Free Vs Paid WordPress Themes – Is WordPress Worth it?

Free Vs Paid WordPress Themes - Is WordPress Worth it?

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes – Is WordPress Worth it? – Ideas for a website are born at different times. Hobbyists share their experiences on personal blogs. 

Entrepreneurs promote their products and services on the Internet, otherwise the business will not be successful. In any case, given the purpose of the website, you must consciously choose the theme and design its appearance. 

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes – Is it worth buying a WordPress theme?

Free themes are tempting, but will they be the basis of a site that will be constantly evolving? On the other hand, investing in paid WordPress themes seems risky – the theme may not live up to expectations. 

Let’s compare both solutions so that every novice website owner can make a decision on their own, based on the acquired knowledge.

Free WordPress Themes – Choose carefully

Among the many free themes, not always carefully designed, you can find real gems. Free templates are easily used by long-term owners of personal blogs, hobby information websites or simple online stores. 

They are based on the websites of companies for which investments other than online presence are a priority. Here are the main advantages of free themes , which in many cases will be sufficient:

  • Satisfactory graphic effects . A website created with a free theme can look professional and enjoy the eye with a parallax effect, aesthetic sliders or minimalist typography.
  • Compatibility with visual page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder and plugins (such as WooCommerce).
  • Possibility of unlimited testing . If working with a free theme does not meet our expectations, we will not lose money. This can be important for undecided users who prefer to experiment for a long time before deciding on a single theme.
  • They are perfect for the undemanding . They have all the most necessary functions, allow you to build a responsive and fast-loading website. They are perfect if we don’t plan to make many changes and we don’t care about updates.
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Of course, we cannot expect everything that paid WordPress themes offer from free themes . If we choose free, usually we won’t get technical support or it will come slower. 

Such themes are also rarely updated and developed, although exceptions can be found. They have a limited number of features – for a website design to meet expectations, you often have to edit the code yourself or install plugins.

With a free template, it will be difficult to personalize your site to stand out from the competition. So if we have a limited budget and decide on such a theme, be sure to pay attention to whether it is easy to add elements and whether the creators regularly introduce updates.

Paid WordPress Themes – create your dream website

Anyone who would like to monetize their website and constantly expand it should consider buying a paid WordPress theme. Thanks to it, you can quickly create a unique website – unlike any other website based on the same template. 

Paid themes are great for business, news, and personal websites as well as extensive online stores. Premium templates provide maximum possibilities and minimum effort to create a website. Their greatest advantages are:

  • More functions and high-quality design . With their use, you can create any website that comes to your mind. They have very visually attractive modules designed for a variety of content.
  • Pre-built page layouts, free photos and graphics . Paid WordPress themes help you design your website quickly as they have an extensive database of add-ons and demo sites. 
  • Ready projects are related to industries – we can easily find a demo directly related to our business. We also don’t have to pay extra for stock photos.
  • Excellent technical support and customer service . If we encounter a problem while building the website, support will be happy to help us solve it. We certainly won’t get stuck at any stage of content design and publication.
  • In order to facilitate the handling of the theme by new users, detailed documentation is created. The paid theme is also associated with a lower risk of errors, as it was certainly not created by an amateur.
  • Frequent updates . Developers are trying to ensure that premium themes have the latest features. At the same price, we get more and more possibilities and ready-made projects for use.
  • They are integrated with website builders and numerous other plugins – e.g. with the JetPlugins series, in which we can find plugins for e-commerce, website styling or extending its functionality.

Paid WordPress themes have few flaws. For some users, a one-time expense of around $100 can be discouraging. However, the cost of the theme will easily pay off as the site starts prospering and attracting more and more visitors. 

A clear, fast and aesthetic website will remain in the memory of customers or readers for a longer time. A company with a well-kept website inspires greater trust, which will certainly be useful in the sale of services and products.

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It is important to make the most of the possibilities that the theme offers. The money spent will be wasted if we build the website unskillfully and limit ourselves to the functions that are also available in free templates. 

Therefore, premium themes should be chosen by those who know what they expect from their website and are able to use its potential.

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