Top 5 Best Web hosting in Switzerland

Top 5 Best Web hosting in Switzerland

Top 5 Best Web hosting in Switzerland – Creating a personal or professional website is not limited to the choice of design, images and content. You also have to think about its visibility, safety and speed. 

For this, it is essential to find a quality web host. Web hosting consists of storing all data related to the website in a powerful server connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. 

It is thanks to this that Internet users can access web pages at all times and throughout the world.

How to choose your web host?

Now that you know the 5 best Swiss web hosts, it is essential to choose the one that best suits your site and your needs. For this, several criteria must be taken into account.


The first criterion when choosing a web host is obviously performance. To know the level of performance of a host, you need to read user reviews. A service provider with positive feedback from several people is a successful host.


Speed ​​is also an important criterion to ensure the success of its website. It is measured by the TTFB (server response time when a request is sent to it) and the full page load time. A better host offers TTFBs around 100ms and a full load time close to 1 second.


A quality web host should offer regular automatic backups and the ability to restore your site. This will prevent you from losing your data. He must also put in place security solutions to protect your site against hacking, for example anti-DDoS protection or SSL/TLS certificates.

Customer support

The host must provide high quality customer support. This means that it must be responsive and efficient, even during the night and on weekends, whether by phone call or online chat.

The different limitations

In addition to these criteria, also make sure that the content of the proposed offers perfectly meets your needs. You have to look at the various limitations, including the traffic limit, the number of sites, storage, database, bandwidth, email accounts, etc.

Utilisation facility

The last criterion is the practicality of the interface of the web host. To avoid you having to always contact your service provider for each modification on your website, it must be simple and pleasant to handle.

In Switzerland, the web hosting market is booming, with many interesting and accessible offers. To help you, we will present in this guide the 5 best Swiss web hosts and how to make your choice.

Comparison of the best Swiss web hosts

For a website aimed at the Swiss market, here are the 5 best web hosts that we recommend.

Best Web hosting in Switzerland


MaxiHoster is a Swiss company whose all its infrastructures are located on the local territory. Its goal is to provide high quality web hosting services at attractive prices for businesses of all sizes and for individuals.

With a MaxiHoster hosting solution, you benefit from unlimited bandwidth to ensure the speed of your website. This will allow you to attract the maximum amount of traffic. Its fast SSD storage guarantees an optimal loading time for your web pages.

This host also offers free SSL certificates to secure your e-commerce transactions and personal data. In case of questions or problems, you can trust its customer support available 24/7 via chat and call.

3 accommodation offers are offered by MaxiHoster:

  • The MH Start to start an online presence (€37.51/year);
  • The MH Standard for SMEs (€47.12/year);
  • The MH Pro for web professionals (€66.36).


Founded in 1994, Infomaniak is a high-performance, quality web host, based in Switzerland. It now has 3 datacenters in Switzerland and offers shared, dedicated and cloud servers.

Infomaniak supports more than 120 different CMS, including Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop and many others. Its web hosting gives you access to an SSD storage space, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, an unlimited number of databases and a minimum of 5 email addresses.

It allows you to perform automatic backups of your site to another datacenter. You can also access more than 80 WordPress themes for free, which are normally paid.

For small to medium-sized projects, Infomaniak’s hosting offers are available from €5.75/month. The managed or unmanaged cloud server is available from €29 per month.


Launched in 2002, the Swiss company Alphosting currently hosts more than 1600 websites. It has a hosting infrastructure at the cutting edge of technology located in Switzerland to guarantee the effectiveness of your website. Its servers are suitable for all CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, SPIP, Typo3, Drupal…

Each Alhosting service comes with a free domain name, disk space, a MySQL or PostgreSQL database, SSH access to your account and SSL certificates to secure your information.

Alphosting offers 30 days of free trial to test the quality of its services. At the end of this period, you must subscribe to one of its 4 hosting offers:

  • MINI for beginners, with a price of €4.50/month;
  • PERSO which is the most requested, the price of which is €6.10/month;
  • EXPERT for efficient management of your business which costs €11.30/month;
  • ULTIMATE for the most demanding with a price of €20.10/month.

Swiss Center

Founded in 1995, SwissCenter is an experienced Swiss hosting company. It now hosts more than 10,000 websites around the world. It offers different hosting options: shared, VPS server, dedicated server… Shared hosting allows you to benefit from multiple features, such as automatic daily backups, 5 domains minimum, unlimited subdomains and SSL certificates.

The amount of traffic to your website is also unlimited. SwissCenter has its own data center to ensure faster response times and fast uploads.

The company has 4 shared hosting offers to meet the needs of its customers:

  • HOME which is accessible from €6.68/month;
  • BUSINESS from €11.52/month;
  • RESELLER START from €26.14/month;
  • RESELLER Pro from €47.44/month.


With more than 20 years of experience, KreativMedia ranks among the best Swiss hosts. It has a complete hosting infrastructure, located in Zurich. It assures you maximum performance and security thanks to its state-of-the-art Class A data center monitored 24 hours a day.

With an offer from KreativMedia, you benefit from many advantages, such as DDOS protection, daily malware analysis, SSL certificates, SSH and FTPES access… Backup and restoration are also free. Professional support assists you every day to ensure the best experience. He can be contacted by e-mail or telephone.

KreativMedia offers two hosting services to its customers:

  • STANDARD with a cost of €9.61/month
  • And BUSINESS with a rate of €14.47/month

What are the advantages of having your web host in Switzerland?

Web hosting is a very important step in creating a website. Without it, your site would not be visible on the web.

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By choosing to host your site in Switzerland, you first improve its visibility when a local user searches for keywords related to your activity. It will certainly appear in the first results with a .CH domain name. Indeed, search engines like Google detect the IP address of its user to offer them sites located in the same country where it is located.

A Swiss host is also important for the performance of your site. Regardless of the region in which you operate or whether your activity is national or European, local hosting will optimize its loading speed. And a fast site guarantees more conversions.

Another advantage of having a web host in Switzerland is the diversity of hosting solutions available. You will certainly find the most suitable for your website and your budget. Also be aware that accommodation prices are generally very low in Switzerland. Your site will be subject to Swiss data protection laws.

Having a web host in Switzerland also allows you to benefit from customer support available in your language. This is very practical for quickly solving all kinds of possible incidents to ensure the continuity of your activity and avoid a loss of turnover.


Web hosting is essential for putting your website online. Whether it’s a personal blog or a professional website, choosing a Swiss host guarantees reliability and performance at a lower cost. The 5 best web hosts in Switzerland are: MaxiHoster, Alphosting, SwissCenter, KreativMedia and Infomaniak. 

It’s up to you to determine which one best suits your digital project. To make your decision, several criteria should be considered, such as performance, speed, security, customer support, and ease of use.

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