Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Business Strategy 2024

Pinterest Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Business Strategy 2022

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing – For who

SMEs who have understood the potential of Pinterest and want to start a Pinterest marketing campaign

The managers of the company pages

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing

In 2024, Pinterest broke the 1000 million user ceiling. If you are thinking that the right time has come to take the plunge and open a company profile on this social network.

You are in the perfect place: we have prepared the definitive guide for a great Pinterest Marketing strategy !

1 – The Pinterest profile

Obviously, we start with the company profile, which must contain everything about you, from the description, to the website , even the links to other social networks. 

Pinterest profile 1

The same, if not greater, care must be taken for message boards : they must be fascinating, of 500 characters maximum, and contain all the keywords that people use on Pinterest to search for the product / service you offer. Here is a little help to discover them: .

2 – What kind of content to share

This obviously depends on who you are. What works best on Pinterest, as in many social networks, are infographics , videos, animated GIFs and quotes . 

The success of your profile will depend on the ability to choose the right categories and the right tone. You can also research your competitors to see how they are performing, and what you could do better. 

Keeping in mind that Pinterest users are looking for new, creative, useful and quick content to understand and interpret.

3- Look for the most popular groups and people

There is no system on Pinterest to find specific, targeted groups , but exists that can help you find target groups in your niche. 

Just as it is very important to decide which message boards and users to follow. By searching for the keywords in the Pinterest bar you will come into contact with both users and competitors. 

Without forgetting the importance of influencers:

4 – Five or more pins per day

As Kevan Lee says, reporting the results of the Pinterest page of the Bufferapp blog, with the passage from two Pins a day to ten, the engagement of the page has increased by 150%.

Pinterest profile 2 1

The best times of the day to share are between two and four in the afternoon, and the evening hours after eight. On the other hand, the busiest day is Saturday. 

To get results it is good to keep between 5 and 30 pins per day .

5 – Pin programming

Programming the pins in advance allows you to save time to discover new content that will be added “in the queue” to the previous ones. 

And it also allows you to distribute them throughout the day to balance the flow . Another useful trick is to create a private board that functions as a bookmark, where you can pin useful or interesting content to share as soon as you can on your public page.

6 – Participate in Rich Pins

Rich Pins are enriched Pins: they allow you to add details and information to the pins themselves. For example, if you are selling an item, you can not only enter the retailer and availability, but also the price in real time. 

When a user saves that product he will receive notifications on every update made on that pin, including any discount. 

Reach pins also enrich the offer for other non-selling things: for example movies or books, they can include votes, cast members and reviews.

Getting rich pin is not automatic, but you have to subscribe to this page: .

7 – Adapt the Blog

For greater engagement it is also necessary to adapt the company blog  (images, description) for quick sharing on Pinterest. The second step is to add the save button to allow the user to pin the content in two clicks.

8 – Create and Pin images with text

The text on the images serves as a description, and allows you to be more creative and stand out from the others by choosing a truly personal style capable of arousing more emotions. 

In most cases, engagement improves, especially when it comes to quotes, infographics and headlines that can stimulate curiosity.

9 – Designing images with the appropriate size

The aspect ratio of an image on Pinterest must be 2: 3 or 1: 3.5. No more or less. This is in fact the perfect fit for use on the phone, as Kevin Knight of the Pinterest for Business team explains.

Pinterest profile 3 1

To create the perfect product cover there are graphics programs (Phoshop and Gimp) or free tools available online , such as Canva , which has a wide range of pre-made and customizable images.

10 – Write the keywords in the description

Pinterest is not just images, so we must never neglect the description space , which is used by the user to understand the usefulness of that pin. For this it must contain: useful details presented with recognizable and strong keywords; 

If necessary it is not bad to insert two more lines of explanation (without exaggerating); it must always convey a positive emotion.

11- The bon ton of Pinterest, the mistakes to avoid

As in any social network, grammatical and punctuation errors are banned. Also, remember that this is not Twitter and you don’t need hashtags to find or gain more users. 

Then be careful not to enter guided or forced information, for example: write about a “10% discount” promotion , and do not use Rich Pins; insert call to action, such as “buy now”; references to how Pinterest works, “click here to pin”. 

There is no need. Always remember to be helpful, creative, emotional and inspirational. These are the first reasons why users go to Pinterest.

12 – Follow up: check how Pinterest Marketing is progressing

In order to access Pinterest’s analytics vision, you need to register your Business profile here:, and start analyzing the data, insights, metrics and pins that performed best. 

This is to understand what changes to make, if and how to lower the shot, and what the users’ habits are. 

creative agency can help you determine the optimal strategy based on the language of this social network.

Many brands are using Pinterest to give a more beautiful and interesting image of themselves, achieving very high engagement.

It’s all about finding your own style and becoming irreplaceable: one pin at a time.

Hopefully, you are like The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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