8 Best Gallery App for Android in 2023

Best Gallery App for Android

8 Best Photo Viewer & Gallery Apps for Android in 2023 (Without Ads) – Gallery apps can help you avoid gallery clutter and quickly find a photo. Modern smartphones are equipped with good cameras, so it is not surprising that over time, the smartphone gallery is filled with photos. The right app will take care of the problem.

We have selected easy-to-use, functional, fast galleries that are suitable for any Android smartphone or tablet. You can download photo viewer apps for android for free.

Ad Free Photo Viewer Apps

Are you looking for a photo viewer for android smartphones, without ads, which you can download for free? Then the apps below are just for you.

All of them will allow you to sort images, tag them and organize them into folders. Using a convenient image viewer, you will avoid cluttering up your device’s memory with old pictures.

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android in 2023

Google Photos

The most famous and popular application for viewing photos on Android, which you can download for free. Moreover, most likely Google Photos is pre-installed on your smartphone by the manufacturer.

The application provides free, reliable cloud storage for storing your photos and videos (photos must not exceed 16 MP, and videos must not exceed 1080p).

You can upload up to 15 GB of images and videos to the storage, which will be available from any device, as long as you have an Internet connection and go to photos.google.com.

In addition to storage, in Google Photos you can edit pictures: adjust brightness, contrast, apply filters, even out skin tone, change the balance of light and dark tones, add text, and much more.

The service also automatically collects your pictures into albums, sorts them by date, location and time, allows you to create collages, animations, panoramas, photo books, stories and films.

Download from Playstore

Photos and videos are uploaded to Google Photos automatically, there is a convenient image search system and a duplicate detection function.


  • Automatic photo and video upload
  • Convenient search system
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Ability to create collages, animations, photo books, films
  • Sort content by date, location, time


  • Significant not found

F-Stop Gallery

One of the most functional galleries that allows you not only to view photos for Android, but also sort pictures by creation date, name, size and other parameters, show them on a map, rate images, add materials to folders and bookmarks.

To simplify the search for the desired images, the application allows you to add tags to the photo and independently sort the pictures into albums (smart albums function).

The application also allows you to read file metadata, including EXIF, XMP and IPTC formats, and view GIF images.

There are no in-app purchases in F-Stop Gallery, but from time to time the application offers to purchase a paid version that costs about $3, which includes additional useful features.

Download From Playstore


  • Wide functionality in the free version
  • Protect photos and videos with a password
  • View as a slideshow with the ability to customize transitions and other options
  • Convenient sorting by folders and albums
  • Displaying snapshots at creation locations (on Google Maps)


  • Saving tags in a file is available only in the paid version of the application

Simple Gallery

The simplest image viewer without ads, which does not need the Internet to work. A simple gallery, despite the simplicity of the interface, offers a wide range of functions: cropping and flipping images, resizing photos, filters, recovering accidentally deleted photos, automatic image rotation in full screen mode, hiding folders, protecting individual files or applications completely with a password, and many others.

The application works with different image formats, including MKV, RAW, PNG, MP4, JPEG, as well as panorama photos and GIFs. All photos are displayed in a grid and grouped in folders.

Another advantage of the Simple Gallery is the built-in video editor that allows you to create and edit videos, add various effects and filters.

Download From Playstore


  • Simple interface
  • Built-in photo and video editor
  • Working with different image formats
  • Application without ads
  • Works without Internet access
  • Many ways to group photos and videos
  • Protection of individual materials or the entire application with a password (PIN code, fingerprint)
  • Restoring accidentally deleted files


  • The free version of the app is available for download but is no longer maintained by the developers. The paid version costs about $1 and has the same functionality as the free version.
  • Photo viewer apps with ads
  • Free photo viewer apps that display ads.
  • The apps in this section, while simple, boast advanced features and offer features and benefits not found in the standard Gallery.

A+ Gallery

A popular application with a simple interface, nice design and a wide range of features. A+ Gallery automatically sorts your pictures, organizing them and placing them in albums.

Among the main functions: album management, photo search, the ability to mark on the map where the photo was taken and synchronization with cloud storage (Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, integration with Facebook).

There is no photo editor in the app, but you can share photos with friends or mark them as private.

The free version of A+ Gallery has ads, which you can get rid of by purchasing a paid application. Also in the paid version you will get access to the shopping cart and themes.

Download From Playstore


  • Sync with Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox and Facebook
  • Simple interface
  • Search photos by date, place
  • Works without internet connection
  • Ability to put private photos and videos in a hidden password protected folder


  • No photo editor
  • A lot of advertising
  • In some places the curve translation

Gallery Vault

Application for users who care about the privacy of photos and videos. Gallery Vault allows you to hide photos, videos, and even the icon of the application itself. Also, the user can be notified if someone tried to access hidden materials or protect data with a password (for some devices, a fingerprint).

The application interface is quite simple and provides backup ways to access your photos if you suddenly forget your password.

Of the interesting features: closing the application by simply shaking the device, support for entering a knowingly incorrect secret code and demonstrating fake content when entering the wrong code, the ability to hide files on the SD card.

Download From Playstore


  • Hiding individual photos, videos, or the icon of the app itself
  • Simple interface
  • Notification of an attempt to access hidden materials


  • Reduced functionality in the free version
  • A lot of advertising


A program for sorting, protecting and editing photo and video files. With Gallery, you can organize or delete files, protect or hide private photos and videos, edit images, and view them as a slideshow.

When you start a slide show, all photos open in high quality, it is possible to set the time of the demonstration and the sequence of images.

Of the interesting features: protecting individual files or the entire application with a password, instant posting photos to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter, as well as setting images as wallpaper.

Download From Playstore


  • View images in high quality
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Protect individual files or an application with a password
  • Create an album within an album


  • A lot of advertising


An interesting application for viewing photos with reference to the place where they were taken. The user opens the map, goes to the desired location, for example, to the sea, and looks at the photos that were taken in this area.

PhotoMap lets you view photos and videos from your smartphone or SD card, and supports cloud storage including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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The map hosting the images is easily zoomed, rotated and tilted, while augmented reality features create a new gallery experience.

We do not recommend using PhotoMap as your main gallery, but if your work involves frequent travel or you like to travel, then the application can become an indispensable assistant.

Download From Playstore


  • Linking photos to the place where they were taken
  • Augmented reality features
  • Viewing pictures on a map


  • May freeze on some devices

Photo Gallery & Album Editor

A simple gallery app with a built-in photo editor. Among the main features: moving and deleting images, setting photos as wallpaper, adding images to favorites and sharing photos with friends.

In the photo editor, you can crop, rotate and flip photos, create collages, apply filters, and draw.

The application is universal, completely free and convenient. The interface is simple, photos load quickly and are immediately available for viewing.

Download From Playstore


  • Built-in photo editor
  • Simple interface
  • Ability to set photos as wallpaper
  • Works with memory cards
  • View images in high quality as a slideshow


  • A lot of advertising


We tried to choose the best programs for viewing photos on Android. They will allow you not only to put things in order in your photos, but also have additional interesting and useful features.

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