How to Find Birthdays on Facebook in 2024

How to find your Facebook Friend's birthdays 2022

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook in 2024 – Many times we use applications to give birthday wishes to our loved ones  and we like it when we receive them on Facebook, Instagram or another.

With the trend of social networks, this habit has become the rule since when registering it is required to add your date of birth, in the specific case of Facebook,

It is not just about knowing your age to know if you are of legal age and in this way authorize you to see all kinds of content, but also so that your friends receive a notification on your birthday.

So there are no more excuses that you forgot the date, didn’t remember it, missed it or didn’t know, since Facebook notifies the birthdays of your contacts every day. In addition, if you enter you can see the next birthdays.

Why do birthday dates on Facebook may not appear?

But it happens that in some cases this information does not appear , therefore, it is not within our reach. However, in some cases we do not receive the notification due to a configuration error that we may have made.

To modify these settings and receive notifications from Facebook again, you must enter the Phone Settings , go to Notifications and select the application from which we want to receive ads, in this case Facebook, we can adjust one by one to our preference or turn on all notifications

Another reason why you do not receive birthday notifications from one of your Facebook contacts is because they have their private profile and that information is not displayed. 

In that case, if you want to have the detail with that person, it is recommended that you ask him directly and schedule it in the calendar of your mobile device.

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook

It has also happened to us that we know that a special someone is about to meet, perhaps you want to prepare a surprise for them to celebrate their day or you are far away and want to have the detail of leaving a note on their wall, but you are not sure of the date, then It’s time to turn to the Facebook events calendar.

What to do to highlight the congratulations on Facebook from a friend

You can check the next birthdays from the comfort of your mobile device , just by following the following route, so you can plan in advance the surprise for the honoree.

  • Enter the Facebook app
  • Press the menu, located in the upper right corner (the 3 lines)
  • Enter the Events section
  • Once there you will see that the Upcoming birthdays are shown at the top.

How to make an automatic congratulations video on Facebook?

If you are a very busy or distracted person, but you like to have the detail of congratulating your contacts on their birthday, Google Chrome has designed an extension that takes care of doing that task for you.

Yes, believe it or not, there is a way to look good with everyone on their birthday and not always take you as the careless of the group. Take the following steps to start congratulating your friends:

How to find your Facebook Friend's birthdays 2022
  • Open a new browser tab and search for Birthday Buddy extension
  • Then we enter Facebook from the computer as usual
  • We enter our Profile and see that under our name, on the left side of the screen, an icon with the extension
  • The first time we click on the icon we must create an account
  • Then you can configure up to 3 random messages to be sent to your contacts
  • When you receive the notification just click on the extension from the Facebook page

What are the tricks related to birthdays on Facebook?

Facebook has multiple tricks to improve your experience on this social network, privacy is one of the most extensive, but in addition to these, many functions of the app are scattered so that you can adjust your preferences to your likeness.

Hide your birthday from your profile

Maybe you are one of those who do not like to celebrate their birthday or do not like everyone to congratulate you if you are that type of person, there is also room for you in the North American application. It is extremely straightforward to set it up

  • Enter your Profile
  • Find your date of birth
  • Select Only me and voila, no one can see your information.

Options to congratulate someone from Facebook

If you love to pamper your contacts on their birthday, you will surely be attentive to Facebook notifications that inform you daily of the birthday of one of your friends.

To wish them a Happy Birthday, you just have to access their Profile and in the box you can leave a message on their wall.

Link birthdays to your calendar on PC 2 1

This can be configured so that only your friend sees it or so that everyone knows that you remembered that important date. You can also send a message to be received on Messenger as a private message.

A day like today to remember congratulations

If you want to remember those who congratulated you in previous years, you only need to access a day like today to remember , you can find it in your Profile menu, scroll down and enter Memories, you will immediately see the list of events that were posted on your wall that day.

Link birthdays to your calendar on PC

So that you don’t lose details of any of your contacts ‘ birthdays and this causes you inconvenience, you can add the birthdays of your Facebook contacts to your desktop calendar .

Link birthdays to your calendar on PC 1
  • Enter Events in your Facebook Profile
  • Look under the This Week’s Events section for a link that takes you to birthdays and another for events in general.
  • Click the link from your PC
  • Select the program with which you want to open it, after this your calendar will be configured and imported into the agenda of the selected program.

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