17 Websites for Free Clip Art Images Online

17 Websites for Free Clip Art Images Online

17 Websites for Free Clip Art Images Online – This article presents 17 websites for free clip art downloads to place in PowerPoint presentation slides, aesthetic notes, Word papers, calendar designs, blog decorations, newsletters, greeting cards, business cards, and other designs.

Previously, Microsoft Office applications had a Clip Art feature. However, since December 1, 2014, Microsoft products are no longer used this feature.

But don’t worry, because there are many sites on the internet that provide tens of thousands of free clip art images with modern, colorful, high-resolution designs and in various image formats.

Pixelied offers a wide range of free SVG files for Cricut users. It’s a straightforward and reliable source for those seeking quality clip art images online.

17 Best Website Free Clip Art Images Online

Classroom Clipart

There are thousands of cute clip art images with cheerful colors. You can get animated clip art here: Animations – Animated Clipart – Animated Gifs .


This site has 14 categories of clip art images, including themes: flowers, family, friendship, filmmaking, math, science, as well as various clip art of gardening supplies, office supplies and stationery and cyclists (various silhouettes riding bicycles). We can choose the size of the image we want to download, namely: small , medium , and large .

Free Downloads Clip Art

This site has beautiful clip art, both black and white and colorful. The collection is divided into 17 categories, including: food, technology, animals, buildings, architecture, buildings, flowers, flags, music , sports, transportation and others.


Do not be fooled by the display of images on the homepage that are small. This site has good quality clip art images and we can download for free in various formats: SVG (red download button), PNG, PDF and WMF for Microsoft Office and LibreOffice. BIG IMAGE PNG size reaches 2400 pixels.


This site has more than 70,000 clip art images, which are divided into 24 categories and each category is divided into sub-categories to make it easier for us to find the desired clip art.


As the name implies, this site has a variety of cute clip art images with beautiful color designs. In addition, this site also has a collection of background images and frames .

ClipArt ETC

ClipArt ETC has over 71,000 clip art mostly in black and white, perfect for use in schoolwork. The GIF format is provided for images that you want to insert into Microsoft Office documents or Keynote presentations. How to download: right-click an image on the clip art page and save the image file. The print version provides images in TIFF / EPS format.

The images on this site have 2 licenses: 1. Free Classroom License , free clip art is only for students and teachers who want to use it for non-commercial projects. 2. Paid Commercial License , for commercial projects.

Pixabay Clip Art

Besides being known as a provider of high-quality free photo sites, this site also has a variety of beautiful clip art images.

Sweet Clipart

This site also has a collection of cute clip art images with various licenses for use.

Discovery Education – Clip Art Gallery – is no longer active
This site is an educational site that also provides free clip art images.


Artvex has over 10,000 clip art images.

Hassle Free Clipart

This site has a colorful and cheerful clip art design.

Free Clip Art

This site provides free clip art in 3 formats: GIF, PNG and EPS.

Pro Clip Arts – no longer active
This site has a nice collection of clip art images. Image formats: PNG, AI, SVG.

Teacher Files Clip Art

The look of the site is very old school. But there is a large collection of educational theme clip art. These include: various 2D and 3D geometric shapes, currencies, analog and digital clocks.

Public Domain Vectors

Site has a large collection of clip art formats: SVG, AI, EPS. There are 11 image categories: transportation, buildings, flags, businesses, animals, food/drinks, and more.

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Public Domain Photos – Free Clip Arts – is no longer active
This site has 8,000 clip art images (electronic, food, holiday, computer, signs and symbols, as well as various shapes of arrows, jigsaws, flowcharts , and stars).

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