10 Best Evernote Alternatives For Note-Taking in 2023

Best Evernote Alternatives

10 Best Evernote Alternatives for Note-Taking in 2023, Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking software today. However, you can quickly find yourself limited with Evernote.

Nowadays, many other tools have emerged from the task management and note taking market. In this article we will review the 10 best alternatives to Evernote.

Why choose an alternative to Evernote?

Evernote is a simple task management software and application that is widely used around the world by businesses and individuals alike.

Many integrations exist with Evernote, allowing you to boost its functionalities, such as using Zapier for example.

However, if you have already used it, you can quickly notice the limits of this platform, That’s why we are going to present you with 10 best alternatives to Evernote.

Best Evernote Alternatives for Note-Taking


monday.com is one of the most interesting alternatives to Evernote on the market.

Indeed, Monday.com is the market leader in task scheduling software.

monday.com allows any company and individual to collaborate and centralize task management in an easy-to-use platform.

The attractive price, the ease of use and the impressive number of features make monday.com the ideal platform for planning your tasks and managing your to-do list!

What I liked most about monday.com:

  • Ease of use and handling
  • A platform in French!
  • Clear and precise management
  • Advanced collaboration (comments, interactions with other team members)
  • Integrations with a bunch of tools
  • Creating versatile workspaces
  • The all-in-one platform side

Regarding the price, monday.com offers a free version which largely allows you to realize the power of the tool.

Test Monday.com for free


Todoist is one of the most popular To-Do list apps on the market today, making it a formidable alternative to Evernote.

Todoist comes with some great features that help increase productivity, organize tasks, and set schedules and deadlines.

What makes Todoist so popular is the sheer number of integrations.

Although Todoist is offered as a free tool, most of the good stuff comes with the Premium account, which is available for $29 per year.



Notion describes itself as an “all-in-one workspace. Notion allows, like Evernote, to take notes of course, but goes much further – with many powerful features.

Indeed, beyond the simple management of daily tasks, Notion allows you to manage and create a real knowledge center for your company.

If you are an individual, Notion will delight you with its ease of use and its power of collaboration. This platform is booming in the market.

Notion is available on desktop for Mac and Windows, but you can also access and use Notion through your browser.

Notion has four types of planes:

Monthly pricing is $5 for the personal plan and $10 for the team plan.

The Team plan is significantly cheaper than many competitors: Trello is $12.50 per month per seat, with a limited free version; G Suite is $6 per month for the Basic plan; Evernote Premium is $7.50 per month and up. More importantly, Notion allows you to integrate almost all the features of these tools.

With Notion, you can greatly increase your productivity!


Google Keep

Google Keep is Google’s note-taking tool. Although not very popular on the market, Google Keep represents a free and very interesting alternative to Evernote!

The big advantage is that if you already have a Google or Gmail account, you automatically have a Google Keep account and all Google applications are interconnected! Which can be handy.

Google Keep


Teamleader is a very powerful alternative to Evenote. In addition to being an intuitive project management solution, Teamleader allows you to manage all stages of your business.

Teamleader allows easy collaboration between employees.

You will have a Kanban board, To do lists but also much more with complete solutions for CRM, invoicing, etc…

Discover Teamleader


Trello is no longer to be presented in terms of task management tool.

Its simple visual interface consisting of cards and lists in the form of Kanban boards allows you to create an almost infinite number of project types.

You have the possibility to create several Trello boards on beautiful wallpapers and give access to each member of your team so that they can see, edit or follow the actions to be carried out.

The basic version is free, while a paid plan provides additional services such as integrations with other tools, dedicated support and other features dedicated to large accounts.



MeisterTask is one of the best project planning tools for managing tasks and projects. It facilitates collaboration and communication within the team and simplifies project management for project managers.

MeisterTask also uses Kanban project dashboards, making it easier to organize tasks, make them more accessible, and manage them more efficiently.



ClickUp is a very interesting alternative to Evernote . Indeed, it is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

ClickUp incorporates many features from several well-known tools, such as Trello’s kanban boards!

ClickUp is very intuitive and has a mobile app.

Users can assign comments and tasks to specific team members or groups of team members.

Comments and tasks can be marked as resolved or in progress, or users can create custom statuses.

Projects can be viewed from an Agile dashboard or organized by assignee. The activity feed displays tasks as they are created and completed in real time.


Air table

Airtable is an enhanced board-like software.

Indeed, the interface is similar to what Excel offers but with more powerful database management features, integration with external software and advanced collaboration.

The tool is ideal since it offers a free version sufficient for individuals in particular, which makes it an interesting alternative to Evernote.



Jira is a product-centric project management solution.

Some people also use Jira to simply manage their to-do list like on Trello for example.

Jira can therefore completely replace Evernote to manage your daily tasks.
However, its use is more reserved for professionals who wish to work in a team more easily.


What is the best alternative to Evernote?

If you are looking for the best Evernote alternative, you have a choice. Indeed, many software are similar in terms of functionality such as Trello, monday.com, Teamleader or Todoist.

It is difficult to tell you that one solution is better than another because it will depend on your specific need. We advise you to try several alternatives to Evernote listed in this article and then make your choice.

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