How to Check Your Torrent IP Address and Hide It

How to Check Your Torrent IP Address

How to Check Your Torrent IP Address and Hide It – To make sure that your IP is hidden by your VPN while you’re surfing online, it’s always better to double-check by performing a leak test for your torrent IP. In this exemplary article, we’ll see how you can check your Torrent IP for leaks.

What Is an IP Address and How Is It Important

An IP address is a protocol that controls the format of data delivered over the Internet or local network.

It must serve as the unique identifier that permits data to be sent between connected devices on a network. They provide device accessibility and contain the location data.

Why is hiding your torrent IP address using a VPN the best option?

Using a VPN is the best way to conceal your true IP address. It encrypts your data and sends it via one of its servers located in a different region of the globe.

The majority of the VPNs have many servers located in different parts of the world and once you’re connected to them, you get assigned with a new IP address. They also use a shared address system to assign an IP address to each user connecting to a specific server. Because it is nearly impossible to identify the user who accessed a certain page, it adds another layer of anonymity.

3. Top VPNs for torrenting

Here is a list of VPNs you can use for torrenting.

a) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best for streaming and torrenting as well as bypassing restrictions in nations that are privacy-invasive. It is a multi-purpose VPN with advanced privacy features and is covered by 105 servers.

b) NordVPN

NordVPN is an excellent VPN with an integrated antivirus, a zero-logging policy, two kill switches, and a solid track record. It comes with excellent speed and 24/7 support.

c) ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is considered an open-source torrenting solution with an innovative split tunneling system, an active VPN feature, and dedicated servers for additional security.

How to find your torrent’s IP address

Once your VPN or Proxy is set up, utilizing an IP tracking torrent will be a great way for the verification of IP addresses. It will enable you to track your IP address every time you start torrenting by leaving the tracking torrent open in your torrent software for an indefinite period.

Some IP-checking websites you can use to check your IP address:

IP check websites to use

a) WHSR tool

WHSR is worth your consideration for checking your IP. It will provide that exact information and also some details regarding a website.

b) WhatIsMyIPAddress

It is a site that you can look up to for checking your IP address. It’s an IP lookup utility and can inspect any site. By entering the domain address into the bar, you can look up any site after entering the hostname.

c) DNS checker

DNS checker is a tool for website IP lookup. You can view the DNS and geo-location information gathered from multiple global servers.

you can add a custom DNS server to test a particular location. It gives a ton of information like a domain’s precise location like longitude, latitude, and ISP.

d) Domain IP Lookup Tool

Domain IP Lookup offers its bulk checker to verify the IP addresses of multiple websites at once. Enter up to 10 domain names and select “Domain IP lookup” to get the necessary information like location, time zone, and contact information quickly.

Is this method good for torrent detection? (Why other methods might not be the best)

We’ll be using a magnet link torrent, like other torrents, which will send your IP address to its tracker. The IP address the torrent is reporting will be shown on the tracker website. Your IP address is also shown in the tracker status tab of several IP-monitoring torrents.

How this method is better than others:

You need to start measuring the IP address that your torrent peers are seeing. According, to some suggestions you’re told to simply land on a site and check whether your IP address is displaying a new location.

The issue here is that it only verifies your browser’s IP address, which is useless if you’re:

1) Utilizing a torrent proxy (that will not affect the IP address of your browser)

2) Use a VPN that allows your torrent peers to access your IP address.

4. How to Install the Tracking Torrent

a) Fire up the specific IP tracking site for torrents:

Here are two excellent websites that you can use for IP tracking.



b) Download the tracker torrent from the site

Locate the “Torrent Address Detection” area on, then click “Activate”. The magnet link will appear instantly.

Download the magnet link and the default torrent client should open automatically.

c) Verify your IP address for the torrent

The IP address that the torrent file detects should be displayed on the tracker website after ten seconds. Regardless of the torrent software you use, you can view the IP address listed on the “trackers” page for that particular torrent.

5. How to Understand the Tracking/IP Results

If you can see the torrent client’s IP address, make sure your VPN is functioning properly or not.

– If you’re not utilizing a Proxy without a VPN

The IP address of the browser and the torrent should be comparable. And it should alter once disconnected from the VPN.

– If you’re not utilizing a VPN when using a Proxy

Make sure your torrent client supports proxy peer connections and that you are using a SOCKS5 proxy for security. The peers will connect even if you employ HTTP proxies that are unable to transport torrent data packets.

1) The IP address of your browser and your torrent should be distinct. Once the proxy is off, your torrent IP should alter.

2)The IP address of your torrent will differ from the IP address of your browser because you are not utilizing a proxy server when accessing the web. That is the torrent traffic. If the IP addresses match, then there is an issue and the proxy isn’t operating as it should.

– If you’re utilizing a VPN and a proxy concurrently

The torrent IP should remain the same even if you disconnect your device from the VPN. The VPN disconnection should lead to a change in the browser’s IP address.

Additionally, before launching your torrent client confirm that your VPN is active. A connection issue with the proxy may arise if it has not been enabled properly. In the event of that, it may time out or freeze completely.

Is it necessary to conceal my IP address while torrenting?

1) Your IP address can expose your approximate location. It is unlikely, but someone unauthorized can perform a denial-of-service attack on your network.

2) A user’s IP address can reveal a lot of your personal information about them, including their country of residence and ISP. If this happens, your services may be terminated or you might land up in legal trouble.

Do alternative methods exist for concealing your IP address?

There are a few more methods to use for keeping your IP hidden other than a VPN

1. Making use of an online torrent platform and proxy server

Proxy servers can be slow, and they often fail to encrypt traffic coming from any of the other apps. You can’t effectively hide yourself from the ISP even if you use a different browser. You never know what the torrent owner will do by gathering your information about your online behavior. It could be sold to marketers or other unauthorized people.

2. Torrenting on public Wi-Fi networks

The claim that accessing a public Wi-Fi network will protect you from having your internet activities tracked is not always accurate. First, p2P traffic is completely blocked on most public networks. Even if you circumvent that, still your online behavior can be tracked by other methods employed by the hotspot’s owner.

IP Address Leaks: Things you should know

An IP leak is the result of your IP address being visible when it should not be. A VPN can keep your original IP hidden by replacing it with another IP address that is connected to a VPN server. VPNs use some protective measures to maintain online privacy making it harder to identify, track, and locate you when you’re connected to the VPN.

However, issues occur when your actual IP address or IP address DNS server becomes accessible, even when you’re connected to a VPN. In that case, we say that your IP address is leaked.

How to use a VPN to stop IPv6 Leaks

Some of the ways to prevent IPv6 leaks while you’re utilizing a VPN.

1) Select a VPN provider that either tunnels or supports IPv6 traffic.

2) Search for a VPN server offering an IPv6 leak-proof client app.

3) On your device, you can manually disable IPv6.

What Are HTML5 Geolocation Leaks?

The geo-location of your device as determined by your browser’s application programming interface is known as HTML5 geo-location. The browser API uses the device’s GPS or data from the mobile/Wi-Fi signal to get latitude and longitude coordinates.

Sometimes, even if your VPN is masking your true IP address, an HTML5 leak can reveal who you are.

Will torrenting get me into trouble?

While torrenting isn’t unlawful in itself, downloading copyrighted content is. It is not always transparent what content can be torrented legally or illegally. If they discover you torrenting unlawfully, your ISP and copyright owner monitoring your online behavior can take legal action. Also, they may slow down internet speeds and even legal action are some of the possible consequences.


Torrent IP addresses are an essential component of the torrenting process. They may act as distinct identifiers participating in a swarm of torrents.

However, it is easy for them to track people who fail to cover themselves up properly. To guard against potential threats like copyright trolls, it is crucial to thoroughly verify the torrent IP being utilized.

This assessment will be very easy with tools like IP leak. You can spot possible issues that have to be fixed by understanding how to evaluate the assessment results. Torrenting is easy in this way.


How to test the torrent IP when using a proxy server?

Whether you use a torrent proxy service or a VPN, the same process has to be followed.

What Is a Torrent IP Leak?

Torrent IP Leaks happen when your torrenting activity is inadvertently connected to your real IP address rather than your VPN IP address, torrent IP leaks happen.

What Kind of VPN Connection Can I Check?

IPQS VPN detection tools can detect both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses that are reliable in any nation. You need to detect VPN connections with confidence even from popular VPN services such as PIA, ProtonVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

What Torrent Client Should I Use?

Torrent clients come with different features and attributes. Some are not as safe as others. You must choose a torrent client according to your requirements. Popular ones are qTorrent, BitTorrent, Deluge and Vuze.

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