10 Best Reminder Apps for Android in 2023

Best Reminder Apps

10 Best Reminder Apps for Android in 2023 – We tried to choose the best reminder apps for your Android phone, which you can download for free, without registration. Reminder apps help you remember to take your pills, have friends and family birthdays, remind you to drink water, and more.

If you are looking for a program to create reminders, then our selection will allow you to compare their features and choose the most suitable one.

10 Best Reminder Apps For Android Free Download

BZ Reminder

A simple application that allows you to create reminders, mark them with different colors, set notifications or alarms to repeat, and display widgets on the home screen.

All reminders can be viewed in the calendar, rescheduled or create recurring tasks, for example, if you need to take medicine several times a day or drink water every hour or two. If necessary, a calendar with notes is displayed on the main screen, there is also support for Android Wear – a reminder can be created by voice using smart watches.

Download on Google Play

BZ Reminder Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Import dates of birth from contacts
  • Create recurring reminders
  • Android Wear support
  • View calendar reminders

BZ Reminder Cons

  • Sometimes reminders don’t work
  • A lot of advertising
  • Errors occur

Download on Google Play

Microsoft To Do

A scheduler that is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. A simple interface, the ability to add text descriptions to tasks, set reminders, several sorting criteria for tasks, and easy switching between them make Microsoft To Do an indispensable assistant.

The application became the successor to the Wunderlist organizer, but not only did not stop at its functionality, but also continues to develop. 

Now, using your account, you will be able to sync tasks and reminders between the desktop version of the PC app and the Android client.

Microsoft To Do Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Ability to add descriptions to tasks
  • Convenient task sorting
  • Free version has no ads

Microsoft To Do Cons

  • No voice input
  • There are lags / bugs


Download on Google Play

An application with wide functionality that allows you to create reminders, organize work tasks and personal affairs. The user is given the opportunity to save pages from the browser, discuss or work on tasks together with colleagues, organize notes or add images and audio files.

Evernote offers two paid versions of the application at once: Plus and Premium. In the most expensive Premium version, the user can work with PDF files, digitize and save business cards, or save emails.

You can also use the free version of the application, but its functionality is greatly reduced compared to the paid ones.

Evernote Pros

  • Creation of a single working functional space
  • Ability to keep a personal diary
  • Ability to format texts

Evernote Cons

  • Complex interface, which is not easy to understand
  • Low functionality of the free version
  • Requires a network connection to work


Download on Google Play

A popular scheduler for Android and iOS devices. The application has a pleasant, intuitive interface and is quite functional even in the free version.

The undoubted advantages of the application are the ability to create reminders, synchronize the list of tasks between multiple devices and voice input to create a new task.

Unlike other solutions, in Any. Do you can attach additional materials to a task: photos, videos, images.

Any.Do Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Convenient switching between task lists
  • Voice input
  • The offer does not require the purchase of a paid version after each click

Any.Do Cons

  • Pretty expensive paid subscription


A popular application that is often recommended on forums. TickTick works offline, suitable for Android, iOS and Windows. It is also possible to sync with Google calendar and Pomodoro Timer Lite.

A handy application if you like to distribute tasks according to different criteria. For example, here you can classify tasks by importance, set reminders, create checklists, attach photos or other files to notes, search for notes using search, or sort them by creation time. In addition, if you wish, you can share your task lists with other users.

Download on Google Play

TickTick Pros

  • Generation of daily statistics
  • Ability to create checklists
  • Can share task lists with other users
  • No network connection required to work

TickTick Cons

  • The functionality of the free version is greatly reduced
  • Sometimes there are errors in the application

Google Keep

A useful reminder app that allows you to create notes, share them with friends and colleagues, and group them by color. There is a function to add reminders for a specific time or place, and the note itself can be supplemented with images, video, audio, text or a list. 

The voice memo feature automatically converts voice to text, allowing you to quickly add a note even when your hands are full.

The application is free, without purchases and ads, can be used on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Android Wear smartwatch.

Download on Google Play

Google Keep Pros

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • No ads and purchases
  • Synchronization between devices

Google Keep Cons

  • Significant not found


Cross-platform application available, including on MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Firefox and Chrome browsers.

The interface of the program cannot be called particularly simple, however, due to the large number of useful functions, it is worth understanding it.

In Todoist, you can set reminders, create to-do lists, sync them across multiple devices, and view statistics. Widgets for the mobile application will allow you to add tasks directly from your smartphone desktop.

Color schemes will help personalize the application and make it more convenient, and filters and labels will help identify the most important tasks at the moment.

Please note that the Todoist app is completely free to download, however, most features require the purchase of a paid version.

Download on Google Play

Todoist Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • Convenient reminder settings
  • Ability to sync across multiple devices

Todoist Cons

  • Almost all features are paid
  • Quite complex interface

Notebook – Notes,To-do,Journal

The application combines many features, including voice recording, creating reminders and notes. In general, a Notebook can replace a diary.

The main functionality of Notebook is to create and save notes, sort and arrange them for easier retrieval. You can attach audio files and images to text recordings.

There are also functions to create reminders when you need to read a note, add alarms, and even lock the application to hide information from prying eyes.

The Notebook has a desktop version for Windows that can be synced with the mobile app.

Download on Google Play

Notebook Pros

  • The application can completely replace the diary
  • Grouping records for easy searching
  • Create reminders
  • Simple interface with the ability to change the background color

Notebook Cons

  • The desktop version for Windows does not support the Many languages

ColorNote Notepad Notes

Reminder with a simple interface, but a fairly wide functionality. The application is an electronic analogue of a notepad for notes, email, creating reminders, messages, to-do lists and shopping. There is also a widget that displays notes on the home screen.

For convenience, notes can be marked with different colors, and then viewed in the calendar. The application allows you to protect important records with a password.

But it is worth remembering that if you forget the password, then when you reset it, these records will be deleted.

Download on Google Play

ColorNote Notepad Notes Pros

  • Simple interface
  • Home screen widget
  • Convenient reminder (alarm time and date, snooze mode)
  • Saving a backup copy of notes on a memory card
  • Synchronization with cloud storage
  • Responsive support

ColorNote Notepad Notes Cons

  • There are bugs

Google Tasks

Another application from Google for creating notes and reminders. All notes are synchronized with Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as between your smartphone and PC if you are also using the desktop version of the application.

In Google Tasks, you can create task lists, supplementing them with subtasks and notes. During the task execution, notes can be edited.

For each task, you can set priority, due date, reminder, and drag and drop tasks in the list when changing these settings.

Download on Google Play

Google Tasks Pros

  • The app is free, no ads
  • Simple interface
  • Systematization of tasks by deadlines and priority
  • Add tasks from emails to Gmail


The selection includes free apps for to-do list reminder, note-taking, checklists, and recurring tasks. Such programs are useful both at work and at home, they are easy to use, do not take up much space in the smartphone’s memory, but have wide capabilities.

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