How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2024

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2023

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2024 – LinkedIn personal branding is so important for one’s career development. Well, besides being useful for expanding your network and getting a job, LinkedIn also functions to build a personal brand. Therefore, you need to know how to build self-image through this social media.

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The Importance of LinkedIn Personal Branding

This social media is not only used as a job search site, but is useful for building LinkedIn personal branding. Well, building a persona is so important for future career development. But why is LinkedIn a great place to build a professional self-image?

LinkedIn allows you to reach a lively audience that matches your personal branding characteristics . Now, with the number of users reaching hundreds of millions, you can easily find a niche or unique characteristics that match the brand you want to build.

Apart from that, LinkedIn is also a platform that many people use to gain user trust to invest in their career development. Even in 2020, LinkedIn was ranked first as the platform with the highest level of trust for four consecutive years.

Besides that, what are the other benefits if you develop personal branding on LinkedIn?

Well, you will easily find your name in the Google search engine because your LinkedIn profile will be easily indexed by search engines. Of course, because it has a series of search engine optimizations, the LinkedIn site will be easily found by Google.

In addition, because it has hundreds of millions of active users, the opportunity to reach a wider target audience will open through this social media. So, the potential reach of users who view your profile and content will certainly increase because of this.

Therefore, optimizing LinkedIn for personal branding needs is a necessity for those of you who want to build your own brand.

To Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Previously, you already know that building a self-image or persona is related to your skills, experience, and personality. So, you can optimize these three things through the 7 ways of LinkedIn personal branding below. Come on, see the full discussion!

1. Change URL As Name

LinkedIn will automatically generate the URL when your profile is just created. However, the naming of the URL does not match the identity of the user. Therefore, you need to change your LinkedIn profile URL to make it look more personal and professional.

For example, if originally your URL was “”, change it to “” so that the URL matches your name’s identity. Well, because the URL is the address to your profile page, it’s important to make the URL match your name.

If the URL matches your name, it will be easier for your LinkedIn profile to be detected on the Google search engine. Well, this will help you build LinkedIn for personal branding.

2. Optimize Profile

You need to fill out a complete LinkedIn profile, such as a summary, work experience history, portfolio, and so on. So, take advantage of the LinkedIn profile as a means to promote your expertise and experience. 

Of course, you can do personal branding freely through this profile page. Therefore, use keywords that match the persona you want on LinkedIn.

For example, if you want to show a leadership persona, you can show it through the skills or experience that has been done. For example, using the keyword “leadership” on the “Skills” menu.

3. Post Regularly

Did you know that every social media was created to help personal branding on the internet?

If you use Instagram, you can find out various activities or daily activities from celebrities. Whether we realize it or not, the content on Instagram can build one’s brand.

Well, the same thing also happens on LinkedIn through content about professional activities or activities. By posting posts or content according to your personality, you can build LinkedIn personal branding according to your experience or expertise.

However, it takes consistency and a long process to build self-image on LinkedIn. Therefore, you need to post content regularly so that people are more familiar with your skills, experience and personality.

You can post content in two format options, namely long posts and short statuses.

This short status has a format that is almost similar to writing on Twitter or Facebook. However, since posting it on LinkedIn, the short status must be professional or work related. For example, the status about your interest in the current field of work.

Next, create long text type content if you feel the topic of discussion is so broad. For example, the latest phenomena in the world of work or various things that cannot be conveyed in short writing.

4. Build Interaction

After sharing content, you can build interactions with other users. Thus, you will be faster in spreading personal branding because you interact directly with other users.

Building interactions you can do easily. For example, by commenting on other users’ content or replying to comments on your own content.

If you actively interact with other users, the chances of your profile spreading on LinkedIn will be even greater. Thus, building interaction will further speed up the process of building personal branding on LinkedIn.

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How do you reach your target audience on LinkedIn?

5. Avoid Using Links

Try to avoid using links in the content you post. Well, using a link will make the reader leave your content page and instead be redirected to the link page . Therefore, try to avoid using links in your writing or content.

Well, you can start creating and sharing content without loading links in it. However, if there are keywords that you want to link to , you can edit them and add links according to your wishes.

6. Submitting Recommendations from Connections

On the profile page, you can find recommendation menus and endorse skills . So, ask co-workers or LinkedIn connections to provide recommendations on your profile. 

Recommendations can be in the form of reviews or testimonials from connections that have worked with you. In addition, endorse skills relate to support or promotion by LinkedIn connections for certain skills that you have.

Therefore, politely ask your connections on LinkedIn for recommendations. In addition, give feedback to him when asked. However, if the connection doesn’t make a request for a recommendation back, you can start proactively asking them before actually providing a recommendation.

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

Join groups on LinkedIn with topics or skills that match your personality. After that, involve yourself to participate in the group.

So, if you meet and get involved in the LinkedIn group, it will open up opportunities to expand your network and help spread your personal branding . 

In addition, the opportunity to meet various connections with similar interests will open up opportunities for you in career development.

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