How Can I Watch Crunchyroll Without Ads

How Can I Watch Crunchyroll Without Ads

How Can I watch Crunchyroll Without Ads – Isn’t it annoying when video platforms like YouTube and DailyMotion litter your browsing experience with ads after ads? Well, buckle up for Crunchyroll because they’ve taken unwanted ads to a whole new level.

How Can I watch Crunchyroll Without Ads?

Not only do you have to watch up to ten minutes of ads for a 30 minute show, but they also figured out a way to make the ad volume much louder than the actual video content, making the ad even more annoying. Here are just a few ways to remove or disable Crunchyroll ads.

Can I buy premium service?

Let’s say you used a premium service from 2015 to 2022. If yes, then you have noticed a few changes. You must have noticed that you used to have to watch one ad before every video. Over time, you will notice that new ads now appear in the middle of each episode as well.

By 2017, you will notice that there are usually four advertisements scattered around the video, and by 2022, you will notice that things have become inconsistent. Some shows seem to be littered with ads and some don’t. These days, the only benefit of a premium subscription (besides access to premium shows) is that some ads are missing, you can skip the longest ads, and you don’t see repetitive ads.

What are repeat ads? This is a phenomenon in which a Crunchyroll user may see the same ad up to four times in each video they watch, and in some cases, they appear one after the other. This happens when Crunchyroll’s system can’t read your cookies or doesn’t have your preferences, so it shows you the same cheap ad over and over again to fill its ad slots.

Crunchyroll says premium users don’t see ads

What Crunchyroll means is that many of the advertisements that free users see will not be shown during your service, but this is not always the case. For example, direct sponsorship will appear on your premium account, and the same direct sponsorship will appear on your free account.

Besides, if the ads weren’t annoying enough, there’s something worse… Anime trailers. The problem with Anime trailers, especially on Crunchyroll, is that they give out spoilers. Even hints of the plot are not vague enough.

For example, if a character is shot in one episode and then the trailer for the next shows a funeral with all his or her friends surrounding them, it doesn’t take much to figure out that the character didn’t survive the shot. fired; even if the trailer doesn’t show the name on the grave.

Are paid ads blocking the way?

In general, you should stay away from paid blockers and use the free blockers that come with your apps or web browsers. 

That’s because an ad blocker is only as good as its latest update. In many cases, online video portals have teams of programmers working on updates that bring down ad blockers, so there’s always a kind of technology war going on between ad blocking companies and video streamers.

Are paid ads blocking the way 1

However, there is a good reason to buy some ad blockers if they are particularly good at what they do. 

For example, purchasing a premium subscription to Crunchyroll will let you skip some advertisements, but these advertisements are usually wired in such a way that ad blockers can easily detect them. In short, premium users may find that their ad blocking software is more effective.

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Another reason to buy ad blocking software is if you use it on more than one website or app. As mentioned before, YouTube ads can be very frustrating, and DailyMotion ads are so frequent it’s almost offensive.

So, if you were to buy a third-party ad blocker that works on your favorite video streaming sites, it might be a good investment. Buying it for Crunchyroll doesn’t sound like you’re getting good value for money.

Stop Crunchyroll Ads!

It is not possible to remove all Crunchyroll ads. All you can do is drastically reduce the number of ads you see with Crunchyroll Premium and then use an ad blocker.

True, you can find many videos on YouTube on how to solve this problem. However, the Crunchyroll team has seen them too and is probably already one step ahead of you. So the combination of a premium account and an ad blocker remains the best way to minimize the number of ads you see.

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