Top 5 Artificial Intelligence jobs and Skills & Salary in 2023

Artificial Intelligence jobs and Skills & Salary

Artificial Intelligence jobs – In terms of AI, it is not innovative professions that are lacking, but rather talent. If you want to make a place for yourself in the field, several possibilities are available to you.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are evolving at high speed. These technologies are integrating more and more domains and transforming the world in an unprecedented way. But this development leads to a growing demand for qualified personnel. Here are the top 5 AI trades that are currently on the rise.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence jobs and Skills & Salary

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Any tech business relies on data as its primary asset. With the explosion of Big Data, the amount of data to manage is extraordinary. All AI professions therefore revolve above all around data science.

The job of Chief Data Officer or CDO mainly consists of directing a company’s digital strategy around Big Data . His job is to collect and exploit the data in order to extract the significant values. It is about acquiring a better knowledge of the organization and identifying its needs. Then, using this information, he puts in place a strategy to meet these needs and to improve the efficiency of the company.

Skills required

All Data AI professions mainly require skills in mathematics and statistics . In addition, the CDO must have a perfect knowledge of data science because he has to process a huge amount of data.

His work requires an excellent sense of organization and great rigor. The Chief Data Officer handles the strategic and financial data of the company, in other words sensitive information. He is therefore bound by confidentiality.

In addition, the Big Data strategy concerns all services. The CDO must therefore work with teams from different departments, as well as data scientists and IT teams. As a result, the sense of communication, pedagogy and leadership.

Salary and training

The CDO position requires a bac+5 or bac+6 level. The areas of training required include IT, statistics, management or marketing. You also have the possibility of following a course specialized in Big Data. However, the job of Chief Data Officer is a position reserved for a professional with several years of experience in the field.

A CDO can earn $192,190 and $263,89 annually with an experience of 5 to 15 years.

Data Scientist

Still in the field of data science, the Data Scientist is also one of the best jobs in AI. This position, also data-centric, is primarily about creating predictive models and improving the business decision-making process .

The Data Scientist therefore analyzes data on customers, employees and suppliers. Using different tools and algorithms , it creates reports on the problems or successes of the organization. The visualization of this data in dashboards then makes it possible to guide decisions or improve marketing strategies.

The qualities required

Apart from the mathematics and statistics that are required in terms of data manipulation, the Data Scientist must also have a good command of algorithm design . His work involves a sharp analytical mind. In addition, computer programming must be part of his skills. He must also have knowledge of machine learning and Big Data.

In addition, the Data Scientist must master Dataviz tools to create dashboards and reports that can be used by different users. The ability to work in a team is also necessary, as he works with teams from other sectors.

Salary and training

Generally, AI, Data Science and Big Data professions all require a bac+5 level. For a Data Scientist, training should focus on applied mathematics statistics , or data science . Several engineering schools offer different courses in this field and there are also Master’s programs in data science.

In terms of compensation, a Data Scientist with 2 to 5 years of experience can expect to earn between $30,000 to $60,000 to per year. A profile of 5 to 15 years of experience can claim between $1,00,000 to $132,259.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

With the rise of technology and data science, data protection has become a major issue. The profession of Data Protection Officer is therefore seeing an increase in recruitment. It consists of ensuring the company’s compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In other words, the DPO ensures that the storage and use of data in the organization is regulatory.

To this end, he must create a report on the use of the data in order to identify the points to be secured. It is also his responsibility to control all the operations concerned by the data. His role involves raising awareness and training employees on the handling of sensitive data. 

Finally, the DPO should alert management to data security irregularities, risks, and incidents. He is also the company’s intermediary with the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties).

Skills required

The position of Data Protection Officer implies above all a good knowledge of IT and its legal implications . This also includes knowledge of GDPR and all data protection techniques . The DPO must imperatively be attentive and have an alert mind.

In addition, this position is attached to the various branches of the company (management, marketing, HR, finance, R&D). Therefore, the Data Protection Officer must have a sense of communication, pedagogy and diplomacy.

Training and Remuneration

To become a DPO, there are specialized training courses in data protection. These are provided by engineering schools such as ISEP and ESIA or by universities such as the University of Paris II Panthéon Assas, Franche-Comté or the Leonardo da Vinci Institute.

Regarding the annual salary of a DPO, a profile of 5 to 15 years of experience can earn between $33,500 to more than $113,500.

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Machine learning engineer

Machine learning (ML) or automatic learning is one of the most exploited areas of AI today. Nevertheless, the profession of machine learning engineer is still little known, yet it is one of the most innovative AI professions.

His job is to design and develop machine learning algorithms. For this, he must exploit the company’s data in order to extract the information necessary for software or products. The machine learning engineer can also work on ML subcategories such as deep learning , voice recognition and computer vision . It must therefore train deep neural networks with the data at its disposal.

The qualities required

The machine learning engineer is above all a passionate about artificial intelligence and all its components. As a result, he must have the basic skills of all AI professions, particularly in mathematics and computer science. But learning also requires a perfect mastery of probabilities statistics and optimization of functions .

As a software developer, he must master programming languages, mainly Python . SQL and NoSQL languages ​​are also necessary for the exploitation of AI databases. His other skills include data modeling, project management and proof of concept realization.

Training and salary

Once again, the profession of machine learning engineer requires a minimum level of bac+5 and specialized training in AI or ML . Courses on Data Science, computer engineering, statistics for evaluation and forecasting or even Big Data also make it possible to obtain the necessary qualification.

A beginner can earn $35,000 per year while an experienced ML engineer can expect between $60,000 and $80,000 .

Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is an inseparable branch of AI, which makes a cloud architect one of the best jobs in the field. Its role is to ensure the storage and management of data in cloud servers . This also involves guaranteeing its security, reliability and accessibility from different media. The cloud architect therefore has the task of creating and integrating the company’s cloud infrastructure. It is also his responsibility to manage the migration of data into the servers.

Skills required

A Cloud architect must be fully proficient in basic technical infrastructure software (Linux and Windows). He must also know all the cloud solutions available on the market. In addition, he must master programming (Python), network administration – telecoms and databases.

Salary and training

The training preparing for this profession is mainly a course in computer science and networks which will then allow you to specialize in cloud computing . It is possible to obtain the necessary qualifications from the Telecom ParisTech, ISEP, ESIEA, ITN, INSSET or ITESCIA schools.

The annual salary for a cloud architect can range from $40,000 to $60,000 .

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