15 Best WinZip Alternatives (Zip Software) in 2023

15 Best WinZip Alternatives (Zip Software) 2022

15 Best WinZip Alternatives (Zip Software) – Think of the beginning of computers, the First software, and the storage capacity of hard drives.

It was minimal compared to the current Terabyte,a few megabytes and then a few gigabytes were available for a number of large files that only slowed down the computer.

Software solutions companies were responsible for putting an end to this type of problem and creatingsoftware likeWinzip; which was pioneered in its time and has been for years as one of the numerous efficient file compressors.

Creating a WinZip archive means that you can have very large files in a file that will reduce its size, without taking away any kind of data and information.to make it lighter, rather compressed to make it smaller. If you want to know more about this effective software,stay with us and get started with the information.

15 Best WinZip Alternatives (Zip Software)

1. Pea Zip

It’s free, and can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac with 64-bit systems;super secure since it has a password manager, which not onlyallows you to include a key in the file, but also you can have an encryption system that only you and whoever wants to knowcan access the compressed file.

Not only does it unzip and compress Zip or RAR files, but it supports more than 150 file formats that process quickly,since it’s super light, so you don’t run the risk of slowing down your computer.

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2. WinRar

With a simple, self-explanatory graphical interface, available for Windows (the latest version requires a minimum of XP),it is compatible with the most common formats such as ZIP and RAR, although it can be decompressed into other formats such as 7Z, ARJ, CAB, JAR, ISO, XZ, Z and others.

Choose the encryption method with which you want to protect your files freely and set a password,This software is also capable of creating backups for your files and repairing those that are damaged; in addition to occupying minimal space on your computer.

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3. Zipware

It is free and is intended for use with the Windows operating system, its interface is simple, so it is easy to use,In addition to being optimal when it comes to fulfilling its function, it is compatible with formats such as Zip, 7-zip and exe.

One of its main advantages is to include an antivirus that recognizes if the compressed file is infected and cleans it before it can be transferred to your computer., not only that, it also has apassword encryption system that allows you to keep the security of every compressed file.

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4. BandiZip

It is an excellent alternative for those who use Windows,you can decompress Zip, RAR, ISO files and compress them in other formats besides these like ZIPX, 7Z, EXE, TAR, TGZ;among others; in addition to itsUnicode support allows you to do the same with Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters which gives you an advantage over other software.

Using it is very simple, all you have to do is drag and drop the files you want to decompress or compress on its interface.Be very safe with your password encryption system and the detection of malware and infected files.

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5. 7-Zip

Free, Free software and super light, Using it does not run the risk of slowing down your computer, it supports more than 30 formats to compress and decompress files; 7-Zip owns the Softwareand can work with others known as ISO, ZIP, RAR, among others.

It has the ability to compress files by 10% less than other software of this type,it is ideal for Windows, although you can get some versions for Mac;In addition to being very secure, you can encrypt files with the AES system.

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6. SecureZip

This file compression software is mainly characterized by its security system which is flexible,making it ideal for protecting the data of your files, you can encrypt the files you compress with a persistent digital encryption system, leaving complete sentences cum and password.

It adapts to the needs of each of its users customized, it is ideal for use with the Windows operating system.

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7. Ashampoo ZIP Free

Best WinZip Alternatives: Ashampoo ZIP
Best WinZip Alternatives: Ashampoo ZIP

To encrypt compressed files, use the ASE system, one of the most reliable, it is free and you can even use its features in the cloud.(a feature that only paid software has had so far) such as One Drive or Google Drive.

You can unzip and compress in more than 30 different formats in which the classic ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, ISO and others like WIM, ARC stand out; NSIS, can also create self-extracting files (SFX) and repair compressed files that come with defects.

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8. B1 Archiver Free

It is compatible with major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android; it’s open source so you can download it for free;in addition to the ZIP format you can also compress and decompress in 7z, RAR, B1, and JAR formats..

You can use the online version without downloading or using the software for offline use, it easily creates archive files, thanks to its simple graphical interface and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular among students and beginners.

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9. Extract now

The drag and drop feature will help you to easily compress and decompress files, since you only have to tap on the software interface.; It is specially designed for use with Windows and best of all, it is free, open source.

It can be used to configure automatic folders, being compatible mainly with ZI formatsP formats, has a fairly intuitive graphical interface that makes it ideal for beginners in the field, making it one of the best options in file compression.

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10. Hamster Zip Archiver

It’s free and designed to work specifically with the Windows operating system, one of its main advantages is that you can access the cloud.(Dropbox, YandexDisk, One Drive and Google Drive) effortlessly and make backups of large and important files.

In addition to the ZIP format, it supports RAR, TAR and 7z formats;their quality when it comes to compressing files is very effective since, when they are contained in the file, they take up less space than expected,Finally, it has an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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11. FreeArc

Another free and open source option that works perfectly with Windows and Lixus operating systems.As a firefighter and compressor manager thatsupports ZIP, RAR and 7Z formats; in addition to having its own (.arc).

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Compared to other alternatives, its speed and performance are superior;In addition, its encryption security system keeps intruders away from your compressed folders., you can create self-extracting archives and have the option of recovery layer.

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12. IZArc

Designed for Windows even if you can find a version for the iOS operating system, it is characterized by being very secure with theAES system in which you can use up to 256bits in file encryption,an internationally accepted standard.

It supports ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, BIN, ISO formats to compress files and is capable of decompressing others other than ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH and more.; integrates into Windows File Explorer via the context menu, making the compression process a few clicks away.

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13. Opening Zip Files

Works with Windows and Android operating system; is a complete program for compressing and decompressing files of various formats,accepting the most common ones such as ZIP and RAR as well as 7z and LHA; its security is also distinguished by effective password encryption in addition to backups.

With its File Manager, you can share, delete, move, copy, rename files, and even create new folders by compressingand decompressing the files so you can view them in their original format.

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14. Zip Extractor Pro

It works as a file manager that has the function of zipping and unzipping files, accepting XZ, ZPAQ, ZIP, GZip, PEA formats among others, to create compressed files and when extracting ISO, RAR, ZIPX files, ACE, CAB and more.

You can convert RAR files to ZIP format and with the intuitive use of the software’s graphical interface you can edit existing files., create self-extracting files (SFX), detect duplicate files, and even protect you with a password encryption system, among others.

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15. LZip

This file compression program is free and open source,its interface design is based on two programs; gzip or bzip2;in its operation it is quite fast,when compression is done in LZMA format.

It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems., it also contains a password encryption system and is capable of repairing damaged compressed files, all of this makes it an excellent option as an alternative to WinZip.

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