12+ Free Celebrity Photo Editing Apps

12+ Free Celebrity Photo Editing Apps

12+ Free Celebrity Photo Editing Apps – A qualified photo editing application may be able to lift from the resulting shots, for the celebgram feed it will be a bet that must be considered and fought for.

In reality, currently, Instagramer already has several photo editing applications that they rely on to increase the selling value of photos which will later be uploaded on Instagram status or on Stories.

12+ Free Celebrity Photo Editing Apps Use

But not only a good photo editing application, the first thing that needs to be prepared is a professional camera (optional), attractive costumes and make-up that looks natural.

It’s not a celebrity if the Instagram feed is bad, Instagramer must have 1001 ways to upload photos to make them look attractive. Actually what application is used to beautify the photo.

It’s almost impossible if their photos don’t go through the editing process.

Good photos are the key for celebgrams to attract Instagram users to become their followers. In the Playstore and App Store, there are many photo editing applications that can help you edit photos to make them more interesting.

Celebgram iPhone & Android Photo Editing App

Of course, you don’t have to download all applications, just a few to suit your needs, here are some of the top applications used by celebrities on Android or Iphone. Please note that some applications have theEdit Photo Background feature onyour cellphone in just 1 step.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

So far, Adobe Photoshop is known as the desktop version of photo editing software. However, in the midst of high smartphone users, Adobe has also issued a mobile version of the Photoshop application, called Adobe Photoshop Express.

Although the features are not as complete as the desktop version, they are quite helpful for photo editing. The features provided include image cropping, image rotation, flip, red eye removal.

2. Camera360

Camera 360 has more than 700 million users worldwide. This application is the most popular application in Asia. more than 200 filters available on camera360 app. In addition, you can also attach a sticker to your photo.


VSCO is an application that is supported with controls like a sophisticated camera. VSCO can also be called an application that displays a portfolio of your shots. With controls like a camera you can produce interesting images.

4. PicsArt.

This application has been downloaded by more than 300 million internet users. PicsArt is one of the netizens’ favorite applications for photo editing because it has a lot of features. PicsArt is a free app but they make money selling Love Quotes, Letters to make tattoos, and birthday frames.

5. Camera+

Camera+ is only available on iOS devices (iphone), Camera+ has a stabilizer feature so that it can help you get clear photos, besides that camera+ also has the ability to zoom up to 6X.

One of the best features of camera+ is clarity, this feature can help you optimize images even when shooting in low light / dark.

6. Retromatic

Retromatric application helps you give the impression of old times on your photos. There are about 18 retro filters, 17 themes and 70 retro stickers available in the app.

7. Trigraphy

Trigraphy is an application that helps convert photos into abstracts. There are 11 effects, more than 20 textures and 74 filters that you can use.

8. Darkroom

Darkroom has the ability to edit photos without you having to enter photos into the application. You can brighten photos, load bokeh effects, and add some filters.

Thanks to the presence of smartphones, photo editing now only needs to use an application, no need to use a computer. What is clear is that the existence of a photo editing application is very helpful for you.

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Best Photo Editing App For Instagram Posts

Big Head Photo Editor Free Apps For Android

There are dozens of photo editing applications that you can use, but currently there are only a few photo editing applications. Those are the 8+Instagram Photo Editing Appsthat we recommend. What application do you usually use?

Photo Editing Applications For Current Celebrities

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application that was acquired by Google in 2012. Snapseed has 25 tools that you can use. Besides that, Snapseed can also edit photos in RAW DNG format.

One of my favorite effects of snapseed is its bokeh effect. Snapseed also has an HDR feature that can make your photos clearer.

2. Flickr

Initially created, Flickr is a community web for professional photographers. Since being acquired by yahoo! In 2005, Flickr was transformed into a photo social network. Flickr provides

storage memory up to 1 TB for its users. Now flickr can be used to edit photos taken from your camera.

3. Font Candy

If you like making quotes from your photos, the candy font is a great choice. There are more than 63 unique letter styles that you can use. Play with your imagination so that the photos you edit look interesting to look at.

4. Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is the most recommended photo editing application for you. Because of the many features that Pixel Lab has to offer. You can combine 2 images into one, change the background color, delete the background and so on.

You could say this application is similar to the mobile version of Photoshop, because you can work with multi layers. What’s more, for those of you who like to make memes, Pixel Lab provides several templates that you can edit at will.

I have summarized some of the best photo editing applications. Now the choice is yours, it’s up to you to choose which one to live with according to your needs. In order to get good photo editing you need to practice every day.

So that you can “feel” it, believe me, if you practice it every day, it’s not impossible that your photo edits will be liked by many people.

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