Wix SEO: 13 Tips to Rank Wix Websites on Google

Wix SEO: 13 Tips to Rank Wix Websites on Google

Wix SEO: 13 Tips to Rank Wix Websites on Google – How to rank your Wix Website on Google? Indeed, even if you want to take a breather now that your site is finished, SEO is the next step, and let’s be clear, this step is essential!

Let it be said: a successful website is a website that reaches the top of Google search results, and stays there.

But here it is: Google search results are an ocean: in order not to end up drowned in them, to remain visible, it is crucial to be well referenced.

As such, Wix is ​​an online platform which, in addition to allowing you to create a website, guides you in optimizing the SEO of your site. How does Wix work and how to reference your Wix Website on Google to best boost your SEO? We tell you everything in this article.

What is the Wix.com?

But before diving into the mysteries of Google SEO, you might be wondering what Wix is ​​and what it can do for you.

Wix is ​​a CMS (Content Management System) tool, like its famous competitor WordPress.

But unlike WordPress, Wix can be used by a beginner without knowledge of CSS , HTML and Javascript ).

Indeed, Wix uses a very intuitive editing, called “  WYSIWYG  ” (“what you see is what you get”).

The “development” of the site is therefore reduced to its simplest expression, because this mode of editing makes it possible to create sites without touching the source code.

Once the presentations are made, it is the SEO part that interests us here.

And there, Wix can be interesting, especially if you are new to SEO techniques. Thus, Wix offers predefined templates to simplify your task as well as several video tutorials on its site.

At each step of your site’s SEO, Wix is ​​committed to explaining how and why to optimize this or that aspect of your site.

Finally, the “Wix SEO” tool is a very practical reminder: this “console” allows you to see at a glance the steps that remain to be taken to optimize your SEO.

Ultimately, Wix has the huge advantage of being very educational: it’s an excellent guide if you’re looking to get your site listed on Google.

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The basics of Wix SEO

Let’s start with the simplest functions, the best practices that form the basis of SEO on Wix like everywhere else (but Wix is ​​a good teacher and assistant, where other CMS tools are aimed more at professional developers).

In the very useful “SEO guide” section, Wix provides you with all the essential concepts to set up and monitor your SEO.

1. Set up your Wix SEO

The first step is to create a Wix account and site.

It is done ? So now go to the side menu, in the sub-section “Marketing tools”, “SEO plan”.

To configure the parameters of this SEO plan, you will need to provide information such as the location of your site, its name and its keywords.

Then, don’t forget to activate the indexing button for your site (by clicking on the “tick” sign on the right of the page).

Small cause, big consequences: if you forget to do this, your site will never appear on any search engine…

2. Choose your keywords well thanks to Wix’s strategic suggestions

The second step is the choice of keywords. We can never stress enough the importance of choosing them well.

But the good news is that Wix helps you. Indeed, Wix offers you to enter essential information, and then, from these, suggest effective keywords.

Combine this help from Wix with a clear view of how keywords matter in your SEO strategy.

Put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes and imagine what words will come to mind when they type in the Google search bar.

This reflection is also part of the continuity of your marketing strategy of surveys and market research to get to know your target audience.

The temptation may be to pick up all the broad and ubiquitous competition keywords.

But you can also opt for an alternative strategy: promote less sought -after keywords , which will appear in long-tail queries and which, although less often requested, will on the other hand ensure you quality traffic and a high conversion rate.

3. Make your site a well-marked crossroads

Once this delicate stage of keywords has been completed, rely on Wix to work on the hierarchy of tags and the meshing of your site.

First, set up the meta description tags and be sure to choose your URLs wisely . The keywords should be there, but not over-optimized either.

Pay particular attention to your Title Tag  : this is what is looked at in the first second by the Internet user on the search results page.

The association keyword + commercial name + catchphrase “shock”, “emotion” generally works well.

Combining concise, objective information on the one hand and emotion on the other (quote proposal, direct apostrophe, available 24/24, etc.) makes it possible to send the Internet user a message that is both rational and infra-rational, to increase your chances that he will click on your site.

Additionally, Wix’s pre-made templates help you, even a beginner, to spread your content and keywords across multiple pages, to increase the chances of a dedicated page appearing in search results.

Then, once on the site, the Internet user must be able to find their way around at first glance, understand the site’s architecture and quickly find the information they are looking for.

Hence the importance of hierarchical content, with concise, effective titles and integrating keywords in H1 and H2 tags.

What does this have to do with SEO? 

The indexing of your site by Google spybots will be faster if the content is well prioritized by titles containing the keywords.

Finally, make it easier for your visitors to explore, like for indexing robots, by tightening the internal mesh of your site from product to similar product, from a short teaser text to a reference to a feature article on the same theme, from FAQ to contact form …

The external mesh also deserves your full attention: the incoming or outgoing links to official or even prestigious sites indirectly bring you a gain in credibility, will reassure the Google indexing robots and will quickly transform your site into a crossroads.

13 Advanced Wix SEO Features

Beyond these good SEO practices facilitated by Wix tools and pedagogy, this platform also offers advanced functions to go further in optimizing the SEO of your Wix Website on Google.

We will distinguish the Wix SEO tool, the work on images and finally the Wix Blog tool.

  • The Wix SEO tool gives you access to your site’s XML sitemap. You can add metadata to it.
  • This tool also offers the “robots.txt” function, which allows you to (partially) select certain portions of your site.
  • Which you wish not to be taken into account for the referencing of your site.
  • Finally, the Wix SEO tool offers a valuable manager for redirecting old URLs: in the event of modification or even redesign of the site,
  • It saves you time and prevents you from losing the traffic and SEO capitalized on old pages.
  • Images also play their role in the SEO process.
  • Indexing robots certainly cannot “read” images, but they are on the other hand fond of image descriptions.
  • We are thinking here of the AltText function,
  • Which makes it possible to describe the images to make them visible and therefore referable by search engines.
  • In addition, Wix offers you to reduce the format of your images,
  • To avoid a too long download which would be synonymous with loss of attention of the user’s aprt.
  • In the same vein, Wix offers you the optimization of your site in mobile format (known as “responsive design”):
  • This optimization is well regarded by Google spybots, and provides a much better user experience for more and more mobile users. more numerous.

Finally, let’s finish with the Wix Blog tool.

 It assists you in the creation and management of quality text content. When we talk about SEO, is good literature a luxury?

Certainly not: indexing robots have achieved analysis performance close to that of human reading, and are increasingly demanding on the level and originality of the writing.

Quality content has therefore become a must for good SEO.

You need: a good pen, original ideas ( duplicate content is heavily penalized by Google, and discredits you with Internet users), and keywords that are inserted naturally.


Ultimately, we salute this CMS for a real pedagogy to help understand how to reference your Wix Website on Google.

And this from the ABCs of SEO to long-term monitoring (notably thanks to the Wix Rabbit SEO application, which sends you a daily report on the ranking of your site in search results).

However, do not hesitate to call on professionals if the scale of the task seems too great to you: a good referencing done in the rules of the art is vital for the success of your site, and comes to crown all the work. site creation and marketing thinking that you have done upstream.

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