8 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest (2023)

Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

8 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest (2023) – How to develop an IG account with Pinterest is surprisingly easy and useful.

Whether for business purposes or just fulfilling personal branding as an influencer.

Well, this article will discuss how to develop it. Come on, see together!

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular social media for collecting various visual creations just like Instagram. Although almost the same as Instagram, Pinterest actually has a different function. If you use Instagram for personal needs, then Pinterest is for sharing inspiration or information through photos, videos and GIFs.

That’s what makes Pinterest pop up photos or videos randomly on your page, especially for users who are accessing it for the first time. Pinterest offers interesting features for business needs and channeling its users’ hobbies.

Apart from that, Pinterest accounts can also be connected to IG so that will be an opportunity to increase the number of yourfollowers. The rest, you will find out the specific explanation in this article.

How to Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

Here’s how you can apply to grow your Instagram account via Pinterest:

1. Connect IG Account with Pinterest

Connecting Instagram accounts with Pinterest allows you to access both accounts simultaneously. After you have connected the account successfully, your Pinterest profile will appear on all of your Instagram content.

This is a great way to automatically reach more people visiting your Pinterest and Instagram profiles. Content activity on Instagram accounts, which generally doesn’t last long on other users’explores, will persist as long as it’s connected to Pinterest.

For example, when you access your IG account and pin one of your content via Pinterest. The Pin may be saved by other users and shared on Pinterest. Then there will be many users who see and open your IG account profile. If interested, they will immediately follow your account.

2. Post Content to Instagram, then Pin to Pinterest

The next way to develop an IG account with Pinterest is to post interesting content via Instagram first. After that, the content is pinned to Pinterest boards according to relevant topics to make it easier for users to find.

To do this, it’s easy, you only need to enter your IG profile, then open certain content tocopythe URL. After that,pastethe URL on the Pinterest board to embed the content. Then wait until you see your Pinterest visitortraffic increase.

One of the keys to success using Pinterest is quality content, not quantity. So you need to pay attention to every content that you will post to make it more interesting and in accordance with the theme on the Pinterest board.

3. Pay attention to SEO when posting content

Pinterest can be like an SEO machine if you use it right. The trick is to add keywords that are relevant to your topic and specific to your business. Do research on the target words that the audience will be looking for before posting photos or videos.

You’ll also need to include SEO keywords in the title of the Pin on Pinterest so that it enters search results from your audience. Apart from the title, you must also include keywords in the Pin description before including several hashtags that are relevant to your content.

4. Post IGTV Videos To Pinterest

You can also do how to develop an IG account with Pinterest by posting IGTV to Pinterest. Videos are content that often appearrandomlyon Pinterest, so many users will visit your account.

As well as visiting your account, it’s very likely that users will also save video Pins to one of their boards for viewing or sharing with other users. This method is very effective for growing IG accounts through user activity interested in videos on Pinterest.

But you need to remember that Pinterest only allows videos with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. If the duration of IGTV is longer than that, you can trim it first.

5. Share Instagram Stories as Pins

Unlike the Facebook Stories feature, there’s no specific way to post Instagram stories to Pinterest automatically. Therefore, you have to be more creative to find your own way.

The way to share it is by tapping the ellipsis button in the lower right corner of the Instagram story then clicking “Save”. You will choose one of the options to download the story as an MP4 file.

But interactive elements of Instagram stories features like stickers won’t be clickable on Pinterest. So, you better delete it first before uploading to Pinterest.

6. Find Your Audience

Audience is an important element inmarketingstrategy . If you manage to attract attention by presenting interesting content according to your target audience, it is very likely that your Pinterest account will be visited regularly and interact with pins.

You can do how to develop an IG account with Pinterest by focusing on efforts to increase the number of users pinning your posts. The more the number of users who pin, the more likely it is that Pinterest and Instagram accounts can grow.

There are two ways to find an audience, namely by looking for other users on Pinterest and looking for successfulbrands according toyour niche, thenfollowingtheirfollowers. This is so that the users youfollowwill be interested in opening an account and following you back.

Then the second way is to find aboardthat already has a lot offollowersand is related toyour niche. Just like the first method,followas much as possible tothe followers of the board. This will build a target audience on Pinterest and Instagram simultaneously.

7. Join Pinterest Board Groups

Boardgroups on Pinterest are a great way for you to interact with other users.This boardgroup is a place where people can enter pins onthe boardso that your content can be more popular.

After joining theboardcommunity , you can increase the number offollowersand develop relationships with your audience more quickly.

Especially if you are active in the community, it will be easier for other users to recognize and be interested in seeing your content. Furthermore, they also won’t hesitate to pin and viewboardson your Pinterest.

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After you are interested in seeing content and pinning, usually other users will follow your Pinterest account. Automatically connected IG accounts can also become popular and more developed by the large number offollowerswho actively interact with you as the account owner.

Then do you understand how to join theboardgroup ? The method is quite easy, just with PinGroupie, then enter keywords in the column provided. After that, severalboardgroups related to these keywords will appear, so you can choose one of them.

8. Pay Attention to Image Quality

How to develop an IG account with Pinterest that is no less important is the quality of the images. Use the best images to optimize your pins so that many users are interested and want to interact more deeply with Pinterest and IG accounts.

There are several things you need to pay attention to when creating or selecting images on Pinterest. First, pay attention to the size of the image you are using, choose a vertical format or extend downwards, not extend sideways. This is because Pinterest users usually access these images viasmartphones.

Second, use interesting images that remain unique and different from other users. Use a bright color in the image, choose abackgroundthat is appropriate to the context and topic, avoid using a whitebackground .Then usered tonesin the image and make the image lighter.

You can also add a logo for your Pinterest account with a high-quality, simple image that includes text in the image.

Come on, apply how to develop an IG account with Pinterest!

Instagram and Pinterest are two social media platforms for loading visual content. If used together, it will certainly help you develop your IG account. You can get a lot of followers who interact through your interesting content.

However, keep in mind one thing, that don’t just collect the number of fans and followers. If you really want your IG account to grow through Pinterest, then you need to engage with your audience. Give the right reasons why the audience should follow your account by presenting unique and useful content.

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