11 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps in 2024

Best WhatsApp MOD

Best WhatsApp MOD – Whatsapp is one of the most popular chat applications in the world. Apart from the official and original version, currently there are many Whatsapp MODs or modified Whatsapps or what is also abbreviated as WA MOD, which were deliberately made by developers.

The goal, of course, is to compete with the original version of WA. In general, this WA Mod has the same function as the original version, even the modified Whatsapp adopts various features in the original version.

It’s just that, Whatsapp Modification is equipped with more interesting features that are not even found in the original Whatsapp. WA Modifications, of course, have many types and if you are interested, the following information is mandatory for you to listen to.

Best WhatsApp MOD in 2024

Whatsapp Aero

First, there is WhatsApp Aero. This WA MOD is actually one of the most well-known among the public because it has various advanced features. In fact, with this WA MOD, you can send files that are large in size and without any limitations.

Like its ability to send large files, WA Aero is also quite large in size, which is around 66 MB. With this size, of course you have to use a device with medium to high specifications.

These are the requirements that you should fulfill so that Whatsapp Aero can be used smoothly. And because the size is quite large, of course this application requires a fairly large storage space as well.

As for the features and advantages of Whatsapp Aero, they are as follows.

  • An anti-ban feature that allows users to protect their WA Aero apk mod account from the risk of being banned
  • Customization features to help you adjust the position of each part to your liking
  • Hidden features to hide your date and time when copying messages and check both gray and blue
  • Locker or lock feature to lock applications without using the help of other applications
  • Features anti-delete messages and anti-delete status

Whatsapp Aero can be said to be a very interesting WA MOD because it provides a variety of interesting themes. 

GB Whatsapp

There are many people using the GBWhatsapp application but for multiple accounts. This was deliberately done by users with the aim of avoiding being banned by the official WhatsApp.

As information, WA MOD is a very risky WA and the possibility of being banned is very high. Apart from these various things, the GB WA mod apk is indeed an interesting application with a variety of interesting features, including the following.

  • Feature for uploading status with a duration of more than 30 seconds
  • Feature to reply to messages automatically
  • Feature to hide the condition while typing
  • Anti blue tick feature
  • Very diverse theme features
  • Anti deleted message feature and hide last seen
  • Feature to lock messages using pattern or pin
  • Feature to save friend’s status

Apart from these various advantages, GBWhatsapp can also be used for airplane mode and can be used to send more than 1.0 pictures. The GB size of Whatsapp MOD itself is around 47.6 MB.

FM Whatsapp

Another Whatsapp MOD that also has lots of cool features is FMWhatsapp. Not only presenting features that are not found in the original version, FMWhatsapp also provides many themes to pamper its users so they don’t get bored with the same appearance.

Not only a wide selection of themes, notification features are also available quite a lot. Including the following.

  • Features anti-delete messages and anti-delete status
  • Features that can choose who can contact you
  • Features to disable tags from messages you share
  • A feature to send messages without the need to save the number first in the contact list
  • Features that hide typing and recording status
  • Feature to hide blue ticks or sent message marks
  • Features to hide information that you have seen a friend’s status
  • Feature to hide the last time you opened WA.

Apart from the various features above, FM Whatsapp MOD also has many other cool features. This application is around 50.6 MB in size and to install it on your favorite phone.

Fouad Whatsap

Another Whatsapp MOD is Fouad Whatsapp. Like WA MOD in general, this one application also offers cool features and theme appearance. The good news again, there are claims that Fouad WA is a strong application against the risk of being banned.

This is certainly a good thing considering that so far WA MOD has a high risk of being banned. With these claims, it seems that there is more guarantee that you can use Fouad Whatsapp for a long time without worrying about errors or other problems.

Fouad WA Apk Mod also offers a more varied emoticon to represent your feelings when exchanging messages. Unfortunately, in Fouad Whatsapp sometimes there are pop up ads which are quite annoying. For those of you who are interested in using this one application

Whatsapp Go

Whatsapp Go has a unique appearance and a number of features that are liked by its users. Among them are online status settings, viewing messages that have been deleted and status messages in the form of double ticks.

In addition, there is also a DND mode, which is a mode to deactivate the application even though the data is actually still on. Then there is a feature to hide chats and a feature to change the application icon and also the notification icon.

Apart from these various features, there are other features such as the download status feature. Also with Whatsapp Go, you can send up to 90 images at once and can also download statuses uploaded by your friends.

WA Go is quite light in size, which is only 43.1 MB. Of course, you have to provide enough storage space if you want to use this one application.

Whatsapp Plus

Having been around since 2012, Whatsapp Plus has earned its own place in the hearts of its users. The way it works is the same as the original version of Whatsapp, it’s just that this Whatsapp MOD comes with a variety of features that are more diverse than the original version.

Among the features and advantages provided by Whatsapp Plus are as follows.

  • More theme facilities and all existing themes can be arranged as desired. These themes will be downloaded by the application itself so you don’t need to download them separately
  • More emoticon facilities that can be used to express your feelings when chatting. It’s just that the emoticons from Whatsapp Plus can only be seen by fellow Whatsapp Plus users. In other words, your friends who don’t use it won’t be able to see the emoticon you sent.
  • Able to hide online status
  • Feature to send larger files up to 50 MB. This is a very nice feature considering that the official WhatsApp application can only send files with a maximum size of 16 MB.
  • Cleaning feature to clean messages and other trash automatically
  • Feature to provide message replies automatically
  • Activity log feature to view activity history when sending messages
  • There are various choices of fonts and letter styles

Whatsapp Plus is 47.6 MB in size which can be installed on the Android 4 operating system or higher.

Whatsapp Prime

WA Prime also includes a good WhatsApp MOD. The reason is, this one application has a variety of features and advantages that the original version of Whatsapp does not have. One of these features is the feature of deactivating response messages from the contact you are targeting.

In other words, this feature allows you to send messages but at the same time prohibits your friends from replying to them. Apart from these features, there is also an anti-banned feature and a feature to copy a friend’s status while making it your own status.

Meanwhile, the advantages possessed by Whatsapp Prime include the following.

  • Whatsapp Prime allows you to send up to 300 files at once, which can be documents, videos or images
  • Whatsapp Prime allows you to view videos or images without downloading them which allows you to save more storage space
  • Whatsapp Prime allows you to send videos that are up to 70 MB in size
  • Whatsapp Prime increases the character limit which allows you to express more things

Apart from that, WA Prime has special features that will help maintain the quality of the images or videos you send. Interestingly, the size of this Whatsapp MOD is very light, only 14.7 MB.

OG Whatsapp

There are developers who modify the original version of Whatsapp and adopt various basic features in it and call their work OGWhatsapp. In fact, the developer of this application has also provided advanced security features.

With this feature, users can communicate more calmly. Apart from that, OGWhatsapp also has a number of other features as follows.

  • Features for scheduling messages, suitable for those of you who want to make an agenda for when messages will be sent
  • Features to avoid being banned
  • A feature to download a friend’s status without the hassle of asking for the original file
  • Feature to call numbers that have not been added to the contact list
  • Feature to make group names longer to more than 35 characters
  • Feature to block contacts

The various features above are of course very helpful for users. Not only that, this OGWhatsapp allows you to send up to 90 images. Interested in using this 50.7MB application.

Whatsapp Indigo

Even though the name slightly adopts the term for people who have special abilities, Whatsapp Indigo is also one of the best Whatsapp MOD lines. This must be acknowledged because in WA Indigo there are a variety of super cool features.

Like other WA MODs, some of these cool features include some that cannot be found in the original version. Among the features of Whatsapp Indigo are as follows.

  • The display customization feature is useful for you when you are bored with the usual appearance
  • More emojis to represent your feelings when exchanging messages
  • Features to hide online status so you will still appear offline even though you are using it
  • Features to hide double check marks either gray or blue so the sender won’t know whether you’ve read the message or not
  • Feature to download status
  • A feature to turn off ongoing activities on Whatsapp Indigo without the need to turn off internet data

This WA MOD application really allows you to change the position of the buttons or icons in it to make it more to your liking. This one advantage is definitely suitable for those of you who want to have a new atmosphere when opening this one messaging application.

The size of the application itself is very light, only around 31.6 MB. Then, if you are interested in installing it on your favorite device.

Whatsapp MA

Furthermore, there is WhatsApp MA, which the developer is also equipped with the best features. These various features are certainly no less cool than the features in other WA MODs. Among these features, there is a night mode feature and a translate feature.

This night mode feature is a feature that will help your eyes not get tired easily so you can communicate longer. Meanwhile, the translate feature is very useful for those of you who often receive chats in foreign languages.

Meanwhile, the other advantages possessed by this WhatsApp MOD are as follows.

  • There are many themes for the user interface so you can change themes as you wish very easily
  • There are many collections of emoticons that can make chatting more fun
  • There are many choices of writing styles that can be changed as desired
  • It is easier to distinguish between broadcast messages and norm messages

The various advantages and features of WhatsApp MA seem hard to resist, especially since it’s only 36.8MB in size. If you are interested, you can download via the following.

Whatsapp MOD does have more and more useful features than the original version. However, WA Modification is not an official application, so even though it has many interesting features, there are also many drawbacks.

Among them are often banned, higher risk of data leakage, unable to update automatically, annoying ads often appear and some even carry malware or viruses. However, the decision to use WA MOD or not is still in your hands.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WA Mod

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. However, many users feel that the default features of this application are inadequate. That is why more and more WA Mod users are popping up.

WA Mod is an application modified by a third party by adding additional features that are not available on the official WhatsApp.

However, like applications modified by third parties, WA Mod also has advantages and disadvantages that need to be known before deciding to use it. In this article, we will discuss in full the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Mod.

Advantages of WA Mod

WhatsApp Mod has a number of advantages that make it even more attractive to users. Here are some of the advantages you need to know:

  • Lots of Interesting Features

One of the biggest advantages of WA Mod is the many interesting features that are not available on the official WhatsApp. Some of the features offered include changing themes, deactivating last seen, sending messages without the need to save contact numbers, sending larger files, and hiding chats.

  • Easier to Customize

WA Mod users can customize the application according to their individual wishes and needs. Users can change themes, change the appearance of the chat, add or remove features, and much more.

  • No Ads

WhatsApp Mod does not display ads like the official WA application. This keeps users from being disturbed by advertisements when using the application.

  • Can Save Battery

Some versions of WhatsApp Mod are equipped with a battery saver feature. This feature allows users to optimize battery usage when using applications, so that the phone battery does not run out quickly.

  • More Complete Privacy Features

Some WA Mods are equipped with more complete privacy features than the official WhatsApp. For example, the anti-revoke feature allows users to read messages that have been deleted by the sender.

Disadvantages of WA Mod

However, besides the advantages, WhatsApp Mod also has disadvantages that need to be considered before using it. Here are some of the disadvantages of WhatsApp Mod:

  • Prone to being blocked by the official Wa because it violates the rules for using WA.
  • Many consider that WA Mod is insecure and easy to hijack.
  • Frequent errors and crashes, therefore must always follow the latest updates.
  • Insecure and vulnerable to malware or viruses, as well as hidden links.
  • Does not support secure message encryption.
  • Cannot be updated via Playstore.
  • User privacy can be leaked.
  • Vulnerable to virus attacks and can drain power and storage space on the device.

In using WhatsApp Mod, users must also be aware of the security and privacy risks of personal data that can be exposed to threats due to the use of this unofficial application. Therefore, it is recommended to use the official WhatsApp application available on the Playstore or App Store to maintain the security and privacy of personal data.

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