Best Typing Software for PC Free Download Windows 10

Best Typing Software for PC Free Download Windows 10

Best typing software for PC free download Typing is a job that looks simple but not everyone can do it. Moreover, typing quickly without errors, it takes a lot of practice.

Mastering the technique of typing quickly has become an obligation in almost all scopes of work, especially for agencies dealing with reports.

This technique will make your work done faster with an increasingly efficient timeframe.

For those who are experts in typing, they can even type quickly, without seeing the keyboard, and typo errors are minimal, or even non-existent.

List of Best Typing Software for PC Free Download | Type Faster and Efficiently in 2022

This application with a concept to train typing speed offers a variety of features, ranging from typing tests, typing games, monitoring speed, and teaching basic fast typing.

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For some applications on laptops and computers, this is more focused, although there are few games.

GS Typing Tutor

Best Typing Software for PC: GS Typing Tutor
Best Typing Software for PC: GS Typing Tutor


  • Fun learning process with 5 variations of types that are similar to games
  • There is a feature to review and track your skills.
  • Basic learning with a mix of keypad and special characters

The GS Typing Tutor application offers one- and two-handed typing practice programs, there is also a Beginner mode and a Performance mode that are useful for practicing your typing skills. This application has been used in various countries because it supports many languages.

Features that are superior to GS Typing Tutor are the typing features and typing practice which are quite complete. Equipped with 24 various keyboards, ranging from QWERTY, Latin, French and American, making GS Typing Tutor popular as a fast typing application.

This application can also be used in all operating systems on laptops, notebooks and computers, especially Windows.

Download: download GS Typing Tutor.

Rapid Typing Tutor


  • Has 3 types of learning including for beginners with the basic type, to improve skills with the advanced type, and for the experienced type to hone skills again
  • More than 3 languages ​​are available
  • Presents bar tips to better understand where the spokes are.

Rapid Typing requires you to set the keyboard, the number of letters and the platform according to the language that will be used. Even so, these apps can make it easier for you to learn to type fast, with one or two hands.

This application can be used on all operating platforms on your laptops. In fact, there is also a portable version that you can save on a flash drive.

The features offered are complete basic typing courses, from beginners, experienced to experts. Even just trying has its own part. For now, Rapid Typing has 24 languages ​​that you can choose according to your needs.




  • There are 10 different types of learning and training with different levels
  • Learn while playing
  • Can Check typing speed

This 10 finger application has a fairly complete variation on the PC. Available for kids, beginners to professionals with practice modes, games and typing speed tests. KeyBlaze has also undergone an update so that it can be used on various keyboards.

With KeyBlaze your typing practice will be easier and more fun. It can even be used by the whole family and friendly to the progress and progress you have made.

Downlaod: download KeyBlaze.

Typing Master


  • There is a tool to measure your typing speed
  • Your typing statistics are available
  • Tips are given to make your typing faster

If you are looking for an application that can improve your fast typing skills, we recommend using Typing Master. Gradually, your abilities will increase with the frequency of use.

You can choose the paid or free version, Typing Master will help you type more accurately with the help of its various features.

Currently, Typing Master has been upgraded and can be used on all keyboard models. Apart from providing typing tests, you can also play games and take different levels of difficulty for practice.

Download: download Typing Master .

The list of the Best Typing Software for PC Free downloads from Windows 10 above will help you develop your fast typing skills.

The more often you practice, of course, the easier it will be to get this skill. Just take time every day to practice, you will find it easier to tidy up your documents or reports.

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