How to Create a Blog on Blogspot

how to create a blog on blogspot

How to Create a Blog on Blogspot – If you want to do how to create a personal blog , actually it’s easy. You can take advantage of two services namely WordPress and Blogspot which are certainly interesting. These two services come with different features, both are of the same quality.

This personal blog can be filled with various interesting topics. For example, about hobbies, opinions, news, and much more. More details about creating a personal blog with these two platforms, will be reviewed in the following discussion.

Get to know Blogspot, Interesting Platform for Blogs

Previously, we discussed WordPress and how to create a personal blog via the platform. Of course, it’s not complete without reviewing Blogspot as well. This one platform is a medium that can be used to create a blog.

Previously, Blogspot was introduced by Pyra Labs in 1999. The most well-known domain to date is A few years later, Google acquired this company in 2003 to be precise.

After the acquisition from Google, this service is increasingly comfortable to use. This cannot be separated from the service changes made by Google with the aim of making it one of the superior products.

Before it was free as it is now, Blogspot was a paid facility from Pyra Labs. Google then turned it into a free service and continues to improve it until now. The new range of templates that Google introduced is one such example.

Apart from that, Google is also increasingly integrating its Blogspot to be more suitable for the user’s country. For example, Indonesian users eventually have a Blogspot account with the domain.

How to Create a Blog on Blogspot

One of the advantages of the latest Blogspot is that it makes it easy for users to connect with Google Adsense. This can be an interesting gate to turn blogs into income fields. So, what is the process of creating a blog with this platform?

  1. Create Account

To create an account on Blogspot, you must first register. Just go to the page, then select the Create Your Account menu. Go to the next step with Gmail.

Select the desired Google or Gmail account to be used as a means of registration. If you don’t have Gmail, create one first to make registration easier. Click the Next or next option for other steps.

  1. Profile Contents

How to create a personal blog is actually not up here. You have to do the customization in the form of filling in the profile. Completion of the profile begins by filling in the name of the blog. The name of the blog is not a personal identity, but the title of the blog that is owned.

  1. Basic Settings

Profile and everything else done, move on to other basic settings. Think about the blog URL or address name as well. This step is important as the official identity of the blog that you have.

Blog is a free platform so there are some limitations when constructing a name. The first is that the domain used is fixed, namely or In addition, the URL name is also sometimes not available.

This requires its own creativity to be successful in building URLs. Actually you can also change the URL at any time and Blogspot allows it easily. After the URL is finished, continue to fill in the Display Name which will later become the identity of the blog profile.

  1. Write Content

How to create a personal blog on Blogspot further by filling the page with content. Simply enter the Blogger Dashboard menu, then select New Post. Write appropriate content, and make sure the article attributes are complete.

The blog is actually completely finished, all that remains is to publish your content. In addition, optimize SEO so that personal blogs are not sober, but change to the next level.

It turns out that making a blog is not difficult, it just takes patience in managing it. Whether it’s WordPress to Blogspot, how to create a personal blog is equally easy.

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