How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account: Step by Step 2023

How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account: Step by Step 2023 – For those of us who use the Yahoo Mail service, if we are not using the email we should just delete it. How to delete a Yahoo account is not difficult, we can close it either with a PC or cellphone.

Yahoo Mail was launched in 1997 as the largest electronic mail service provider which still has many loyal users to this day.

But there are times when some Yahoo users want to turn away or try using another email service.

One of the email providers that has become a serious competitor to Yahoo today is Gmail, which is owned by the big company Google.

If we are included in the user who wants to use another email service provider. It would be nice if we delete our Yahoo mail account that is no longer used.

Terms of Deleting Yahoo Account

Before deleting our Yahoo email account, we should first consider it first.

Here are some important factors that we should consider before we decide to delete our Yahoo account permanently.

  • We must be absolutely sure that we do not use the e-mail for business or work purposes.
  • We must ensure that the Yahoo account does not have premium or paid services that are still active.
  • Check again whether there is important data in the Yahoo email.

Apart from that, by deleting the Yahoo account, of course we will get the consequences.

Here are some of the consequences we will get:

  • We will lose our Yahoo account identity. This includes our Yahoo Mail business account.
  • Yahoo Party will delete all of our account settings. This also includes Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Contacts, and several other services linked to the Yahoo account.
  • Yahoo will terminate all paid service access that we have in the account. All payments that we have made cannot be recovered.
  • Yahoo will allow other users to use our username or address when we delete it. This is due to the limited number of available names.
  • Our account will automatically be permanently deleted after we agree to delete the account within 30 days. However, if we access our account again within 30 days, the Yahoo account will be reactivated. For longer holding periods applied to accounts registered in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Brazil.

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How to Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account

The most important thing to be able to delete our Yahoo mail account is that we still remember the email address and password for the Yahoo account.

To delete it, we can use a PC or cellphone.

How to delete yahoo mail account permanently:

  1. Visit the Yahoo account deletion pageFirst open our web browser. After that visit the Yahoo account deletion page .
  2. Enter a Yahoo email addressOnce open enter the email address of our Yahoo Mail account. Then press Next to continue.
  3. Enter your Yahoo passwordThen enter the Yahoo account password. After that select Enter .
  4. Click “Continue deleting my account”A page will appear with information about closing your Yahoo account. Here we can see various information which is the essence of the information we have read above. If we are sure we want to delete our Yahoo account, click the red text Continue delete my Account or Continue to delete my account .
  5. Select the “Yes, end this account” buttonNext we will be redirected to a page where we are asked to re-enter our Yahoo email address. Type the Yahoo email address then select Yes, terminate this account or Yes, end this account .
  6. Yahoo account was successfully deletedWait until the deletion process is complete. There will be a message Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion . Where the message states that our account has been successfully deactivated and entered on the permanent deletion list.  

If you’re still confused, watch the video too:

Here Yahoo does not directly delete our Yahoo account permanently.

There is a time delay to avoid fraud or other things before the account is actually deleted by Yahoo.Forgot Yahoo password? Overcome by 

forgetting Yahoo password .

Before deleting the Yahoo account in the above way. Don’t forget to consider it before we actually delete the account.


Can account deletion be undone?

Yahoo account deletion can be reversed if it is within 30 days of deletion. The method is enough to log back in using the account, then we will be taken to a page to reactivate the account.

After closing, can the email address be registered again?

It is very unlikely that we will be able to re-register the same Yahoo ID.
Because usually when we try to create an account with the same ID a message will appear that the username cannot be used.
Or we are asked to enter into the waiting list and have to pay for the service.

Can the email address be used by other people?

The answer is very clear that the email address we have deleted can be used by someone else. Because Yahoo itself has written a statement which reads:

“In addition, due to the limited names available. We may allow other users to register and use their Yahoo! ID and profile name. You. When you have deleted the account “ .

Can you delete a Yahoo account that forgot the password?

It can’t, because as we can see in the steps above, to be able to delete a Yahoo account we have to log in first.
So if our account can’t be opened because we forgot the password, obviously we can’t delete the account.

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