What are the Differences Between JPEG and PDF Files?

Differences Between JPEG and PDF Files

Differences Between JPEG and PDF Files – JPG and PDF files are common but both are different in their features. There are some fundamental differences between the two formats. PDF is normally a preferred file format for sharing files. JPG is prepared especially to preserve the resolution of the quality of images. However the JPG files are heavy compared to PDF, so it is not recommended to share JPG images.

 For designers, it is necessary to know the specific purpose of file format and what is their specific purpose. Each of the formats has its strengths and weaknesses but each format has been created specifically for a purpose. Designers do need the pdf to jpg conversion when they are receiving files on the internet. PDF files are not editable and you need the JPG format to edit files.

Lossy Image Format 

The primary purpose of  JPEG is for images and you can preserve the best resolution of the images. But it is a lossy image format as you lose image resolution every time you save it. So JPG is not prepared for repeated use of the files as JPG are lossy compression file format. JPG is best for keeping the image quality. This is the main reason designers convert PDF to image format like JPG.

Lossy Image Format

On the other hand, PDF is the preferred file format while sharing images on the internet. You need to convert the JPG files to PDF when sharing data on the internet. Images are converted from PDF to JPG format when used for editing images.


JPG is a better editable file format compared to PDF. When you need to embed the images with different documents. JPG is your preferred file format for editing images. So you need to convert the PDF files to JPG while receiving them on the internet. Designers do need the PDF to JPG conversion for editing images.


On the other hand, PDFs do preserve the layout of images there PDF is the preferred file format for sharing data. PDF is not going to lose its image layout and resolution of various OS. 


Due to the smaller size of the JPEGs, you may prefer JPG for storing data on the hard drive. However, the JPG is not prepared to sustain the layout of images. However, it is not recommended to save files in the JPG format, as it can lose image resolution with time. JPG is a lossy image format means you are losing some part of the image with every save.

On the other hand, PDF files are more reliable to store and archive data. You can make a database or archive of data in the PDF file format.  PDF files are shared and managed without losing the quality of images. 

easily upload, manage, and share files via the cloud from your computer or mobile devices.

File FormatA lossy image format is best for images, JPG specifically uses images and PhotosPDF format can contain text, images, and other presentable formats.
ViewingEasily views on most devicesrequire a PDF reader to see the PDF files 
InteractivityJPG does not support interactive elements like forms and multimedia etc PDF supports the forms and multimedia objects
PrintingNot a preferred printing and preserving layout formatting PDF is a preferred file format for printing as it can preserve layout 
UsageJPG is commonly used for graphics and photos PDF is used for documents, reports, manuals, and forms


PDF is specifically designed for preserving the reports, forms, and sharing of data. JPG is for creating images and is specific to the images and photos. You need to convert PDF to image to JPG for editing or making any kind of changes.

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