example, Wi-Fi Direct.

Also, in many cases, smartphone manufacturers include applications for data transfer in the preinstalled list. For example, ShareMe is installed in Xiaomi smartphones out of the box, and Samsung – Smart Switch.

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless data transfer protocol that allows you to transfer files even without using Internet traffic. Devices communicate via Wi-Fi and can exchange information. 

To activate, in your phone’s settings, go to the “Connections” section, and then select Wi-Fi. In the upper right corner, click on the menu (three dots) and select Wi-Fi Direct. 

Activate the function on both smartphones, establish a connection and you can transfer data.

We have selected the Best file Sharing apps for Android and iOS in 2023. They help you quickly and efficiently establish a connection between devices and transfer data, including documents, photos, music, and applications.

Best File Sharing Apps for Android and iOS



A handy application for transferring data even without using network traffic. All types of files are supported, including photos, videos, music, APKs or any other files, including large ones. You can send multiple files or folders at once.

The application is supported by all versions of Android and can be used to transfer data from an old device to a new one. There is a convenient selection and sorting of files.

The interface of the application is not simple, but it is quite convenient, and the transfer of files is carried out at a speed 200 times faster than via Bluetooth.

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InShare Pros

  • Transfer files offline
  • Convenient selection of files and folders
  • Transfer of any types and sizes of files
  • High file upload speed

InShare Cons

  • The interface is quite complicated

Send Anywhere

A popular data transfer application using strong 256-bit encryption. The interface is simple, just establish a connection between devices (using a password or a QR code), select files and start transferring.

The application is cross-platform, so you can transfer files not only between android devices, but also, for example, from android to iOS. The transfer takes place without the use of Internet traffic, and using a custom link, you can send files to several devices at once.

Send Anywhere offers its users access to cloud storage where they can store files and then transfer them, while the Send Anywhere Plus subscription allows you to send files up to 50 GB in size.

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Send Anywhere Pros

  • Transfer data between android and iOS
  • Simple interface
  • Access to cloud storage
  • 256-bit encryption

Send Anywhere Cons

  • WiFi Direct Transfer (allows you to transfer files without an Internet connection) is only available between android devices that support WiFi Direct
  • The operation of the application depends on the quality of the Internet connection



An excellent application from Xiaomi that works on devices of any manufacturer. A Wi-Fi connection is used for data transfer, which provides high speed, and an intuitive interface will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users.

The application is pre-installed on Xiaomi smartphones and is a convenient P2P file transfer tool.

You can send files of any type and size, and if the transfer was interrupted for any reason, then it can be resumed with one click.

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shareme Pros

  • Convenient, simple interface
  • High data rate
  • The application is pre-installed on Xiaomi devices
  • No ads

shareme Cons

  • Significant not found

Files by Google

A free, ad-free, easy-to-use file manager from Google that allows you to quickly find files, transfer them to another device, free up storage space, and back up important files to the cloud.

Among other things, Files by Google will help you group files by type (documents, images, videos, music, and others) and find duplicates that you might want to delete. Instead of using folders, it uses filters to organize files, making it much easier to find if you’re looking for a specific type of file.

The application opens ZIP archives and sends files to Google Drive, while Google Files does not have the ability to view the contents of Google Drive or create archives. Also, the application cannot save files to other cloud storages.

In general, the application is functional, convenient, with a simple intuitive interface and interesting features.

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Files by Google Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Wide functionality
  • Stable work
  • High data rate
  • No extra downloads or background processes
  • Takes only 10 MB
  • Convenient file search system

Files by Google Cons

  • Works only with Google cloud storage

WiFi File Transfer

An application that allows you to easily transfer files from device to device. Among the main functions are the transfer of any type of files without size limits and the exchange of files between the phone and PC via http.

The application interface is quite simple, not overloaded with ads, and the data transfer rate is high. The application allows you to transfer large files from different versions of android, including old ones.

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WiFi File Transfer Pros

  • No file size limit
  • High data rate
  • Simple interface
  • Works on older versions of android

WiFi File Transfer Cons

  • Sometimes there are problems with pairing between devices
  • A lot of advertising



Cross-platform file transfer app of any size that allows you to share data between Android, iOS, Windows Phone and MAC. A QR code is used to connect devices, it is possible to back up data and even exchange messages in the built-in chat.

With Zapya, you can send files offline. Data transfer between Android, iOS devices and PC is available without using Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Of the interesting features: pairing by simply shaking the device and sharing files with users who are nearby.

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Zapya Pros

  • No file size limit
  • Simple interface
  • Sharing files between devices on different platforms
  • Pair devices by shaking

Zapya Cons

  • A lot of advertising
  • Problem connecting devices on Android 8


One of the most famous and popular applications, familiar to many users. All you need to transfer data is to download SHAREit on both devices, connect them to the same Wi-Fi network, pair using a QR code and transfer data.

You can exchange files of any type: music, photos, videos, documents and applications. There is also no file size limit.

If you need an application to move data from an old device to a new one, then you can use the Phone Clone function, it is also easy to move and delete files to free up phone memory.

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SHAREit Pros

  • No file size limit
  • Can transfer files of any type
  • Separate function for transferring data from an old device to a new one
  • Convenient file manager and music player

SHAREit Cons

  • A lot of advertising


An application that allows you not only to move files, but also to remotely control the device. AirDroid works both between two smartphones and between different platforms, for example, PC and Android. 

Using the application, you can view messages on your smartphone from a PC, reply to them, view the screen, search for a device, or even see in real time what is happening around the smartphone through the lens of the main or front camera.

Among other things, by installing AirDroid, you can remotely manage files on the device, download, install or delete APK, import a contact list to a PC or other smartphone, and create a data backup.

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AirDroid Pros:

  • High functionality of the free version
  • Simple interface
  • A convenient way to transfer data from a smartphone to a PC and vice versa
  • Responsive technical support

AirDroid Cons:

  • No ability to transfer data to multiple devices
  • Free version file size limit (200 MB)

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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

A free, ad-free app from Samsung that allows you to transfer data from device to device wirelessly or with a cable.

Out of the box, Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is installed on Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 8, Note 9 and other smartphones.

The application allows you to transfer data only between Samsung Galaxy devices or from Android smartphones of other manufacturers to Samsung Galaxy.

The interface is very simple and clear. After opening the application, select the data transfer method, the files you want to send, and start the transfer.

With Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, there is no file size or type limit, and you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar data, music, text messages, and more.

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Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Pros

  • Allows you to create a full backup of your device data
  • The app is free, no ads
  • Simple interface
  • Data can be transferred via cable or wireless network
  • No limits on file size or type

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile Cons

  • You can only transfer data to Samsung Galaxy devices

Bluetooth File Transfer

An application that is suitable for transferring data from devices running on outdated versions of Android. With Bluetooth File Transfer, you can transfer and receive files, send contact lists, photos, videos and other files.

All data is transmitted using a secure connection, with mandatory authorization.

Bluetooth File Transfer supports legacy encryption protocols 2.0 and AES (128, 192 and 256 bits), creates thumbnails for easy selection of APK, audio, video and images, there is a search for files inside Zip, GZ and Tar archives.

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Bluetooth File Transfer Pros

  • Helps to transfer files from devices on outdated versions of Android
  • Searching for files in Zip, GZ and Tar archives
  • Thumbnails for easy searching
  • Data is transferred using a secure connection

Bluetooth File Transfer Cons

  • May not work on new versions of android


We have selected the best apps to transfer data from phone to phone on android and the Best file Sharing apps for Android and iOS. They help you quickly and efficiently establish a connection between devices and transfer data, including documents, photos, music and applications.

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