GarageBand Alternatives for Chromebook (Free + Paid) 2022

GarageBand Alternatives for Chromebook (Free + Paid) 2022

GarageBand Alternatives for Chromebook [Free+ Paid] 2022Chromebooks (“Chromebook” is a general term for a form factor laptop for a device running Chrome OS.

The Linux version that uses the Chrome browser as its main interface) were first introduced in 2011, and over the years, the platform has struggled to find its niche. 

This struggle is mainly due to the fact that Chromebooks can not run software designed for PC and Macs.

Because Chrome OS is much more efficient in resource management than Windows or Mac operating systems, Chromebooks can run on lightweight hardware, which makes them competitive. 

However, the platform has significant limitations and is something that Chromebooks just are not good at.

In the world of computing, there is a general perception that creating media is one such thing, and it is true that the Chromebook is a bad choice for someone who wants to do video editing or even serious image processing.

Machines typically do not have hardware disassembly to perform CPU-intensive work. Chromebooks even had the power to perform these tasks, because of software limitations you could still not use apps like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro.

But how can music be created? The Chromebook may not be the first device you think of when you think of creating music, but the platform really has good applications for music development.

Of course, GarageBand, a popular music app for Macs, is not available on Chromebooks. But that does not mean you are completely lucky.

Is there a GarageBand equivalent for a Chromebook? Can you create high quality music?

In this article, I will look at the leading music creation apps that will work on your Chromebook. There are now several reliable GarageBand equivalents for the Chromebook.

GarageBand Alternatives for Chromebook

Admittedly, you may not be able to use popular apps like GarageBand, but Chromebook users certainly have good alternatives.

Most Chromebook music apps are cloud-based. This means that your music creations are stored on the Internet (although you can usually click on a local copy whenever you want). It gives priority to your creativity anywhere, anytime.

For that, let’s learn about GarageBand alternatives to Chrome OS.


Since Chromebooks are mostly online, one of the most obvious ways to create music with a Chromebook is to use a web application. Internet-based applications have the advantage of being heavily processed by the server, so your Chromebook’s lightweight hardware is less of a problem.

They are also multi-platform in nature, which means that if your device has a web browser, you can use these applications from Windows, Mac, Linux and, of course, your Chromebook.


GarageBand Alternatives: Soundtrap
GarageBand Alternatives: Soundtrap

The Soundtrap is a few tastes, a standard Soundtrap and Soundtrap for education. The program is cloud-based and offers the ability to create music, create beats, loops, synthesize instruments, and connect your own real instruments. You can also collaborate with others and use social tools.

The interface is relatively simple and forms a good basis for music production. The main view is a multi-track view with menus that list all the events. You can use hundreds of pre-arranged loops or record your voice with your own voices or instruments.

If your song sounds like mine, the auto-clean feature is definitely a win-win!

After all, Soundtrap is a very powerful web application that must meet many of your needs when creating music.

Audio engine

GarageBand Alternatives: AudioEngine
GarageBand Alternatives: AudioEngine

Audiotool is another GarageBand equivalent to the Chromebook that is definitely worth checking out. Like Soundtrap, it is cloud-based and works entirely over the Internet. Audiotool is a modular platform, which means you can enable new features as you need or release. 

The main product is very good and allows you to create music using synthesized instruments or by connecting yourself.

The interface is slightly more complex than the soundtrack, but it is understandable and easy to get acquainted with. This allows you to view multi-track records, create loops, pattern, and more. 

More than 250,000 samples are built-in, and thousands of instruments are pre-set for experiments. All your creations will be stored on the internet, but you can download or publish as many as you need.


Soundation is another program that has a standard and educational. It is a very complete music creation tool that has lots of features. This app has a level range, the free version offers more than 700 loops and lots of virtual tools, while premium subscribers have more features like audio recording, online memory, more loops, effects and sound set

The interface is similar to that of Soundtrap and Audiotool, or the instrumentation view, or the multi-channel mixing view. 

The menus are simple and logical and everything is where you expect it to be. Creating music is relatively simple, once you understand where everything is and nothing interferes with the creation process. Whether you are looking for home use or school, Soundation is a reliable option.


Looplabs is our ultimate GarageBand equivalent website. He is mostly a bitmaker, but with a heavy social aspect. It’s as much about sharing your creations as it is about the creative process itself. Some will handle it well, while some may attract attention. 

Either way, creating music is easy. It is not fully represented on this list like the rest, but to deal with the music arrangement, it’s more than it can handle.

The UI is straightforward and slightly less busy than others might be. The mixed view allows you to create your own loops or use a given one. 

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You can add effects, tools, beats and all kinds of tempo while changing the tempo, cutting and all the necessary instruments. This is not about the difficulty of GarageBand, but for starters it’s more than it can handle.

Independent applications

The Chromebook can run a huge chunk of the standard Android app ecosystem, and music apps are no exception. Here are some of the best GarageBand alternative apps I have been able to find:

Music by JAM

Music Maker JAM is a leading music creation program on Android with many features. The app offers (paid) access to over 300 mix packs containing 500,000 loops, has an eight-channel mixer for live recording, and has easy-to-use controls. 

Music Maker JAM supports live streaming of tracks on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media networks. The app also has global challenges to present music to creators, offering instant exposure and follow-up development.


BandLab is a music studio and social network rolled into one. Millions of people use the app and share their music all over the world. BandLab starts with a solid studio suite, including a centuries-old mixer, daily hot bits, over a hundred pre-installed instruments, a loop, and a built-in tuner and metronome. 

It all happens when a huge ecosystem of other creators meets, critiques and collaborates with other musicians. With over 6 million tracks designed for March 2019, BandLab is a very hot platform and worth exploring.

Walk Band

The Walk Band is the perfect music studio app with lots of built-in instruments. It offers piano, guitar, bass and drum pad, and supports MIDI instruments via USB port. The Walk Band has a versatile synthesizer with MIDI and audio track recording and editing. 

The app supports uploading music files to the cloud. The Walk Band supports ads in the free version but offers updates to remove ads and also has add-ons for users who want to expand the app.

edjing Mix: DJ Music Mixer

Edjing Mix is ​​not a music creation app in itself; Instead, it is a mixing and sampling program that has high quality functionality for the DJ. It has sampling and remixing features, including free sample library access and a multi-priced package. The app also integrates with your music library and Soundcloud and (by subscription) Deezer.

Mix is ​​not a program for which you are only going to create your own original compositions, but for anyone who is going to do a DJ or synthesize new and old music in the original, it is a must.

Final thoughts

Chromebooks are great for many reasons, but they are really hard to come by when it comes to media products. Be it music production, video editing, photo editing or other similar tasks, the Chromebook just can not compete with Windows and Mac computers.

But that does not mean you are completely lucky. If you are looking for a GarageBand alternative, any of the options included in this article should do the trick.

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