6 Best Apps to Change Background of Photo in 2023

Top 6 Free Apps to Change Background of Photo

6 Best Apps to Change Background of Photo in 2023 – In the past, beforesmartphoneshad not developed rapidly as it is today, the activity of deleting and changing photo backgrounds could only be done on a PC using graphic design software such asAdobe Photoshop.

Luckily it’s different now. Thanks to the development ofsmartphones, which are followed by the more creativedevelopersin creating applications, now photoeditingactivities including changing the background can actually be done throughsmartphonesthat we usually carry with us everywhere.

Make no mistake, the features ortoolsit presents are not inferior to thetools inPhotoshopsoftware . In fact, we can more easily operate it.

6 Best Apps to Change Background of Photo in 2023

Want to know what are the android applications to change the photo background? Well, Techjustify has 6 of the best choices that you can choose to rely on.Check this out!

1). StickIt! – Photo Sticker Maker

StickIt! – Photo Sticker Maker

The application to change the photo background, the first version of techjustify was occupied byStickIt. This Android application made byMotionOnehas a lot of easy-to-use features.

You can change the background with a variety of color andpatternchoices, make the background black and white but the main object remains in color, or change the background using photos on yoursmartphone.

How to use this android application is very easy, moreover, thedeveloperalso provides aVideo Tutorialmenu which is on the top left of the application’s front page. First youtap the Albumicon to insert a photo, then selectSmart Cut.

Start making a line on the main object using theFGtool , then make another line around the main object using theBGtool . Don’t forget to usePan/Zoomfor better results.Not only that, this application also has features to add text, draw, photo effects,shadows,outlines, and much more.


2). Background Eraser

UnlikeStickIt, theBackground Eraserapplication only provides a special feature to remove the background or make the background transparent. There are 2 choices of background eraser features that you can rely on, namely;AutoandManual.

TheAutofeature is suitable if the photo you want to remove has a slightly colored background. WhileManual, is used to remove the background with a lot of color and the results are neater. Oh yes, this android application can change the image format to .png.


3). PhotoLayers Superimpose Eraser

The developerbehindPhotoLayersishandyClosetwho is also the creator of theBackground Eraserapplication. The difference is, with this application you can not only delete the background, but also replace it with another photo background on yoursmartphone.

This application is also equipped with various features that produce effects so that the main object seems to blend with the background. Itslayersfeature is also able to combine several photo objects into one in the same background. Cool, right?


4). Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraseris an application that you can use to change the photo background and also remove the background.

The background removal process using this application feels easy because there is atoolcalledAuto Removalthat will help you. In addition to an automatictool that makes it easier for you, there is also a manualtoolcalledLasso toolthat can be used if you want maximum results.

If you only want to remove the photo background, you can save it to PNG format so that the background will look transparent later.


5). AThumb Cut (Image Mix)

AThumb Cuthas features similar to theMagnetic Lasso toolinPhotoshop. With thistool, cutting image objects to change the background is easy, especially for those of you who are already familiar withPhotoshop, of course, you will be able to adapt faster.

This application includes several photo effects such as; make eyes bigger, body slim,blureffect , and much more. Not only that,AThumb Cutalso presents various images such as backgrounds, animal images, accessories, and so on that can be applied.

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Overall, with its full range of features, this application is not only reliable for changing photo backgrounds, but can also be used to combine several photo objects in one background.


6). TouchRetouch

Even thoughTouchRetouchis last in line, it doesn’t mean this application is not of good quality. Unlike the 5 applications above, this application made byADVA Softonly specifically provides features that can be used to remove parts of photos that are not important.

Some of them are such as; Acne or blemishes on the skin, cables that interfere with the view, and other objects that seem to interfere with the view in the photo, you can remove using this application.

To be able to enjoy all the features in theTouchRetouchapplication for free, you need to buy it for.


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