What Are DUNS Number And Benefits Of DUNS Number?

What Are DUNS Number And Benefits Of DUNS Number?

What are Duns number and Benefits of Duns Number – This is still a rather strange concept to many businesses, however it is familiar to businesses around the world. This is also the gate that brings your business closer to the world. Please read the article below to get the answer and an overview of Duns number. 

DUNS Full Form

Duns number stands for Data Universal Numbering System , a series of 9-digit numbers used to authenticate a business’s information. Duns number is issued to businesses after joint venture

What is Duns number?

Duns number is also known as: DUNS, DUNS, DUNS code, DUNS code, DUNS number, global business code, DUNS Registered Seal, DUNS® Registered™… 

The Duns number is also unique to each business entity and is recognized worldwide. This is also a standard that a business can verify, used by every business participating in international transactions; Recognized, recommended or required by 200 government organizations, trade and industry associations worldwide. 

If a company wants to make international transactions, it is required to have a duns number . This is the basis for a business to gain trust from partners when participating in documents or transactions. 

What does the Duns number include?

Duns numbers include:

  • DUNS code: is a series of 9 digits, which identifies the information of a business, so a number represents a different business. 
  • DUNS® Registered™ Seal: Similar to a company’s seal, the Duns seal is used to identify a company and demonstrate its credibility. The possibility of international transactions also relies on this Duns seal. 
  • DUNS® Registered™ Certificate by Dun & Bradstreet Global: Like a company’s operating certificate, a Duns certificate also increases a company’s credibility before its partners. 

Benefits of DUNS

Duns number has certain benefits. 

A business with a duns number will have a corresponding DUNS business code. This code is widely used globally, and is mandatory for use by 200 government organizations and trade associations around the world. 

In today, large enterprises such as FPT, LG Display … all have duns numbers. The number of businesses with duns number has reached 1,000 businesses.

DUNS’s effectiveness is further demonstrated in international markets. 

Ensure authenticity for businesses 

Owning a DUNS code means your business is authentic and has a certain reliability, which has been verified through many rigorous rounds by D&B Group. Suppliers and partners also trust your business more in the business process. 

In addition, when owning a duns number, the business is also officially listed in the global business directory – something that every business, especially large businesses, wants to have.

In addition, as a partner business, businesses with DUNS codes will make you feel more secure because they have been authenticated, and more secure in your transactions with them. 

Enhance trust and credibility of businesses

Duns numbers have a worldwide scale, businesses with duns numbers demonstrate their trust and credibility in the international arena. This is also an opportunity for customers and partners to increase trust in your business. 

Increase cooperation and business opportunities

The DUNS code is a common standard for appraisal of cooperative businesses of many businesses and government organizations around the world.

Increase cooperation and business opportunities

duns number is an international standard. When your business has a duns number, more partners will come to you and increase its development opportunities. The scale of your business will also expand and your ability to work in an international environment will increase.

Helps confirm and verify information about partners and suppliers

Just like a partner, when you find a supplier or customer, you can also use the duns number as a tool to increase peace of mind when making decisions and signing contracts. In the world, there are many Fortune 500 businesses that require their suppliers to have a DUNS code such as Intel, Target, Apple…

Register for a “standard” DUNS number at CRIF D&B

To register for a duns number, you can go to CRIF D&B. This is part of the CRIF group (leading group in the field of banking credit information, leading in 30 countries) , and is also the only place to provide and confirm DUNS codes.

Register for a “standard” DUNS number at CRIF D&B

When registering for duns number, you will receive many benefits, including :

  • The identification process is quick, saving time.
  • Without going through other intermediaries, CRIF D&B will work directly with the US party, avoiding additional fees.
  • With diverse subscription packages, your business can choose the most suitable package to optimize costs. 
  • Professional working process, enthusiastic consulting, maximum support both inside and outside the registration process.

The above article has provided you with Duns number. For businesses that are qualified and capable, please register with CRIF D&B to receive incentives when you have a Duns code in hand. 

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