GBWhatsApp APK Download [Anti-Ban] Updated 2024

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsApp APK Download (WA GB) Official Latest [Anti-Ban] – For those of you who are currently feeling bored or want to try new features that the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t have, please try GB WhatsApp. One of the WhatsApp Mod apps that is currently popular is WA GB. This WA Mod application has become very popular and many people use it because it is one of the GB WhatsApp applications that is safe for you to use.

On this occasion, we will review articles about this application and also guide how to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp. Not only that, we will also present a tutorial on how to use WA GB in this article.

GBWhatsApp is a well-known WhatsApp Mod and is one of the alternative versions of the official WhatsApp. Which is one of the Android apps with the top chat category for smartphones . The WA GB developer has modified the original WA version by adding some interesting features.

One of the coolest features of GB WhatsApp Pro is hiding double ticks, setting online status, changing fonts, changing themes and much more. The WA GB application also has additional privacy features integrated. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay to be able to enjoy this WhatsApp Mod feature.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a Modified WhatsApp that offers many interesting features that the original version of WhatsApp does not have. This is the earliest WA Mod application which is still being updated by the developer.

This application has a lot of interesting features that the original version of the WhatsApp application does not have. No need to delete the official WA on the smartphone if you want to download GB WhatsApp. Currently, WA GB is the most popular and safe WA Mod application for those who use multiple WA accounts in one smartphone .

Being able to use multiple accounts is not only the reason people use WhatsApp Mod , but also several other reasons for using it. You can install the latest version of GB WhatsApp by clicking the download button at the bottom of this article.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp provides some amazing features that no other chat app can provide. To be able to use even more cool features of GB WhatsApp Pro, some developers have made modifications and turned it into WA GB. Apart from being a safe WA Mod for you to use, the advantage of this application is that you can use two or more WA accounts on one smartphone .

FeatureGB WhatsAppOfficial WhatsApp
Status character lengthLongShort
Share documents at onceYesNot
Media sharing sizeBigSmall
Remove view statusYesNot
Do a state copyYesNot
Supported languagesLotsA little
Sending a blank messageYesNot
Themes availableLotsA little

In addition, if you download GB WhatsApp, you will have the feature to control personal privacy choices. This app gives you a manual setting whether you will let your smartphone tell others what you are doing or are online. Here are some features of GB WhatsApp:

  • Status Is Online
  • Double Tick
  • Blue Tick
  • Microphone Settings
  • Recording Status
  • Typing Status
  • Message Scheduling
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Copy Status
  • Share Documents In Pdf and Txt Format
  • Sending a Blank Message
  • Changing Theme

How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp

How to Install GBWhatsapp 1

To successfully install GB WhatsApp on your phone, make sure you follow this Apk download method. The important thing you have to do is don’t forget to back up the conversation files before using this application.

You can back up your chats from the Settings > Chats > Backup menu . You can back up chat files on your phone or Google Drive. But if you use the GB WhatsApp Pro application, you can only restore local file backups. Google Drive will not work.

Now it’s our time to download this safe GB WhatsApp. WA GB as well as WhatsApp Plus will not be found in the Google Play Store. So you have to download GB WhatsApp from this site by pressing the blue Download button which you can find in this article. 

After pressing it, you will go to the download page. Click the blue Download button again and confirm the operation by clicking the Download Link button in the last window. Here’s how to install and how to download GB WhatsApp Pro for Android:

1. To manually install files into the Android operating system, you may need to enable the  Unknown sources’ or ‘Unknown sources’ settings which are usually located in the Settings menu > Security > Unknown sources . Then just follow the steps on the phone screen.

2. If the Android smartphone device has been allowed to install from unknown sources, please download WA GB via the following link.

3. After successfully downloading the application, open the folder where you saved the downloaded WA Mod file. Tap on the Apk file to install it.

Log in to your WA account and enjoy the fantastic features.

Latest GBWhatsApp APK Download Link

You need to know that GB WhatsApp will not be found in the Google Play Store. So you need to download the WA Mod from our website and then install it manually on your cellphone. If you don’t know how to install WA GB for Android, you can follow the installation guide in this article.

If you have installed the old version of the WA GB application before, make sure you have backed up your data and then delete the old version of the application before downloading GB WhatsApp Pro and installing the latest version.

Here’s the download link for GB WhatsApp:

App NameGB WhatsApp
VersionNewest 2024
File Size53 MB
FeatureAnti Banned
Download GB WhatsApp

You can do the installation quickly. But if you have problems and obstacles with the installation process, you can read how to download WhatsApp Mod above or write in the comments column at the bottom of this page.

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