How to convert movies to animated GIF with HQ GIF Maker

How to convert movies to animated GIF with HQ GIF Maker

How to convert movies to animated GIF with HQ GIF Maker – Memes need to be small in size for fast loading on social media. 

HQ GIF Maker allows the user to convert movies to animated GIF and animated WebP by adjusting the file size after conversion. The program has specific tools for this purpose.

To regulate the size of converted files, HQ GIF Maker allows the user to set the frame rate for conversion. 

The lower the frame rate the smaller the converted file size. Another tool that the program provides to regulate the size of converted files is the ability to set the animation output resolution. 

The lower the resolution, the smaller the converted file size.

How do I make a high quality GIF from a video?

The entire conversion process takes 3 simple and quick steps:

1. User drags and drops the movie onto the interface. 

2. Then select the exact portion of the movie you want to convert. 

3. Click on ‘Convert’. See the sequence of images below:

  • Import the movie which can be done by drag and drop, or by button on the interface.
  • Select the part of the movie you want to convert.
  • Optionally change the resolution at which the animation will be generated. Click ‘Save Animated GIF’ or ‘Save Animated WebP’.

The GIF format allows a maximum of 256 colors in its color palette. For this reason it is essential that the 256 colors chosen to form the animated GIF palette are the best possible so that the visual result is the best possible. 

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HQ GIF Maker has an algorithm for calculating the best 256 colors that guarantees the best possible visual result in the converted animated GIF file. 

The program first extracts several swatches from the movie to convert, then based on those swatches the application calculates the 256 most frequent colors in the swatches and creates a unique palette to assign to the converted animated GIF. Results are excellent.

How do I make an animated GIF?

In addition to converting movie clips to animated GIF , the application also converts movie clips to WebP True Color format with over 16 million colors. WebP format animations and images are the future of web graphics and animations.

The WebP format was created by Google in 2010 with the purpose of displaying images and animations in True Color and with reduced size for fast loading when opening pages. 

The WebP format has been gaining ground and currently all browsers support it. WebP format animations and images take up less space than GIF format files and support over 16 million colors compared to the 256 colors that GIF allows. 

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Therefore, the WebP format should replace the GIF format on the Web in a short time.

To complete the package the application also allows the user to record the PC screen or an area of ​​the screen he selects. 

The program generates small step-by-step tutorials, ideal for posting on the Internet or sent via email. 

The user can trim the screen recording allowing the user to eliminate unwanted starts and endings, thus exporting only the successful part, and allowing the user to make mistakes without having to start over.

How do I turn a Video into GIF?

The HQ GIF Maker application has the user guaranteed in the creation of animations for the Web of today, as well as the future one by supporting the WebP format. 

The interface is modern and can be scaled to best suit the user. The program has no learning curve. The user can use it right from the start without difficulties. 

As described above the entire conversion process takes 3 simple and quick steps.

The company PCWinSoft Software , which produces software HQ GIF Maker is the program is in. The company provides support with a response within a maximum of 24 hours, in addition to solving any problems that the user may encounter, delivering the corrected program within a short time. 

The company’s support process is remarkable, giving the user security in their purchase as well as allowing up to 15 days for the user to request and get their money back if they don’t like the app.

Memes are present on all types of social media and many of the memes use movie clips in their content. 

To convert movie clips to animated GIF or modern animated WebP format, this article suggests using the HQ GIF Maker desktop application. Hopefully you are like these How to convert movies to animated GIF with HQ GIF Maker

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