10 Best Magazine WordPress Themes For 2024

5 WordPress Themes for Digital Magazines 2022

Best Magazine WordPress Themes – The constant use of technology today has produced significant changes and innovations in the business world. 

This is the case of magazines, where their relevance and physical or paper importance for the consumer has decreased and that is why a more online format has had to be implemented , what we currently know as a digital magazines.

It is for the above that there is a wide range of CMS (Content Management Systems) with a wide variety of digital magazine topics. 

The CMS or content management systems for web pages have the objective of this system to provide the user with the possibility of creating and managing a website . Among the main CMS we highlight Joomla, Drupal and, above all, WordPress 

WordPress, the best CMS to create online magazines

Why, of all, the best is WordPress? It is simple and has features that are a significant benefit to the user , such as the following:

  • It is easy to use, it is very intuitive for people who do not have a very extensive knowledge of programming.
  • It allows the web page to scale to the level that the user wants , that is, there is no limitation, in addition to allowing greater control for the owner of the web .
  • The WordPress system presents the characteristic of designing and adapting the web pages that it creates to suit mobile devices .
  • The user will learn progressively , as if it were a learning scale.

Another advantage is the wide variety of templates or themes that WordPress presents . Given this large number, here we will present you the most outstanding digital magazine templates .

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that WordPress has free themes and premium or paid themes. That is why we will highlight WordPress themes for digital magazines in both cases

5 Free Magazine WordPress themes for 2024

Just Write

We start with this ideal template for digital magazines . Thanks to its simple format, its potential is based on being able to highlight and segment published articles , such as featured, popular and recent.

10 WordPress Themes for Digital Magazines 2022 justwrite

Newspaper X

It is one of the most popular free templates for digital magazines in WordPress. It stands out for being a clean concept , in addition to its design that organizes the content in grids, making it more attractive to visitors. 

It should be noted that you have the possibility that the texts and images are highlighted in a pop-up ( pop-up windows).


The customization that this digital magazine template gives you is what makes it so important. 

This is thanks to the multiple functions that it presents, being able to highlight that the content that will appear on the sides can be managed . 

10 WordPress Themes for Digital Magazines 2022 Hueman

In addition to this, it features a responsive approach , which is highly beneficial for visibility on mobile devices .


It is designed for companies or projects that do not have much experience in the sector . This template features a clean, modern, and professional design that will make it easy for the user to use, as it is easy to set up and easy to manage .


It is a clean and elegant template , a theme designed for digital magazines , it presents a design that adapts easily to different mobile devices ,

All the functions that this theme presents are fully optimized for a good position in search engines .

10 WordPress Themes for Digital Magazines 2022 Portal theme

In addition to these five totally free themes , there is a wide variety of free WordPress digital magazine themes. 

However, the themes with a premium name are missing, which differ from the rest because with these you have to make a payment to have the rights of use.

Premium Magazine WordPress Themes for 2024


This digital magazine template features a wide variety of customization options that makes it very important. 

In addition, it has a modern style and a lot of useful features, such as a content rating system and a very intuitive drag and drop interface.

The Voux

It is the most used theme for digital magazines . It is especially focused on fashion magazines and features a fully responsive design for all mobile devices .

 With regard to its functions, the most notable is a full-screen image gallery for excellent viewing.


It is cataloged by many experts as one of the best premium WordPress templates for any type, that is, it is not focused only on digital magazines, but it is used for any existing functionality . 

This highlights its excellent design and easy use to adapt to any need.


If you are looking for a fairly clean design that has a minimalist touch , this would be the perfect template option for your digital magazine, plus it is fully customizable to what the user wants. 

This is reflected in the fact that it presents more than nine variants for the fully pre-designed home page.

Glam Pro

This template is characterized by an elegant and quite aesthetic design , as well as being known by the WordPress community for being highly secure against cyber attacks and with excellent support and quality.

All these options taught for digital magazines in WordPress have important advantages and benefits for the user when it comes to positioning their digital magazine and content on the Internet.

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