How to go live on Instagram 2022

How to go live on Instagram 2022

How to go live on Instagram 2022 – Hello, in this topic, we will try to give information about the use of the live room feature, which is the new feature of Instagram.

Thanks to the Instagram live room feature, brands, and Instagram content creators, users with the following audience can reach new audiences and can use many advantages such as increasing their interaction and finding new customers on pages with brand value, and Instagram has recently launched the live room feature.

How do I go live on Instagram? Instagram Rooms update

In short, the Instagram live room feature is the ability to broadcast live to up to 3 users. Under normal conditions, you can only take one person to the live broadcast of Instagram. Thanks to this new feature of Instagram, you can now accept three Instagram users for the live broadcast.

How do I block Instagram Live viewers?

However Instagram living room and not participate in a person block participant, Instagram living room on the review of blocking and reporting and filtering applications protect the validity also does not meet the Instagram communities rules and penalty area can not participate in the live room.

Currently, the Instagram live rooms feature is active according to regions, but it will soon meet users all over the world. So, how to use the Instagram live rooms feature, how to open a live room?


Opening a live room on Instagram has a similar structure to the “live broadcast” feature. You can follow the steps below on how to do this.

How to go live on Instagram 2022

# Turn on the camera feature from the Instagram stories section and select “Live” mode.

# Add a room name from the live section. For this, from the “Left-aligned” icon on the left of the screen, “Add your room’s topic as a topic” so that users who go-live can specify what they expect in the room.

# You have added the topic title and now you can start the Instagram live broadcast by tapping the “Live Icon”.

# Tap the “Video” icon to add users to the Instagram live room, here you can see the invitation requests sent to you and join your room.

Thus, by adding surprise guests to your audience, you can increase participation and make promotions. 

This feature, which will be very useful for those who sell on Instagram, can be expected to appear as a competitor to ZOOM as the number of users added to the room increases over time.

Using the Instagram live rooms feature is such a simple feature. This feature has already started to be used widely among friends.

In this topic , we have provided information on how to use the Instagram live rooms feature, how to open a room, and how to add rooms, How to go live on Instagram 2022.


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