How to Delete Instagram Call History in 2023

How to Delete Instagram Call History

How to Delete Instagram Call History in 2023Instagram is one of the social media that is on the rise. Many people from all walks of life have used this application in everyday life. Instagram itself is an image-based social media, which provides free online photo and video sharing services.

You can use Instagram as a medium of interaction between you and other people. Through photos and videos, you can connect with many people. In fact, some people use Instagram as a medium for business development and online stores . Instagram can also connect with other social media, including Facebook and Twitter, making it easier for users to share their photos and videos.

Besides being able to upload photos and videos, Instagram has a variety of other features. Some of the features that you can find on Instagram are:

  • Camera
  • Editing
  • Feeds
  • Instagram Stories
  • Live on Instagram
  • Direct Messages
  • IGTV

Apart from the features above, one of the new features that you can find on Instagram is the calling feature. You can already make phone calls through this application, both regular telephone and video calls . Just like other applications, Instagram will also leave traces of call history.

What is Call History?

Call history is a history of callers or when you call other people on the media. Instagram also has its own call history separate from other apps. Every time there is a call, or every time you finish making a call on Instagram, a history will be saved.

Call history on Instagram can be found in direct messages (DM). However, unlike other apps, phone history on Instagram isn’t separate from regular messages. Deleting call history on Instagram will not be as easy as in other applications. The reason why Instagram doesn’t separate call history from regular messages is still unknown.

Because it is combined with other messages in the same space, call history and messages on Instagram cannot be deleted individually. All messages on instagram must be deleted to delete the call history.

The phone feature on Instagram is fairly new. This condition makes this feature still not perfect and needs to be improved. Whenever possible, you may be better advised to make calls in other applications. So, if the call history needs to be deleted, you don’t need to delete the entire contents of the message like on Instagram.

How to Delete Instagram Call History

To delete call history on Instagram, you have to delete the entire message. You can’t just delete phone call history without deleting messages. Deleting call history on Instagram can be done via the Instagram application on a mobile phone or on a computer. The steps that need to be taken on both devices are almost the same.

To do this on a cell phone or cell phone, you can do the following:

1. Open Instagram Direct Messages

The first step, you have to enter the Instagram application first. After entering the application and logging in, at the home or start of Instagram, you need to enter direct messages . To enter into a direct message , you can click on the direct message logo in the upper right corner. The direct message logo is different for each version of Instagram.

2. Open Message From Someone

If you have entered direct messages , you can search for messages from someone whose call history you want to delete. Press the message for a few seconds to bring up some menu commands.

3. Delete Instagram Messages

Several menu options will appear after you hold down the message for a few seconds. Look for the delete or delete command. Click the option to delete the entire chat along with the call history.

4. Confirm Delete Message

Instagram will not immediately delete the entire chat. Instagram will bring up another pop up box to confirm the action you are about to take. If you are sure to delete it, select delete or delete as the final confirmation. You cannot undo or return the chat again if you have confirmed this pop up box .

Call History Deletion Records on Instagram

Actions taken to delete call history on Instagram can delete call history on Instagram only. This action does not affect the phone history list on your mobile phone’s Calls tab . If there is still a history of calls in Calls , you can delete them one by one according to your wishes.

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Before deciding to delete call history on Instagram, you must be absolutely sure first. This is because the part that is deleted is not only the call history, but the entire message from the person concerned. If you are worried and want to have a data backup , you can take a screenshot of the contents of the Instagram chat before deleting it.

Messages in direct messages that have been deleted cannot be restored. All message contents, call history, media, links, and others will also be deleted when the delete or delete command is selected. Therefore, make sure again that the decision you want to make is right.

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