How to add music to WhatsApp status in 2024

How to add music to your WhatsApp status in 2022

How to add music to WhatsApp status in 2024 – This time we will talk about a trick that you may have wanted to know for a long time: how to add music to your WhatsApp statuses without downloading apps. Believe it or not, it is possible and we will explain what you should do .

In applications like Instagram we know how to do it and we can add tons of songs to stories, videos and reels. 

In WhatsApp, what is known is that this cannot be done unless you have a special application. But, today we have come to deny that with a little trick.

The best thing about this trick is that it works both on mobile devices with Android operating systems and on devices with iOS operating system. 

So it doesn’t matter which one you use because it works the same, that’s why you have to pay close attention!

How to add music to WhatsApp status without downloading apps

After the creator of Facebook bought Instagram and Whatsapp, these apps started offering users various updates, eye-catching and fun updates. For example, sending stickers, gifs, etc.

Both have the common feature of states, the function that allows you to share photos, videos or some text for only 24 hours, since after that period of time the publication is automatically deleted.

How to add music to your WhatsApp status in 2022

But, despite this and having the same owner, WhatsApp does not allow you to add music to the states . 

While Instagram does, although with today’s hack that won’t be a problem anymore, so let’s get started.

Trick to put music to your WhatsApp status

These are the steps you must follow to be able to add music to your WhatsApp statuses without apps:

How to add music to your WhatsApp status in 2022
  • To get started, you have to go to the Play Store from your cell phone and download the latest Whatsapp update.
  • After you have performed the respective update, the next step is to place your phone on a flat, preferably stable surface, such as a table. Then go into Spotify and search for the song you want.
  • Whatsapp statuses have a limited duration of 30 seconds, so it is important that you identify your favorite part of the song.
  • Now you have to go to Whatsapp and enter the part where the states are shared.
  • Quickly return to the Spotify app for you to play the song.
  • In this step you must be very careful because you have to start a video recording at the moment that the favorite part of your song sounds. You may have to try several times until you get it perfect.

And already, after that you will get a totally black video and the part of the song that you like the most, in the background. 

You can add stickers, emoticons or some text, this is left to your imagination, start exploring how much you can do after obtaining the recording.

After having it ready, you only have to send it to your state. Do not forget that you can do this same procedure with other music apps like YouTube Music, Apple Music, etc.

If you notice, that’s why we mentioned that you should place your phone on a flat surface, so it basically doesn’t record anything, resulting in black video.

Other alternatives to add music to WhatsApp status

If you have not been completely convinced by the previous trick for some reason, the other option you have to add music to your WhatsApp status is to download an application. 

With an app, the process is likely to be less elaborate, so it’s a good alternative.

The steps to follow are very easy, but to help you we will leave you a small list with them below:

  • The app that we will recommend is VideoShow, you can download it from the Play Store on your phone. It is also an option to download one similar to that from Google.
  • After you have downloaded it, you must access it and click where it says “Edit video”.
  • After this, the next thing will be to choose a photo from your gallery, the one you want to upload to your Whatsapp status. Afterwards, click on “Next”. You can do some retouching if you consider it necessary.
  • Now, to continue you have to choose the duration of the state, keeping in mind that the maximum duration is 30 seconds.
  • Well, we have come to the important part, the music. You must go to the editor screen and locate the function that says “Music”, it is at the bottom. To add the song you want you have to press “Play”.
  • After this, the list of songs that you have on your phone will scroll and that is where you will select your favorite. Then you will click on “Add music” to be able to attach it to your status.
  • Check that everything is in order by selecting the check icon, which is located at the top right of the screen.
  • After you are sure that everything turned out ok, you can save this to your gallery.

Now that you have it in your gallery, edited and ready to be shared, everything will be easier and faster.

Developer: VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc

Price: Free 


You can also use Youtube Add Whatsapp status

Another way to do it is by using YouTube, of course, this method works best for uploading the same music videos found in the app and putting them in your WhatsApp statuses. 

If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, we will proceed to explain what the steps are:

  • Enter YouTube and search for the song you want to share in the status. Since you’re basically going to upload the video, the length of the video doesn’t matter.
  • When you are in the video you can pause it or let it run while clicking on “Share”. The icon is at the bottom of the screen, almost below the title.
How to add music to your WhatsApp status in 2022
  • By clicking on that button you will see that you can broadcast the video on different platforms, such as Instagram, Telegram, Gmail, Facebook and of course, Whatsapp. 
  • You must select the last one that we just mentioned.
  • By doing so, Youtube will redirect you to Whatsapp. You will have the option to share the video with one of your contacts or in your status.
  • If you select to share it in the status, after that you just have to send it and that’s it.

We hope that some of the options will be useful to you and that you have learned how to add music to your WhatsApp statuses without downloading apps. 

So far today’s article, we wait for you in the next installment. 

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