How do you Fix iPhone Inactive Error?

How do you Fix iPhone Inactive Error?

How To Fix iPhone Inactive Error? – You have an iPhone and you use a login pattern or password for security. When you enter your password correctly,

There is no problem, but when you enter it incorrectly, you come across a security-oriented arrangement made by Apple

The number of attempts is limited to prevent the login password from being exceeded with continuous password attempts. 

Exceeding this limit will cause you to encounter the iPhone inactive error.

What is iPhone Inactive Error?

As we said at the beginning, this problem occurs when you enter the wrong password or wrong pattern on the login screen. 

Usually “iPhone is inactive. Try again in 1 minute”. This message is the warning that appears after 5 unsuccessful entries of the password or pattern.

After you wait for 1 minute, the warning automatically disappears. But if you have made 10 or more unsuccessful login attempts, then “iPhone is disabled. 

You obtain a notice like “Connect to iTunes”. In other words, your phone goes into protection mode with a focus on security. 

To mention other trial numbers and warnings:

  • 6 Failed attempt alert: “iPhone is inactive. Try again in 5 minutes.”
  • 7 Failed attempt alert: “iPhone is inactive. Try again in 15 minutes.”
  • 8 Failed attempt alert: “iPhone is inactive. Try again in 15 minutes.”
  • 9 Failed attempt alert: “iPhone is inactive. Try again in 60 minutes.”

When we evaluate it like this, the iPhone inactive error is not actually seen as an error. This is purely a precaution Apple has taken against theft. 

Let’s say your phone is stolen. In this case, thieves cannot access your personal information. 

For this, they have to break the phone. Well, what happens if we enter the password incorrectly and lock the phone? Let’s answer now:

How to Fix iPhone Inactive Error

1. Restore with iTunes

If you’ve paired your device with iTunes before, you’re in luck. Restoring via iTunes will fix the problem.

  • Connect your device with cable.
  • Open the iTunes app.
  • iTunes will sync and create a backup.
  • After your device appears in the application, click the device icon in the upper left corner and go to the “Backups” area.
  • Click the “Restore Backup” button and click Restore or “Restore and Update” in the warning window that appears .

As a result of the above operations, your device will be restored to the last backup time indicated on the screen. 

How do you Fix iPhone Inactive Error? 
 Restore with iTunes

This way the problem should be resolved. If this method did not work, our second topic will provide a definitive solution…

2. Booting and Resetting to Recovery Mode

As a final alternative, you can reset your device. But let’s add that your data will be lost in this process. Know that all your data will be deleted. We will do a reset.

  • Connect your phone to the computer and open the iTunes application.With your phone connected to the computer, switch to DFU mode . 
  • On iPhone models with the Home button, you need to press and hold the “Power + Home” button at the same time. Wait until the recovery mode screen comes up. 
  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds on models that use a notched screen (like iPhone X). Turn off the device. 
  • Press the power button again and while holding it press the volume down button. Hold for 6-7 seconds . 
  • iTunes will display a message that it has found an iPhone in recovery mode, and you will enter recovery mode.
  • Two options will meet us in recovery mode; There will be “Check for Updates” and “Restore iPhone…” . 
  • You can fix the problem by performing the restore process from here .

Here are the solutions that users who encounter the iPhone inactive error can try. 

Let’s just remind you once again that there is data loss in the last operation. Your device is reset and data is lost if no backup is made.

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