10 Best WiFi Hotspot Software For Windows 10 [2023]

Best WiFi Hotspot Software

Best WiFi Hotspot Software For Windows – With the development of information technology, the vast majority of us need wifi anytime, anywhere. The quality and stable wifi transmission brought to users also requires certain transmitters and software. The following are the best wifi Hotspot software for Windows 7 and the best  wifi Hotspot software for Windows 10.

10 Best WiFi Hotspot Software for Windows 10



mHotspot software makes it easy for your laptop to become a wifi hotspot without any installation.

In addition, mHotspot also supports secure connection with WPA2 PSK with high security. Keep your devices securely protected, wherever you are. Also the software is free for users.

MHotspot only takes up 400KB of laptop disk space, making it easy for users to download and install.

mHotspot software can be used on both Win 7 and Win 10 as well. In addition, mHotspot only allows connecting up to 10 devices. You can also set as many devices as you want to connect.


Connectify a software with the ability to help your computer become a wifi hotspot for other devices to connect to use the internet.


  • Compatible on many operating systems including Win 7 and Win 10 to make it more convenient for users.
  • Is free software, with powerful ad blocking capabilities.

But the main downside is that if you want to extend more premium features then you may have to pay for your needs.



HostedNetworkStarter is software that shares the network that the machine is using with neighboring devices. It is a free downloadable software for users. A special feature that HostedNetworkStarter brings is that when you want to use it, just run the executable file of this software, which is very convenient.

The advantage of this software is that it is compatible with most devices such as Win 7 and Win 10. With both 32-bit or 64-bit laptops, it brings convenience to users.


Maryfi software supports the computer to become a wifi hotspot with high security protection to help users feel secure when using. Apply some simple, fast computer tricks .

The advantage of Maryfi software is that it can be used on many versions such as Win 7 and Win 10. But the main drawback is that there is no function to manage devices connected to wifi waves.

OSToto Hotspot

OSToto Hotspot software is a popular wifi transmitter software for users because it is completely free. Not only that, but it also has a simple condition, no ads that affect users.

In addition, OSToto Hotspot software also has a function to help users manage all devices connected to your hotspot. Suitable for many versions like Win 7 and Win 10.


In the software MyPublicWifi with a simple interface easy to use. The software is equipped with a firewall to protect the server well. In addition, you can also use MyPublicWifi to monitor and check the browsing history of all devices connected to the wifi that you broadcast.

The advantage of the software is that it is free for users. Compatible on many versions of the operating system Win7, Win 10 in accordance with user needs.

Thinix Wifi Hotspot

Thinix Wifi Hotspot software also has the same function as the above software, which is used to broadcast wifi for nearby devices to connect and use.

Thinix Wifi Hotspot is the right choice for users when using it to broadcast wifi in public places because it has high security capabilities. This is a software to broadcast wifi on your Win 7, Win 8 and even your Win 10.

WiFi HotSpot Creator Software

WiFi HotSpot Creator users can use an internet-connected laptop to broadcast wifi for nearby devices to use. Users can share any Internet securely with high security.

In addition, WiFi HotSpot Creator does not limit the devices allowed to connect. Compatible with many devices such as Win 7, Win 10 and many other versions full of convenience.

Software Virtual Router/ Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router / Virtual Router Manager has the function to help your computer broadcast wifi for nearby devices to use. With high security thanks to the secure WPA2 encryption technique.

But in Virtual Router / Virtual Router Manager software, there is still a major drawback that only supports Win 7, limiting the choice for users.

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My Wifi Router Software

My Wifi Router software is popular with many people with the function of turning your laptop into a stable wifi hotspot throughout for nearby devices with a few extremely simple steps.

But in the My Wifi Router software, you can only use Win 7 or Win 8, and there are restrictions on the devices that can be installed, causing limitations for users.

With the top 10 wifi broadcasting software above, hopefully, it can help users to refer to and better understand the functions as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the software.

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