The Future of Work From Home after COVID-19

Smart working, the future of work.

Smart Working the Future of Work From Home – In the common imagination, until recently, the one who worked in smart working was seen as a happy and free worker.

Because he had the opportunity to manage his work in any place and at the times established by him, in sum, a godsend, which on the one hand improved productivity, on the other hand, allowed more free time and space for private life. 

Smart working, an opportunity, or a need?

All this until a few months ago, until the coronavirus appeared in our lives, then smart working is no longer just a luxury that few can afford, but it is a needed also a priority, to allow you to work by reducing the opportunities for contact. 

Smart Working the Future of Work From Home

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, public and private companies, in short, all those who can organize and carry out their work remotely, have resorted to smart working, which remains a free job, but still productive and fast. 

In addition, we remind you that the smart working methods provide for the coordination of several people with the sharing of data and the modification of these in real-time, for which tools that allow it are necessary.

What are the Tools of Smart working the Future of Work From Home?

Working from home implies first of all having a fast internet connection, a PC, and a smartphone after which it is essential to install some software and programs that allow remote collaboration, with relative sharing of files, documents, and information in an easy way. fast and safe, but let’s see them specifically.

Business Collaboration Software.

They have the characteristic of facilitating collaboration and therefore the sharing of data, documents and information remotely, saving them and tracing the history so as not to lose anything and updating changes in real-time. The most used are:

Business collaboration software.
Smart Working the Future of Work From Home 2022
  • Slack, born in 2014 from the San Francisco start-up of the same name, consists of an integrated chatroom of other softweare and systems such as writing, calendaring, mailing, etc.
  • Microsoft Teams, developed on the cloud platform, is called the work chat, available within Office 365, was born to respond, as a new remote collaboration service, to Slack. The chat is integrated with other Office applications, such as Word , Excel , PowerPoint , and all those that allow you to collaborate effectively.

Workplace, the evolution of GSuite.

Workplace is the updated evolution of GSuite that is surpassing Microsoft, offers its customers the ability to share files quickly and easily, facilitating immediate collaboration and direct contact between collaborators.

In addition, thanks to integrated applications, it increases productivity and simplifies the exchange of information. For those interested in trying Workplace services we also have promotional codes that entitle you to a 10% discount for the first year on the Business Starter and Business Standard 

Gsuite Google Workplaces

The workplace has integrated tools such as:

  • GMail, professional email with spam protection, search functions and unlimited storage space.
  • Docs, to create, share and collaborate in real time on text documents in multiple people at the same time.
  • Keep
  • Calendar, to plan and share events and meetings.
  • Slides, to create professional presentations in collaboration and in real time.
  • Forms
  • Chat, a messaging platform for the work team.
  • Sheets, for creating, sharing and working on worksheets, is the equivalent of the excell file.
  • Editors
  • Meet, to create and participate in video conferences.
  • Sites, to easily create websites.
  • Drive, the secure cloud for sharing and storing files.
  • Admin, control panel for centralized and simplified management.
  • Voice
  • Jamboard, to record the most important part of the creative process.
  • Vault, eDiscovery functions and additional archiving.

The Other Tools Used in Smart Working the Future of Work From Home.

As an alternative to Google Drive, which as we have already seen, is a cloud office capable of storing and boasts writing tools and spreadsheets.

There is Dropbox, for the creation, sharing, and archiving of folders and files. Another tool that can be very useful is Trello, an application that mostly serves to organize the work, creates real post-it, thematic bulletin boards, lists, cards, and attachments.

 As for video calls and video conferences, very important for anyone who works in smart mode, we cannot fail to mention Zoom and Skype

The first is widely used to organize shared live and group chats, it is free and simple to use. Skype is very famous and certainly needs no introduction, it gives the possibility to share the screen and video call up to fifty people at the same time.

The other tools used in Smart Working the Future of Work From Home.
Smart Working the Future of Work From Home

In conclusion, we can say that the world of work is rapidly changing, the digital age has opened up many new opportunities and possibilities, the tools available are increasingly in step with a smart working future free from rigid schemes and established places. 

The coronavirus could only have accelerated times in a certain sense, demonstrating how working remotely can be possible, but not only, also more productive.

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