Top 10 Essential Tips For WordPress Beginners in 2023

Top 10 Essential Tips For WordPress Beginners 2022

Top 10 Essential Tips For WordPress Beginners – If you take a look at the major brands and companies, they are using WordPress for their websites. This is one of the few platforms that does not require a person to have any hardcore programming skills. 

By using a simple GUI and drag options, you can set up a highly professional website. This also means you don’t have to search for a software provider to do all the programming work for you. It’s very easy to customize things and design a website that matches your business needs.

Top 10 Essential Tips For WordPress Beginners in 2023

Following the right path is the key

Some people start the website building process right, but the end product just doesn’t reflect their business needs. Obviously, this becomes a problem because the purpose of promoting the product and attracting customer attention is not served.

Here are 10 tips that work perfectly for new WordPress designers and developers.

1. ALT tags should not be ignored for images

On the surface, inserting ALT tags for images may not seem very important, but the reality is quite different. They are used by Google for SEO purposes . Apparently, if the images on your website don’t have ALT text, people won’t be able to locate them. How does this cause problems? 

You must understand that the search method for each user is not the same. These days, people are looking for more photos when they order. The reason is that they are more interested in the appearance of the product.

2. Featured images add value to any website

The importance of using visual content increases with each passing day. Buyers are more interested in seeing what something looks like before making a decision about buying it. For many people, reading details and checking points based on text is boring, so they prefer visual sources like images and videos. 

Featured images automatically appear with your post when viewed on any other website. Therefore, even if someone is not interested in reading the text, they may still want to see the details after viewing the image.

3. Security plugins are critical for productivity and continued success

Protection measures should never be ignored because viruses can completely dismantle the productivity of a website. When you’re running a website, data is delivered and transferred over various networks, and not all of them are completely secure. Typically, standalone antivirus applications are installed so that the website is not adversely affected.

The great thing about Word Press as a website development platform is that you don’t need to install anything extra to perform any functions. There is a plugin available for everyone, including network security. The important thing is that a reliable one must be installed in order to stop viruses and malwares.

4. Make sure there are no question marks about the originality of the content.

It is difficult to restore the reputation of a website once it is lost. Therefore, webmasters must ensure that such acts are not adopted. For the most part, people lose confidence when they come across content that has already been read elsewhere. 

This raises doubts in the mind of the customer. He starts to think if the website is credible in the first place or not. The easiest way to deal with this situation is to install a Word Press plugin for plagiarism checking. Listed below are two reliable options that you can trust.

• Plagly Plagiarism checker plugin

If you are a professional writer who has to prepare content on a regular basis, embed this plugin to remove all worries. It is very effective as it checks each section of the written content. 

This way, once the verification has been done, the writer can afford to relax. It has a simple embedding process to add to the Word Press website. In other words, no professional technical assistance is needed to perform this step.

Do you need to spend money to use this plugin? The answer to this question is no. It’s a free option, so you don’t need to worry about the monetary requirements. There is no doubt about the authenticity that it brings to the table.

Plagly Plagiarism checker plugin and Pre Post SEO Online Plagiarism Checker Tool Checker | Tips For WordPress Beginners 2022
Tips For WordPress Beginners 2022

• Online Plagiarism Checker Tool Checker | Pre Post SEO

Searching for quality plagiarism check apps can be a problem because most of them are just about talking. The plagiarism checker is a top-notch app that meets all the requirements of writers. 

To get started, you can directly upload your content as a file if you have it saved in one of the supported formats. Second, the efficiency is no less than 100%, so you don’t have to doubt anything after the scan is complete.

Using this tool is quite simple and once you upload the content, an automatic check is done as soon as the upload is complete. Infected areas are displayed and you can then work on them. It doesn’t take long for the plugin to go through a plagiarism checking cycle.

5. Thematic demos make a big difference

Many Word Press themes allow you to take a demo and see if the suitability is there or not. This is done before being applied on the live website. It’s best to take a demo so that you don’t experience any issues when deploying.

6. Analytics help you measure progress

How do you know your website is working according to plan or not? Nothing can be predicted until you have figures in hand. In other words, you must have an analytics tool installed so that daily progress can be tracked. This way, if there is a performance-related issue, it will be resolved in a timely manner.

7. Brand image and theme selection

A Word Press theme should not be selected just because you like it. It has to go with your brand. This is the advice that most website owners miss. They pick a theme just because the color scheme is good or the image drawers are well designed. 

These are not strong parameters for choosing a theme. Your brand will be projected through the website, so the theme should be selected relevantly.

8. Heavy images impact performance

A website can’t breathe without visual content, but this doesn’t mean you have to stuff images even without the need to be there. Always remember that images put a load on network performance because accessibility is affected. This has to be avoided. Therefore, compress images and upload them only when necessary.

9. Non-Responsive Pages Should Be Detected

Technical problems arise with any website, but customers take it as a sign of weakness. If any of your pages are being updated or refreshed, use redirection so your target audience doesn’t see any error messages.

10. Get customer feedback via comments or live chat

How can you improve when you don’t know what customers think? Getting customer feedback is important because it helps you pinpoint weak areas. For example, if ten customers post comments that the home page takes too long to load, it means you need to work on it. Having a support team is another way to find out what buyers are thinking.

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