How to Convert PDF to PPT: A Detailed Comparison of Online and Offline Tools

How to Convert PDF to PPT: A Detailed Comparison of Online and Offline Tools

PDF is a standard file format used for sharing documents that contain text, images, and graphics. However, sometimes you may need to convert a PDF to PPT (PowerPoint) format to create a presentation or edit the document. 

This article will compare online and offline tools for converting PDFs to PPTs. Online tools for converting PDFs to PPTs: 

Adobe Acrobat Online 

Adobe Acrobat Online is a web-based platform that offers various PDF tools, including converting PDFs to PPTs. It allows you to upload your PDF file, choose the PPT option, and then download the converted file. The platform also offers a paid subscription plan that enables users to unlock additional features. 


  • Easy to use and navigate the platform. 
  • Conversion quality is reliable. 
  • Supports batch conversion. 


  • The free version only offers limited features. 
  • The platform may be challenging to use for beginners. 

ONEPDF online

ONEPDF is an online and free website that provides several converting options. The users can use it to convert PDF to PPT, convert PDF to PowerPoint, or many other formats instantly. All you will have to do is to select and upload the files that you want to convert, select the convert option and will have to download the converted file on your device.

ONEPDF online


  • No registration or installation needed.
  • It converts files in no time and provides quality results.
  • Its interface is user-friendly, handy and convenient.
  • The converter is completely free.


  • ONEPDF currently only has PDF conversion tools


Smallpdf is an online platform that offers a wide range of PDF tools, including converting PDFs to PPTs. The platform allows you to drag and drop your PDF file onto the website, select the PPT option, and then download the converted file to your device. Smallpdf also offers a paid plan that unlocks additional features for power users. 


  • Free to use with limited features. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • No software installation is required. 


  • The free version limits the file size to 2MB. 
  • The conversion quality is not always reliable. 
  • The website may experience peak traffic, causing delays in conversion times. 

Offline Tools for Converting PDF to PPT

Microsoft PowerPoint 

PowerPoint is a popular presentation software that allows you to create slideshows. It includes an option to convert PDF files to PPT format. To convert a PDF using PowerPoint, you need to: 

  • Open PowerPoint. Select “File > Open.” 
  • Choose the PDF file you want to convert. 
  • Select “Open.” 
  • PowerPoint will automatically convert the PDF to PPT. 


  • The conversion quality is reliable. 
  • Provides the freedom to edit the final product. 
  • No third-party software is required. 


  • May not support all PDFs. 
  • A user needs to have Microsoft Office Suite installed or have access to an account. 

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a robust PDF software that includes a range of features, including converting PDFs to PPTs. To convert a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you need to:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. 
  • Select “File > Export To > Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation.” 
  • Adjust the settings to customize the PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Click on “Export” to save the converted file. 


  • The conversion quality is highly reliable. 
  • Advanced settings customization. 
  • Supports batch conversion. 


  • Expensive tool for users to purchase. 
  • The tool has a learning curve. 

What are the benefits of using online tools to convert PDF files to PPT files?

Compared to offline tools, online tools to convert PDF files to PPT files have several advantages. Some of these are discussed below:


Online tools allow you to quickly convert PDF files to PPT files without the need for additional software. You can easily convert multiple files at once, saving you a lot of time. 


With online tools, you can access your converted files from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This makes it easy to share or collaborate on documents with others. 


Most online conversion tools are completely free or charge a nominal fee for advanced features. There’s no need to purchase expensive software or hire professionals for the conversion process. 


In conclusion, converting PDFs to PPTs can be achieved through either online or offline tools. Online platforms like ONEPDF and Adobe Acrobat Online are free and easy to use, while offline tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC provide advanced customizations. 

The choice between these tools depends on your needs and preferences, ranging from personal to professional. Select the tool that is right for you; each tool has its benefits and disadvantages.

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