How To Quickly Get The Supreme Title in MLBB

How To Quickly Get The Supreme Title in MLBB

Quick Ways to Get The Supreme Title in MLBB (Mobile Legends)  – Moba games are still a type of game that is in great demand by gamers, both at home and abroad. 

Currently, there are many game titles available with the theme of moba games, but so far the type of MOBA game that has many enthusiasts and active players is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The popularity of Mobile Legends cannot be doubted, from time to time there are more and more fans of the game developed by Moonton. With so many fans of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, this game is getting stronger in the top row of the most played games.

Mobile Legends has many active players, of course, there are also many pro players playing it. As a tribute to players who have struggled and played seriously so that they become pro players, Moonton gives the title Supreme Mobile Legends. What is Supreme Mobile Legends and how do you get it? Here’s the explanation.

What is Supreme Title in MLBB (Mobile Legends)?

Supreme Mobile Legends is a title that is treated for Mobile Legends players with the highest MMR level in the game. 

You can use whatever Mobile Legends heroes and roles you like to get the Supreme Mobile Legends title, but you must have above-average skills to be able to boost your MMR level to the highest level.

Even though you have good skills or can use certain heroes very well, it doesn’t mean you can immediately get the honorary title. 

To get the title or title, you also have to use a hero and be the best in a country and your time to achieve it is limited to a maximum of one month.

How to Get the Supreme Title in MLBB (Mobile Legends), the Highest Title from the Street Leaderboard.

Nowadays, there are many Mobile Legends players who want their names to be included in the top 1 Street Leaderboard, and to get it, players must activate their location services so that Mobile Legends can access the player’s location. played. 

Currently, there are many top players who have won the title, including Jess No Limit, Donkey, Lemon, and others.

Seeing the names of players who are in the top row of course makes you motivated to be in that row, right? If so, you can follow these steps to be in the top 1 or get the title Supreme Mobile Legends. Go ahead, here’s the explanation.

1. Play Ranked Mode with Friends or Squad in MLBB

Play Ranked Mode with Friends or Squad in MLBB 1
Quickly Get The Supreme Title in MLBB

To increase the MMR level, of course, you must be able to win every match using your MMR hero. The first way to win every match is that you have to play with a squad or friends who you think have good abilities in a match. That way you can easily get victory in every match.

2. Make sure the signal is good when playing ranked mode

When your signal is bad, never play in ranked mode, let alone play using your MMR hero. Playing ranked when the signal is bad or unstable can affect your performance when competing, of course, you will find it difficult to get a win during these conditions, for that you have to play ranked if you have a good or strong signal.

3. Don’t Use MMR Heroes When You Feel You’re On an Unfavorable Team

When playing ranked and you have reached draft pick mode, of course, your opponents will be stronger. And when doing a draft pick you can take into account the level of strength of your opponent by looking at the hero they choose. 

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If you feel that the opposing team’s strength level is superior to yours, then you should not use MMR heroes to anticipate losing the MMR points you have collected.

4. How to Use Fake GPS in MLBB (mobile legends)

4. How to Use Fake GPS in MLBB mobile legends 1
Quickly Get The Supreme Title in MLBB

Of course, you will have a little difficulty getting the title Supreme in MLBB (Mobile Legends), because you have to beat people with god skills such as Jess No Limit, Lemon, R7, and others. 

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But you don’t need to worry because you can use a Fake GPS application to get the title, here are the steps:

  • Install the Fake GPS app on your device.
  • After that run the application, when running it will appear a warning and require you to open the settings.
  • Then you go to Developer options, select a fake location application, then select Fake GPS.
  • Then you go back into the Fake GPS application and enable GPS.
  • Determine your GPS location, choose a country that you think still has few players, so you can easily reach the top 1 leaderboard.
  • After determining the location, you select the green play icon to set it.
  • The next step is for you to run the Mobile Legends game, after the game is successfully run, you enter the Leaderboard menu then select Path. Press the Gear icon to set your location according to what you set on Fake GPS.
  • Finally, you only need to play ranked mode and get a win in every match to get MMR points, and get the title Supreme Mobile Legends.

The final word

That’s a little explanation about the Quickly Get The Supreme Title in MLBB and how to get the honorary title from Mobile Legends. You can follow the methods above to get the title Supreme Mobile Legends. Get the title then show off your title to your friends.

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