Top 10 Best Open World Games to Play in 2024

Top 10 Best Open World Games for Android 2022

Top 10 Open World Games for AndroidAt the moment, they are in high demand, and not everyone requires a PC or a game console, just having a smartphone is enough to sit down and breathe in the big picture of the bright colorful world.

It doesn’t matter what brand of mobile device you are using. The only important thing is that games with full immersion in the virtual world will help you escape from the current world and allow you to relax in difficult times.

Games from this list have been rated high for a long time, and the undoubted advantage is that this whole world fits in one palm and in your smartphone!

Best Open World Games to play in 2024

Frostborn: Action RPG

Best Open World Games: Frostborn: Action RPG 
Best Open World Games: Frostborn: Action RPG

Genre: Survival, RPG

The game Frostborn has a Scandinavian style and is suitable for people who prefer to go back to the days of the Vikings.

It includes many complex systems and open world mechanics and is a mixture of many genres such as RPG and survival with many multiplayer elements.

In Frostborn, you take on the role of a Viking hero who must rally his friends to rebuild the once great Viking nations after Midgard fell to the undead. To do this, you will have to use the power of the gods, as well as take care of your settlements.


MadOut2: BigCityOnline

Genre: Action Adventure, Crime

Don’t be fooled by the rather crude naming scheme, MadOut2 BigCity Online is a good and competent GTA clone, especially if you don’t like the price tag of old handheld GTA games. This is a free game and includes a large area to explore about 10 square kilometers.

It’s also a crime drama, similar to other GTA clones for Android or iOS, but it has an added bonus. It consists of a multiplayer online game for up to 100 players.


Second Galaxy

Genre: Space Sim, RPG

For something completely unique and probably never seen before on a mobile device, Second Galaxy should satisfy your craving for novelty. This is a space simulator that lets you command your own spaceship and find your place in a vast galaxy.

There’s plenty to do in this 3D universe, whether you’re on missions for galactic factions, hunting down pirates, or simply enjoying the beauty of outer space.



Genre: Co-op survival

This game can not be included in the rating of popular games, no matter how hard you try.Minecraft is a world that manifests itself in creativity and freedom. Not many games can achieve the same level of modularity and customization that Minecraft readily provides.

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It’s not completely free, and that’s okay, the PC and console counterparts haven’t been as generous anyway. Despite this, you will get exactly the same experience in this game on a mobile device as on larger and more powerful platforms.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Best Open World Games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Best Open World Games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Genre: Action Adventure, Crime

When it comes to open world games, it’s time to remember the giant of your genre. Among existing Grand Theft Auto games and games ported to mobile devices, San Andreas remains the most memorable and feature rich.


ARK: Survival Evolved

Genre: Co-op, PvP Survival

For some people, the thrill of outsmarting others and becoming king of the hill is an exciting pastime. It is these that Survival Evolved surpasses other games, and it has established itself as one of the most dominant games on PC and consoles.

This allows players to run uncontrollably across a chaotic island populated by dinosaurs to see who is the best.


Genshin Impact

Genre: RPG

Speaking of games made since The Legend of Zelda, Genshin Impact is the most successful game to date. She took everything that made Breath of the Wild a unique RPG and brought her own flavor to it.

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Best Free MOBA Games for Android

The game throws the player character into the world of Teyvat after being banished by a strange god. Now it’s an open world co-op RPG that makes people spend hundreds of dollars just to get the best characters they can find. We should mention that Genshin is one of thebest mobile RPGs ever made.


Crashlands: Story-driven Crafting ARPG

Best Open World Games: Crashlands
Best Open World Games: Crashlands

Genre: Co-op, RPG

The world of Crashlands has a pretty cute visual style, but don’t let that fool you, this is a survival game. You start the game as a galactic trucker stranded on an alien planet.


Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Genre: Action Adventure, Crime

Gangstar Vegas is an open world game that borrows a bit of visual and style from the GTA series.

However, the difference is that this game is made exclusively for the mobile platform, which makes it less clunky and more indulgent for new players of the genre. Gangstar Vegas follows the same gameplay and storyline where you control a budding criminal who rises from rags to riches.


Goat Simulator

Genre: Casual, Simulation

Some games tend to forget that the best they can give their players is insidious, destructive, and stupid fun. That’s what Goat Simulator offers, a story about a wayward goat in a small town terrorizing your Android or iOS phone screen.

Anyway, the game’s graphics are not demanding at all, so it fits easily into mobile hardware. This is a good way to let off steam.


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