How to Convert WEBP to JPG Using an Online Converter?

How to Convert WEBP to JPG Using an Online Converter?

How to Convert WEBP to JPG Using an Online Converter – Turning a web image into a JPG is a very necessary option.


● JPG is more compatible with older software and devices

● Various search engines do not support WEBP

● JPG retains better consistency while opening them on any device

● The file size is very small

People still like using WEBP on their websites. Even developers and graphic designers use this image file. But when it comes to responsiveness across different platforms or search engines, WEBP shows clear limitations.

To avoid the issue, developers and designers turn WEBP into JPG using an online converter. The tool can also assist you in converting a WEBP picture to a JPG picture without compromising on quality and resolution.

So let’s discuss the best way to convert a WEBP to a JPG image.

Using Online Converter:

This is indeed the best way to perform conversion among WEBP and JPG. The tool is specifically designed to cater to the conversion with the lighting speed. With that, there are numerous features of the tool that we will discuss later on. Right now, let’s throw a glimpse at its functionality:

● Open the WEBP to JPG converter by

● Upload the file either by direct drag & drop or browse from the gallery

● Once uploaded, hit ‘Convert’ and that is it

Features that Converter Offers:

The following features are provided by the tool during conversions:

Swift Conversions:

With the online converter, you can turn WEBP into JPG with a single click. The tool functions so swiftly that you just have to blink & your jg file will be there on the screen. Download it and use it for your good purposes.

Secured Conversions:

So, this is the second advantage you get while using the WEBP to JPG converter. Once you are done with the conversions, the converter automatically removes every trace of your data for security purposes. This guarantees you a secure transformation as there will be no leakage of your sensitive information.

Turn WEBP Into JPG on Windows:

This is another simple yet effective way to turn WEBP into JPG. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

● Open the Paint app on Windows

● Now open WEBP image in it

● Go to File>Save As>Jpeg

● Your picture will be saved as a JPG file

Convert WEBP to JPG on MAC:

Mac devices have built-in software that quickly turn WEBP to JPG file format. But for a successful conversion, you need to follow the steps given as under:

● Open the software on your Mac

● Now double click the WEBP image and upload it on the software

● Go to File>Export>Save As>Jpeg

But if you are not a Mac user, then WEBP to JPG converter would be a good option to go by. The tool will abruptly convert your image file type without any hurdle. All you need is just a device and an active internet connection.

Alternative Approaches:

There are many other suitable options available to carry out your transformations. These include:

By Taking a Screenshot:

Well, this is not a suitable and recommended option for professional purposes. But if you need images as reference goals, it works. Just take a screenshot of the WEBP image, upload it to a WEBP to JPG converter, and get JPG file. But there will be no guarantee of resolution as the screenshot affects and reduces it already.

Using Chrome Extensions:

Installing a Chrome extension is another good way to save your WEBP files as other options are available. With an active extension, you can make a few clicks to save your WEBP pictures as JPG.

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