What is Youtube Go? What Features stand out?

What is Youtube Go? What Features stand out?

What is Youtube Go? What Features stand out?Youtube Gois searched by many people online. The following article will tell you a lot of information about how to download and downloadYoutube Goand the features that this channel brings. Read to be able to discover many interesting things at this application.

What is Youtube Go?

Youtube Go is known as Youtube’s miniature application, this application was created to help users watch videos without being bothered by common youtube ads. Youtube go can also help share videos from one person to another quickly, much simpler than usual.

Outstanding features of Youtube Go

Some outstanding and convenient features that users need to know right away are useful for daily movie watching and entertainment activities. After that, users can download the application to have a worthwhile experience.

Double tap the screen to go backward or forward the video

This will move the video forward a few seconds to skip to the beginning of the movie or back to see the previous part. If you press repeatedly if you want to last about 20, or 30 seconds later, you can quickly continue watching the program without spending too much time. Each double-tap goes forward or backward 10s, the small disadvantage is that it does not install seconds like the youtube application.

Download video through preview

To save maximum user data or when there is no network, you can still watch old videos, users can download videos by 4g or wifi. When the download is complete, just turn off the network, or go out without the network, you can still continue to watch the entertainment program, the movie that was interrupted earlier.

In the past, when downloading videos, you often chose high image quality, to have the sharpest, most vivid footage. Don’t worry when playback without breaking the picture, affecting the quality of watching movies.

But now, just select the preview, if you see it clearly, then choose it right away, no need to go through the high resolution selection step as before, much faster and more convenient. In addition, when you download only to listen to music, choose the lowest capacity, it will be beneficial for the device, the capacity will be less.

Download takes less space

This is an application to save space for weak devices, so it should limit the cases of lag, freeze while experiencing. You can watch different videos on youtube while not taking up too much space on your phone. This is the biggest plus point, thanks to which the downloads are increasing, why not try this app right away.

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How to download Youtube Go on your phone easily

Let’s find out how at the Youtube go application on the phone is very easy, does not take up the user’s time, and also has the simple stepsof Youtube tipsbelow:

Step 1:You need to access the Youtube go application on CH Play.

Step 2:Immediately, Youtube go will be downloaded, wait a few minutes for the application to go down to the main screen of the phone.

Step 3:Next in thisYoutube Go downloadstep, you need to grant permission to access the application to be able to start, through the settings displayed on the phone screen.

Step 4:The above steps help to complete the installation of the Youtube go application. Now, you just need to press open and wait a few minutes for the application to start up on your device. That’s it, all the steps ofyoutube Go Downloadare done quickly, saving both time and phone space of the user.

Through the above article, hope you can know well about the Youtube go application from features to installation. In addition, you can read more tips articles through this website, thereby gaining more useful knowledge about issues surrounding technology.

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